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March 22, 2021, 9:43 am

Big Changes coming to Curbside Waste Collection in Kitimat

District of Kitimat
 KITIMAT - 2021 will see big changes to how most residential garbage is collected in Kitimat. The District of Kitimat is following through on their new Solid Waste Action Plan and making improvements to the curbside waste collection program. These changes include adding yard waste collection service this spring, and then adding recycling and food scraps collection in the fall. Ultimately, the District hopes these improvements will see the amount of residential garbage that goes to the landfill drop by two-thirds.

Starting in May and extending into the fall, yard waste collection will be provided every other week on Mondays. Yard waste collection will alternate with Kitimat homes that have garbage collection on Tuesday or Thursday receiving yard waste collection on one Monday, and homes that have garbage collection on Wednesday or Friday receiving yard waste collection the next Monday. 

Yard waste, which includes grass clippings, leaves, and small trimmings, will need to be set out for collection in large paper yard waste bags available at local retail stores, or residents can use their own plastic garbage cans. The collected yard waste will be composted at the landfill site.

Also starting in May, the maximum weight of each container set out for collection is 23 kg / 50 lb, whether garbage or yard waste. This reduction is to ensure the safety of the waste collectors.

The District will release more information in advance of these changes to inform residents how to prepare for this new service. Look for the program’s Way Less Waste branded information or visit to stay informed.

The curbside waste collection changes being implemented this spring are just the first phase of solid waste management changes to be implemented. Starting in the fall, the District of Kitimat will also begin providing curbside recycling and food scrap collection. Further information will be released in advance to inform residents how to prepare for this new service.

Mayor Phil Germuth said, “Council is thrilled to be implementing our Solid Waste Action Plan with curbside yard waste collection beginning in May. We will continue to roll-out the implementation with curbside recycling and food scrap collection to start this fall. Council has heard repeatedly over the years that residents want to be able to do more in terms of reducing garbage going into the landfill, and we are very pleased to be making this happen.”

Director of Engineering Services, Alex Ramos-Espinoza, is pleased with the changes too. “Keeping yard and food waste out of the landfill is going to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and help us tackle climate change.  The simple act of separating out organic waste so that it can be collected and composted is an opportunity for everyone in Kitimat to participate in making a difference.”

Director of Economic Development and Communications, Michael Dewar, announced there will be a robust communications plan to inform the community of upcoming changes. “In April, we’re going to get the word out through a breadth of platforms including newspaper ads, distribution of an information sheet to all Kitimat households, as well as through our website and official social media pages. We will continue to release information on a variety of platforms as we implement additional changes this fall. Look for the information containing the program’s Way Less Waste brand to stay informed of how to reduce your waste.”
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Alex Ramos-Espinoza, P.Eng.
Director of Engineering Services
District of Kitimat
Michael Dewar
Director of Economic Development and Communications
District of Kitimat
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