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March 6, 2014, 4:15 pm

Tahsis Receives $30K Grant to Help Transition Local Economy

Village of Tahsis

COURTENAY – Building on the success of their summer sport fishing season is on the agenda for the community of Tahsis, and a $30,000 grant from the Island Coastal Economic Trust will support the village as it develops a long-term economic development strategy.

The region’s traditionally resource-based economy is in transition, and the Village of Tahsis is taking proactive approach to revitalization.

“The closure of two sawmills in 2003 profoundly changed the economic and demographic profile of Tahsis,” said ICET Chair Phil Kent. “Helping Tahsis create a professional economic development strategy and action plan provides the community with the framework and tools to build on their strengths and bring new investment to the Village.”

The project will begin with a comprehensive analysis of demographics and current economic drivers including tourism. Workshops to engage stakeholders and the community will then be held to identify strategic opportunities.

The outcome will be a community-based, results-driven strategy to use the region’s unique strengths to promote economic growth and job creation.

“Transitioning from a primary resource economy has its challenges,” said Village of Tahsis Mayor Jude Schooner. “This is an extraordinary opportunity for our community to refocus and rally together to build a sustainable future.”

The project will begin this spring, with estimated completion in late summer.

The Village of Tahsis is a small community within the Strathcona Regional District. During the summer months, the village experiences a population increase from 315 to more than 2000, primarily due to sport fishing.