Greenwood (City)
Incorporated Jul 12, 1897

Mail: Box 129, Greenwood, BC, V0H 1J0
Street: 202 S Government Avenue
Phone: 250-445-6644
Fax: 250-445-6441

Elected Officials

Name Position
Barry NollMayor
John A BoltCouncillor
Colleen LangCouncillor
Jim NathorstCouncillor
Mark SeymourCouncillor


NamePositionProfessional Category(s)
Wendy Higashi *, ‡, §Chief Administrative Officer Chief Administration
Corporate Administration
Darlene TeronDeputy ClerkChief Administration
Beth BurgetFinance OfficerFinancial Administration
Christine SpearsDeputy Finance ClerkFinancial Administration
Stephen LanegraffPeace Officer Bylaw Enforcement
Roy TerashitaFire ChiefFire / Rescue / First Aid Services
* = Chief Administration
† = Chief Financial Officer
‡ = Corporate Administrator
§ = Approving Officer
¶ = Tax Collector
¿ = Chief Election Officer
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