Sicamous (District)
Incorporated Dec 4, 1989

Mail: Box 219, Sicamous, BC, V0E 2V0
Street: 446 Main Street
Phone: 250-836-2477
Fax: 250-836-4314
 [email protected]

Elected Officials

Name Position
Colleen AndersonMayor
Ian BaillieCouncillor
Pam BeechCouncillor
Gord BushellCouncillor
Bob EvansCouncillor
Malcolm MakayevCouncillor
Siobhan RichCouncillor


NamePositionProfessional Category(s)
Kelly Bennett *, †, ‡, ¶Chief Administrative OfficerFinancial Administration
Bianca ColonnaChief Financial OfficerFinancial Administration
Nicole Hansen §Development Services ManagerPlanning & Development
Darrell SymbalukOperations ManagerPublic Works & Operations
Lorenzo De ArcangelisFire ChiefFire / Rescue / First Aid Services
Shawna KollManager of Human Resources Human Resources
Sarah KylloDeputy Corporate OfficerCorporate Administration
* = Chief Administration
† = Chief Financial Officer
‡ = Corporate Administrator
§ = Approving Officer
¶ = Tax Collector
¿ = Chief Election Officer
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