Legislative Calendar

Feb 01, 20192019 UBCM/CivicInfo BC/LGMA local government surveys open for input during the month of February.
Feb 01, 2019On or before February 1 in each year, municipalities must make payments to other authorities of their proportion of grants or payments in lieu of taxes (e.g. School, Regional District, Hospital District, BC Transit, BC Assessment, police taxes and any BC Transportation Authority taxes).[118 SA; 389 LGA; 25(8) HDA; 16(3) BCTA; 20(4) AAA; 66.61 PA; 26(4) SCBCTAA]
Feb 01, 2019An amount received by the municipality, or by the Surveyor of Taxes for an electoral area, by way of a grant in place of taxes for regional district purposes within the regional district under the Payments In lieu of Taxes Act (Canada) in the immediately preceding year must be paid to the regional district board on or before February 1 in each year.[389(2) LGA]
Feb 01, 2019After the first appointment of directors upon incorporation, directors of Regional District Hospital Boards must be appointed annually on or before February 1 and each director holds office until the first Monday after January 1 in the following year or until the appointment of his or her successor, whichever is later (unless the directors of the Regional Hospital District are the same as the directors of the regional district under s.8(2) HDA)[10(1) HDA]
Feb 15, 2019Where a municipality is collecting taxes for a regional transit commission, it shall on or before the 15th day of each calendar month, pay to British Columbia Transit all of those taxes collected during the preceding calendar month.[17 BCTR]
Feb 18, 2019Subject to court order for relief, LATE filing deadline for campaign financing disclosure statements ($500 late filing penalty due to Elections BC).[LECFA s. 47(2) & 56]
Feb 20, 2019Based on notification from Elections BC, prepare report to council or board listing individuals or organizations who have not filed late disclosure statements.[LECFA s. 61]
Feb 27, 2019If a parcel tax is to be imposed for collection in a treaty first nation participating area, the authenticated parcel tax roll must be forwarded to the Surveyor of Taxes before February 28 in each year.[257(7) LGA]
Feb 27, 2019If a parcel tax is to be imposed for collection in an electoral area, the authenticated parcel tax roll must be forwarded to the Surveyor of Taxes before February 28 in each year.[388(2) LGA]
Feb 27, 2019Deadline for making deductions from previous years remittances to government, if homeowner grant deductions from taxes under the School Act are to be made. Payment to be made before February 28.[5 STRR]
Feb 28, 2019No later than the last day of February in each year, the Regional Board of each Regional District must appoint from among its directors the required number of persons as members of the Municipal Finance Authority for that year or until a successor is appointed.[2(9) MFAA]
Feb 28, 2019Before March 1 of the year for which the budget is approved, the library board must provide a copy of the budget to each of the municipalities and regional districts represented on the library board.[25(2) LA]
Feb 28, 2019Deadline for completing 2019 UBCM/CivicInfo BC/LGMA local government surveys.
Feb 28, 2019Monthly reports to: Canada Customs and Revenue Agency for GST/PST; Statistics Canada for building permits; Health Authority for water quality testing.
Assessment Act
Home Owner Grant Act
Assessment Authority Act
Home Owner Grant Regulation
Agricultural Land Commission Act
Interest Rates Under Various Statutes Regulation
Assessment Averaging and Phasing Regulation
Library Act
Agricultural Land Reserve, ;Use, Subdivision and Procedures Regulation
Local Government Act
BC Transit Act
Land Tax Deferment Act
BC Transit Regulation
Municipal Finance Authority Act
Community Charter
Manufactured Home Act
Cremation, Internment and Funeral Services Act
Manufactured Home Tax Act
Cremation, Internment and Funeral Services Regulation
Municipal Tax Regulation
Expropriation Act
Municipal Wastewater Regulation
Environmental Management Act
Police Act
Financial Disclosure Act
Police Tax Regulation
Financial Information Act
School Act
Fireworks Act
South Coast BC Transportation Authority Act
Hospital District Act
School Tax Remitting Regulation
Hospital District Act Regulation
Weed Control Act