Legislative Calendar

Oct 01, 2020Interest rates for refunds of tax overpayments, refund of municipal tax sale money and on taxes in arrear or delinquent are set January 1, April 1, July 1 and October 1. Circulars provided by Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing.[239 CC; 654(4), 668(2) LGA; 245 CC; 246 CC; 1, 2 MTR; IRR]
Oct 01, 2020If a local government establishes a weed control committee under the Weed Control Act, the committee must submit an annual report to the Minister and to the council or board no later than October 1st in each year.[9(4) WCA]
Oct 01, 2020(Internal recommendation) Advertise for library board appointments (which are to be made at the first regular meeting of council or regional district board in November).[5(3) & 17(2) LA]
Oct 01, 2020Earliest date upon which the collector of taxes for a municipality must forward a notice to the registrar of land titles that a parcel of land sold for taxes was not redeemed at the end of its redemption period, assuming that the parcel of land was sold on the first day of the tax sale in 2019 (September 30, 2019). Upon forwarding the notice, the municipality must also immediately notify the administrator under the Property Transfer Tax Act.[663(1), (4) LGA]
Oct 01, 2020Last date to take votes to obtain elector assent for a bylaw authorizing a municipality or regional district to withdraw from a regional library district. No vote to obtain assent may be taken after October1 in any year.[29(2) LA]
Oct 01, 2020Last date upon which a public library association may request for a municipality to assume responsibility for providing library service in the municipality. No request may be made after October 1 in any year.[42(2) LA]
Oct 15, 2020Where a municipality is collecting taxes for a regional transit commission, it shall on or before the 15th day of each calendar month, pay to British Columbia Transit all of those taxes collected during the preceding calendar month.[17 BCTR]
Oct 15, 2020Refer to the Police Tax Regulation for the remittance due dates for the months of July, August, September, October, November.[4 PTR]
Oct 15, 2020Refer to the School Tax Remitting Regulation for the monthly due dates for the balance of tax remittances, for the months of July, August, September, October, November.[5 STRR]
Oct 24, 2020First day when fireworks may be sold, given, fired, or set off if a local government has, by bylaw, declared that the Fireworks Act applies.[3 FWA]
Oct 30, 2020Revenue returns for utility companies must be filed with the collector by October 31 in each year.[192(e) CC; 644(4) LGA]
Oct 30, 2020Deadline for issuance and cancellation of revitalization certificates, if you are doing a revitalization tax program for the subsequent year. Certificates to be sent to BC Assessment as soon as possible after issuance.[226(12) CC]
Oct 30, 2020Permissive tax exemption bylaws to be adopted and in force on or before October 31 in each year. [224, 225 CC; 391(3), 392(2), 394(2), 396 LGA]
Oct 30, 2020Last day of the calendar year before a taxation year for a regional district to request reapportioning of police taxes among the contributing areas of the regional district. To be requested on or before October 31 in each year.[66.3(6) PA]
Oct 31, 2020Monthly reports to: Canada Customs and Revenue Agency for GST/PST; Statistics Canada for building permits; Health Authority for water quality testing.
Assessment Act
Home Owner Grant Act
Assessment Authority Act
Home Owner Grant Regulation
Agricultural Land Commission Act
Interest Rates Under Various Statutes Regulation
Assessment Averaging and Phasing Regulation
Library Act
Agricultural Land Reserve, ;Use, Subdivision and Procedures Regulation
Local Government Act
BC Transit Act
Land Tax Deferment Act
BC Transit Regulation
Municipal Finance Authority Act
Community Charter
Manufactured Home Act
Cremation, Internment and Funeral Services Act
Manufactured Home Tax Act
Cremation, Internment and Funeral Services Regulation
Municipal Tax Regulation
Expropriation Act
Municipal Wastewater Regulation
Environmental Management Act
Police Act
Financial Disclosure Act
Police Tax Regulation
Financial Information Act
School Act
Fireworks Act
South Coast BC Transportation Authority Act
Hospital District Act
School Tax Remitting Regulation
Hospital District Act Regulation
Weed Control Act