Legislative Calendar

Mar 01, 2021The taxes payable to an improvement district bear interest at the rate prescribed from March 1 next following the date on which the taxes are levied, until paid or recovered.[717(1) LGA]
Mar 01, 2021Regional Districts undertake public consultation process prior to adopting Financial Plan Bylaw by March 31.[375 LGA]
Mar 01, 2021On or before March 1 in each year, the library board must prepare and submit to the municipal council its annual budget for providing library service in the municipality.[10(1) LA]
Mar 01, 2021Each municipality and regional district represented on a library board must pay its share of budget in equal installments on March 1, June 1, September 1 and December 1 of each year.[25(5) LA]
Mar 01, 2021Any changes to the provisional budget submitted in the previous year by a municipal police board must be submitted to council on or before March 1 of the year to which the provisional budget relates.[27(2) PA]
Mar 05, 2021Collector must deliver to the Minister of Provincial Revenue on or before the 5th business day in March of each year a final certified statement of all grants approved under Section 10 of the Home Owner Grant Act for the previous tax year. Previous February 28 deadline extended by regulation.[12 HOGA, 8.2 HOGR]
Mar 15, 2021Last possible date to publish the second of the two required notice publications for Assessment Averaging and Phasing Bylaw (if Bylaw is adopted on last possible day of March 30).[94, 198 CC; 5 AAPR]
Mar 15, 2021Where a municipality is collecting taxes for a regional transit commission, it shall on or before the 15th day of each calendar month, pay to British Columbia Transit all of those taxes collected during the preceding calendar month.[17 BCTR]
Mar 30, 2021Last possible date to adopt Assessment Averaging and Phasing Bylaw. Bylaw must be adopted before March 31 in the year in which it is to take effect.[198 CC; 5 AAPR]
Mar 30, 2021Last possible date for the Municipal Finance Authority to hold its first meeting of the year. A Chair must be selected at this first meeting.[4(1) MFAA]
Mar 31, 2021Statement of Financial Information (SOFI) must be made available within 3 months after the end of the fiscal year end under the Financial Information Act.[2(2) FIA]
Mar 31, 2021Monthly reports to: Canada Customs and Revenue Agency for GST/PST; Statistics Canada for building permits; Health Authority for water quality testing.
Mar 31, 2021Last date by which a municipality may, without the approval of the Lieutenant Governor in Council, pass a bylaw to impose a tax that would cover a portion of the annual cost of operating a public passenger system (not after March 31).[14(4) BCTA]
Mar 31, 2021Last business day for a regional district board, if it is also a regional hospital district board, to adopt, by bylaw, the annual budget of the regional hospital district board. Must at once submit a copy of bylaw and certified budget to the minister.[23(5) HDA]
Mar 31, 2021Under the Municipal Wastewater Regulation, a local government discharger who is covered by an accepted assurance plan must submit an annual report to a Director of Waste Management on or before March 31.[7 EMA; 65(1) MWR]
Mar 31, 2021The last day on which a municipality or regional district can apply for a conditional grant to assist with costs in respect of the COVID-19 pandemic.Local Government Grants Act s.7, Local Government Grants Regulation [LGGR], s.37
Mar 31, 2021Last day for the collector to notify the Minister responsible for the administration of the Land Act that taxes are delinquent on land the Province has agreed to sell under an agreement to purchase.[255 CC]
Mar 31, 2021Regional Districts must adopt Financial Plan Bylaw by March 31 of each year. A copy of the Bylaw must be forwarded to the municipalities and the Inspector.[374(1), 375(2) LGA]
Assessment Act
Home Owner Grant Act
Assessment Authority Act
Home Owner Grant Regulation
Agricultural Land Commission Act
Interest Rates Under Various Statutes Regulation
Assessment Averaging and Phasing Regulation
Library Act
Agricultural Land Reserve, ;Use, Subdivision and Procedures Regulation
Local Government Act
BC Transit Act
Land Tax Deferment Act
BC Transit Regulation
Municipal Finance Authority Act
Community Charter
Manufactured Home Act
Cremation, Internment and Funeral Services Act
Manufactured Home Tax Act
Cremation, Internment and Funeral Services Regulation
Municipal Tax Regulation
Expropriation Act
Municipal Wastewater Regulation
Environmental Management Act
Police Act
Financial Disclosure Act
Police Tax Regulation
Financial Information Act
School Act
Fireworks Act
South Coast BC Transportation Authority Act
Hospital District Act
School Tax Remitting Regulation
Hospital District Act Regulation
Weed Control Act