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Posted: Thursday, August 31, 2017

Natural Gas Kitchen Equipment Rebates

Choosing high-efficiency cooking equipment can be a good investment when it’s time to upgrade or when building new. We’ve made it easier by offering rebates ranging from $200 to $3,500 per appliance.

Eligibility requirements*
  1. You must be a FortisBC commercial rate class natural gas customer. 
  2. Appliances must be installed in a commercial kitchen.
  3. Applicants must own the facility where the appliance is installed, or own the appliance.
  4. Submit an application and supporting documentation no later than 365 days after the purchase date of the product(s) (as shown on the paid invoice) or installation date (as shown on the Gas Inspection Request or Gas Certificate of Inspection), whichever is first, and install the product(s) within 180 days of submitting the application and supporting documentation.
*You can find a complete list of requirements under the terms and conditions.

Available rebates
Appliances must be included on our list of eligible appliances to qualify for a rebate. Before you purchase, make sure the model you choose is eligible for a rebate.
High-efficiency appliance Rebate
Fryer $1,000 per vat
Large vat fryer $1,200 per vat
Griddle $500 per griddle
Combination ovens $2,000 - $3,000
Rack ovens $2,500 - $3,500
Conveyor ovens (more than 25 inches conveyor width) $2,500 per stacked oven
Steam Cooker $200 per steam cooker

How to apply
  1. Review the terms and conditions
  2. Ensure the appliances you plan to buy and install are listed on the eligible appliance list. If you have questions, please contact us before you purchase and install any appliances.
  3. Contact an equipment installer, licensed with the BC Safety Authority and certified by the appliance manufacturer, to install your eligible cooking appliance(s).
  4.  Submit your completed application within 365 days of the purchase date (as shown on the paid invoice) or installation date (as shown on the Gas Inspection Request or Gas Certificate of Inspection), whichever is first. Be sure to provide copies of:
    1. the paid invoice indicating the purchase date, make and model number of the cooking appliances(s) purchased and the installation address. (Note: the paid invoice must be addressed to the applicant.)
    2. the Gas Inspection Request or Gas Certificate of Inspection from the BC Safety Authority or your municipality, as supplied by your equipment installer.
  5. Email your application with supporting documents to Note: if you can’t submit your application via email, please contact us to arrange an alternate method of delivery.
If your application is approved, a rebate cheque will be mailed to you within approximately 90 days. Incomplete applications will result in delays.

For more information, contact your local energy solutions manager or email
Contact Name: Siraz Dalmir
Contact Phone: 604-576-7268
Subject Area(s): Energy
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