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November 15 - 29, 2024
9:00 am - 5:00 pm PST

How to Write a Long-Term Financial Plan for Asset Management

Asset Management BC
From data collection, through core calculations to developing funding options and communicating findings, this hands-on course is a must for anyone involved in creating a long-term sustainability plan for asset management and having to prove their case with solid calculations.

Includes 3 sessions with 9 hours of total training. Online workshop series schedule: 
  • November 15 (9:30AM - 12:30PM) PST
  • November 22 (9:30AM - 12:30PM) PST
  • November 29 (9:30AM - 12:30PM) PST
Access to Microsoft Excel is required.
Format:Coursework will cover the following:  
  • Module 1: Introduction – learn about the legislative and practical imperative for asset management financial sustainability.
  • Module 2: Data Collection – learn how to harvest the data needed to conduct financial modelling and financial sustainability analysis.
  • Module 3: Core Calculations – learn the core calculations required to communicate findings and develop recommendations.
  • Module 4: Modelling – learn how to conduct defensible financial modelling for financial sustainability and forecasting.
  • Module 5: Developing Funding Options – learn how to develop and present various funding options to governance decision makers.
  • Module 6: Sensitivity Analysis – learn how to conduct a sensitivity analysis that reinforces the credibility of findings and recommendations.
  • Module 7: Communicating Findings – learn how to effectively communicate findings and recommendations, the most important step of the process.
The workshops provide learning and experience of how to develop and implement long-term financial plans based on objectives established within the Guide. Preparing a long-term financial plan in a manner consistent with the Guide will accomplish the following:
  • Highlight unsustainable funding levels that may result in intergenerational inequitable access to capital services or intergenerational inequitable funding levels,
  • Demonstrate the life-cycle costing benefits to long-term financial planning, and
  • Construct “course-correction” options to achieving sustainable funding levels.
Recommended for:
Municipal, Regional District and First Nation community staff. You will get the most out of this workshop if a minimum of two people from different departments and disciplines attend together – ideally finance and public works/engineering. Councillors and Area Directors interested in rolling up their sleeves are also encouraged to attend.

Important Note:
Training subsidies of up to 50% per registration are available to eligible participants. For more information, please email us at [email protected]

For more information visit the AMBC website
Wally Wells
(306) 979-9135
[email protected]

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Location: Online
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