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Posted: August 8, 2018

Indigenous Justice Forum

Pacific Business and Law Institute
A major step in building sustainable communities is ensuring fair, efficient and representative justice systems. This forum will address many aspects of the current justice systems – civil, criminal and child protection, – as they impact Indigenous peoples, with an overarching theme of addressing community needs.

This forum is an important educational event that will provide an opportunity to highlight pressing issues in Indigenous Justice and is intended to empower Indigenous communities and their members. We will bring together leading experts with a wealth of knowledge and experience, making it essential learning for anyone interested in dialogue building and creating a better and safer future. Ultimately, the forum will provide delegates with an opportunity to expand their knowledge and exchange ideas in an effort to reach the overall goal of developing a consensus on workable solutions.

Issues to be Addressed Include:
• Access to justice in civil matters
• Fostering justice for Indigenous peoples within the criminal justice system
• Indigenous representation on juries
• Child-protection matters, from both the traditional system standpoint as well as under Indigenous laws
• Violence against Indigenous women and girls
• Restorative justice and Indigenous legal principles
• Gladue reports, and the case for expanding their use

Who Should Attend?
• Indigenous leaders, officials, councillors, elders, negotiators, administrators, and advisors
• Lawyers practising in the areas of Indigenous law, criminal law and administrative law, and members of the judiciary presiding over cases involving Indigenous peoples or their rights
• Federal, provincial, territorial and municipal government officials and policy advisors
• Directors and members of Indigenous community organizations

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Date: September 28, 2018
Event Type: Workshop
Location: Vancouver, BC
Region: Lower Mainland
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