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Posted: April 27, 2018

CESA 0159 - Solar Electric Design


CESA 0159 - Solar Electric Design

June 8-10, 2018
Burnaby, BC

Addresses more advanced PV system design as well as the requirements of the Canadian Electrical Code. The design principles of grid-tie PV systems, off grid hybrid systems and Building Integrated PV systems are covered in detail. Advances in PV technology, the economics of PV systems, computer programs for PV design, and the PV industry in general are also discussed. Students will also learn to: identify potential PV system designs suitable for a particular application and site; specify and design PV systems for various types of applications; relate the operating principles of PV system components to PV system design; estimate the energy production of a grid-tie PV system; and refer to and interpret sections of the CEC applicable to PV systems.
Prerequisite CESA 0158
Kristi Obradovic

Date: June 8 - 10, 2018
Event Type: Course
Location: Burnaby, BC
Region: Lower Mainland
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