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Posted: April 21, 2017

Next-Generation Transportation Tools of the Trade (online course)

Simon Fraser University

Next-Generation Transportation Tools of the Trade
(Online Course)

Next-generation transportation expands the range of modes and their objectives and effects, as well as options to consider in the planning process. For example, accessibility—or people’s ability to reach desired goals and activities—requires consideration of factors such as the quality of different modes and transport network connectivity. It also entails deliberation about trade-offs between different types of access. While roadway expansion, for instance, may improve motor vehicle access, it can also reduce access for non-motorized modes.

We will review the strengths and limitations of conventional economic, financial and technical tools and contrast them with an emerging range of next-generation tools. These tools are being developed to help support win-win solutions that achieve multiple objectives such as congestion reduction strategies that also reduce parking problems; increase affordability; and improve access for walking, biking and transit.

You will learn to see inside the black box of transportation analysis, gain an appreciation of how analytical methods influence decision-making, and learn how best to interpret and present results for a range of different actors. We’ll use a range of policy questions common in transportation planning and design as the basis for the critical evaluation of the limitations and unintended consequences of conventional analytical methods. We’ll also explore how next-generation tools could support an improved policy response. A review of existing best practices for next-generation tools will contribute to our discussion about how to improve upon and expand their application.

Prerequisites: We strongly recommend Next-Generation Cities and Transportation.

Instructor and speakers:

Gordon H Price
Todd Litman
Norm Marshall
Lee Merkhofer
Tim Barton
Clark Lim
Sally Rudd
Graham Long
Dan Ross
Darren Davis
Daniel Firth

Date: January 29 - April 16, 2018
Event Type: Course
Location: Vancouver, BC
Region: Lower Mainland
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