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2011 CAMA E-Brief Partner: December 7, 2011            

Social Media Launched!

On behalf of the CAMA Board of Directors, welcome to the new CAMA Link Blog!  In an effort to better reach our membership using social media, the blog is just one tool that will help share information, provide updates on events, showcase professional development opportunities, and engage members in a variety of innovative ways.

The CAMA Link suite of tools include:

  1. Twitter - This will be the quickest and easiest way to communicate with us. We will update conference information, provide links to relevant articles and news items, and reach out to a broad range of members, affiliates, partners and sponsors. CAMA staff will be responsible for monitoring the Twitter account.
  2. Facebook - You can now 'Like' us on Facebook. Our fan page will be the home base for conference information, sharing exciting news and updates with the 'fans', and allow not only members, but sponsors, and other affiliates to keep up-to-date with CAMA.  All Twitter updates will also link to Facebook. This page will be monitored for relevancy and to make sure that it is not being misused.
  3. CAMA Link Blog - Homebase for all social media, and open only to CAMA members. Access will be by login only. This will be the most dynamic of the tools, and any blog member will have access to the other tools.  It is important to note that not all Twitter followers or Facebook fans will be able to access the CAMA Link blog. The blog will be updated with specific conference information, and news stories, but will also provide a forum for members to share ideas, provide advice, and discuss issues pertinent to the field of municipal management in a safe, and secure space. There will also be access to white papers, and reports, including information from the Annual General Meeting, and special agreements with affiliate organizations.

We hope that these new communication tools will help us become a more connected membership, and encourage engagement.  As always, if you have any questions,concerns, or ideas for blog content, we want to hear from you. Our Social Media Specialist, Ms. Alycia Morehouse, can be reached at

Watch for the e-mail from "CAMALink" coming soon with more detailed information about how to access the tools.

Jim Toye, CAMA President

Report from ICMA Vice-President

The CAMA Board welcomed Mr. David Johnstone, International Vice-President, International City/County Management Association (ICMA) to the November 24th, 2011 Board meeting.  David provided a brief update on ICMA activities including the 2012 Annual Conference in Phoenix, Arizona (October 7-10, 2012); professional development opportunities (ICMA University, web conferencing, and publications); networking on the Knowledge Network, job and career resources; credentialing program; the next generation; ethics; international programs; and, the 2020 Annual Conference in Canada. 

CAMA enjoys a close working relationship with the (ICMA).  Through our affiliation agreement, CAMA members can join ICMA at a substantially reduced rate of $135 (US dollars) per person, an average savings of $800.  To participate in this discounted ICMA membership offer, visit the ICMA website, or go directly to the International Application form to download the application and mail it directly to ICMA (  It is important that you note on the ICMA application that you are a CAMA member. 

Upcoming CAMA Board Meetings

The future CAMA Board meetings will be held as follows:

• March 1-2, 2012 (Victoria, BC)
• May 27, 2012 (Saskatoon, SK)
• September 5-7, 2012 (Bromont, QC)

CAMA Awards of Excellence:Environment Award for Municipalities with a Population Over 100,000 Presented by Citi Canada

David Gourlay, Public Sector Head - Global Transaction Services, Citibank Canada, Owen Tobert, City Manager, The City of Calgary, and Jacques Des Ormeaux, CAMA Past President

The City of Calgary Fire Training Water Re-Use Project

Reducing its environmental footprint while fostering positive partnerships has resulted in The City of Calgary saving up to 150 million litres of water a year as part of a world class, one-of-a-kind fire training facility that allows water from training to be captured, treated and re-used.

The Fire Training Water Re-use Project was launched in July 2010 as a result of collaboration between the Calgary Fire Department (CFD), the City of Calgary Parks and ATCO Gas.  A naturalized water treatment and re-use system has been successfully integrated to create a unique and environmentally friendly training facility at the department’s training academy.

The Fire Training Water Re-Use Project encompasses three essential components which make it one-of-a kind: water capture and diversion from the storm water system; the re-use of the captured water; and, practical use in real training scenarios at ATCO Village, a street-like setting of vacant single-family homes.

The creation of a water re-use system is a perfect example of how innovation can be incorporated into an existing training centre and aid in reducing its environmental footprint.  A series of four ponds capture and re-use the large quantity of water expended in training and practice fire exercises, saving up to 150 million litres of water annually.

This pond system is a first of its kind in Canada.  The water re-use system has been effectively tested at ATCO Village, a training facility in partnership with ATCO Gas, which consists of vacant single-family homes in a street-like setting and helps to facilitate real-life scenarios and training opportunities.

The goal of the project was to construct sustainable world-class training facilities for the Calgary Fire Department and has solidified the department as leader in the industry. 

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