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2010 CAMA E-Brief Partner: November 10, 2010            

Jim Toye Brings Greetings to LGANT Conference

Jim Toye, First Vice-President and Representative for Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Nunavut, brought greetings to the LGANT Conference in October.  Jim was warmly welcomed by LGANT President John McKee, CAO Hamlet of Ft. Liard (pictured above).  Approximately 75% of LGANT’s membership and a number of Territorial Government staff were present for the information and education packed sessions.  Opening Keynote speaker, Michael Kerr, spoke on the importance of humour in the workplace.  Other topics included Designing a Performance Measure Process for staff and Recruitment and Retention initiatives.  A session on the Territorial Governments Strategy on Greenhouse Gas and each individual program available to the municipalities provided insight for many of the attendees. Former Deputy Minister of Municipal and Community Affairs and Human Resources of the GNWT, Debbie DeLancey, spoke about  partnerships and how important it is for municipal, territorial and federal  governments to meet regularly to talk about their respective needs.  She stressed that each must work together to ensure the interests of all three levels of government are addressed for the betterment of all.

Welcome New Members

Welcome to the following new members:

Lynda Shykora, Chief Administrative Officer, Township of Spallumcheen, BC

Tom Kadla, Chief Administrative Officer, Municipality of Cache Creek, BC

Dion Pollard, Town Manager, Town of Vermilion, AB (Effective January 1st, 2011)

Denise MacDonald, Director of Finance & Administration, Town of Vermilion, AB

Donald Lidstone, Lidstone & Company, Vancouver, BC

The Results are In!

The 2010 Member Needs and Preferences Survey was circulated to the CAMA membership on September 22nd, 2010 using the software program “Survey Monkey”.  The primary objective of this member survey was to assess the members needs and preferences in improving the member services provided by CAMA.  The results will be used to assist in determining an action plan for the strategic planning session being held at the November 2010 Board meeting.   Overall survey results showed that there are several main reasons members have joined CAMA:

o To network with other senior administrators.
o To have access to professional development opportunities.
o To take advantage of ICMA opportunities. 
o To receive the job postings.
o To learn from the sharing of best practices and resources with other municipalities.

Members felt that it is extremely important that CAMA preserve and advance excellence in municipal government and the image of the professional public administrator.  They also noted that it is important to coach and mentor the next generation of municipal administrators. In the upcoming editions, we will be featuring the various recommendations and actions by the CAMA Executive based on the survey results. 


4th Annual Toronto Forum for Global Cities

It’s happening at the Toronto Forum for Global Cities: Competing Towards A Sustainable Future.  The Forum seeks to address the major challenges faced by global cities, states, provinces and countries: Energy, Infrastructure, Finance and Innovation. It is also aimed at nurturing existing business relationships and building new ties through networking and targeted bilateral meetings. Sessions and presentations are fostering a better understanding of the strategic role of global cities as engines of economic growth and new realities of long term public asset financing. Session starts November 22 and 23, 2010 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.  Registration and information:  1 866 865-2225 or  Further information at 

INVITATION: Smarter Assets...Smarter Cities...Smarter Planet
Please join IBM on Wednesday, November 17, 2010 for a one hour webcast to see how they are working with cities, towns and municipalities from around the world. IBM and industry experts have been successful in finding ways to make "assets" smarter, it is what we do with those assets that will determine success.
Description: We are in an era of "do more with less" "cost reduction" "risk avoidance" "green" and "regulatory compliancy" the need has never been greater to adopt an "asset management program, visibility, control and automation of our assets and tasks is a philosophy that IBM believes is the catalyst to the smarter cities...smarter planet campaign. Assets are becoming instrumented, intelligent, and connected, now is the time to seize the opportunity, make informed decisions and create your smarter City.
Dates/Registration: Once registered, you will receive the virtual event details. NOTE:  You must register in order to attend.
For questions please contact:  Sarah Molnar, WW Tivoli Sales Enablement Coordinator , IBM Corporation 603-232-0265 (office) or
FCM Recruiting Municipalities for International Projects

FCM is currently recruiting Canadian municipalities to implement local economic development demonstration projects in the following countries: Burkina Faso, Mali, Tanzania, Cambodia, Vietnam, Bolivia and Nicaragua.  Municipalities interested in engaging in MPED should apply by Monday November 29, 2010.   For further information contact Jennifer Donnelly, Program Development & Recruitment Coordinator 613-907-6275 or

City of Waterloo, ON, 2010 CAMA Environmental Award – Certificate of Merit for Stormwater Management Program and Funding Review

We are continuing to feature  the 2010 CAMA Awards of Excellence submissions

The Stormwater Management Program and Funding Review was initiated in November 2004 as a collaborative initiative between the neighbouring cities of Kitchener and Waterloo. While the study was triggered due to a variety of stormwater management program needs for both cities, the primary purpose of the study was to determine if the current funding model for the stormwater management program can be modified to reflect a more fair and equitable approach for paying for this service that would position the Cities to provide a sustainable stormwater program to allow greater flexibility and adaptability to stormwater needs (regulatory changes, climate change impacts, etc.). This new approach to stormwater management would involve charging property owners a rate based on the amount of impervious areas a citizen or business owns as opposed to the current method of apportioning stormwater funding based on property assessment values for eligible taxpayers (many properties are tax-exempt).  The study findings have demonstrated that there are a number of public service values that can be brought into the system by introducing a stormwater rate structure. The benefits of shifting to a rate based funding mechanism include:

1.   A dedicated funding source to stormwater management, hence sustainability, flexibility and adaptability to respond to issues such as climate change ;
2.   A rate based on the user’s amount of runoff contribution as opposed to property value;
3.   A funding mechanism that would include all contributors to the stormwater system (including tax-exempt properties);
4.   A potential incentive for property owners to reduce stormwater runoff and pollutant discharge (i.e., installation of green roofs, rain barrels, etc., to reduce stormwater runoff); and
5.   An opportunity to educate the public on the importance of stormwater management and how individuals can do their part to manage stormwater and keep our system clean and environmentally safe.

The detailed submission can be found in the Members Section of the CAMA website.


FCM’s Enviro-Fleets Project Regional Workshop

FCM’s Enviro-Fleets project is holding regional workshops for fleet managers interested in greening heavy-duty vehicles in their municipal fleets. These workshops will teach you innovative ways to reduce fuel consumption and save money as you go green. The harmful emission of greenhouse gases and criteria air contaminants from heavy-duty diesel vehicles has driven innovations that reduce fuel consumption.  Thanks to these innovations, fleet managers have more ways than ever to improve the efficiency of their fleets, cut costs and reduce environmental impact. These FREE day-long workshops will introduce you to new strategies, resources and technologies. You will have ample opportunities to network with and learn from other fleet managers.  Next session will be in London, Ontario on Tuesday, November 16, 2010 starting at 9:00am.  For information, visit:   Enviro-Fleets project lead, Lisa Hatina: 613-907-6267 or 

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