e-Brief April 18, 2019
The 48th Annual CAMA Conference will be held in Québec City from Monday, May 27th, 2019 to Wednesday, May 29th, 2019 at the Hilton Québec and the Convention Centre. The host hotel will be the Hilton Québec (connected to the Convention Centre).   The Golf Tournament and other Pre-Conference activities will begin on Monday morning with the Conference Program ending after the President’s Dinner on Wednesday evening.  To view the full 2019 Conference Program, including the Companion activities click here.  Some hotel rooms have opened up at the Hilton Quebec (418-647-6500) and the Delta Quebec (418-647-1717) and the room blocks will be open until April 26th. 

Delegate Type

Registration Fee
(+5% GST + 9.975% QST)

*CAMA Member (Municipal)

$725.00 + $36.25 GST + $72.32 QST = $833.57

*First Time Attendee Members
(Regular Municipal) & Municipal Interns

$575.00 + $28.75 GST + $57.36 QST = $661.11

*Non-Member (Municipal)

$925.00 + $46.25 GST + $92.27 QST = $1063.52

**Affiliate CAMA Member (Non-Municipal)

$1050.00+ $52.50 GST + $104.94 QST = $1207.24

**Non-Member (Non-Municipal)

$1400.00 + $70.00 GST + $139.65 QST =$1609.65

Retired Member / Honourary Member

$425.00 + $21.25 GST + $42.39 QST = $488.64

*“Municipal” refers to an individual who is currently employed with a municipal government organization.
**“Non-Municipal” refers to all other individuals.

The registration fee for members, non-members, and municipal interns includes all Conference sessions, tradeshow, opening reception, breakfasts, refreshment breaks, lunches, Casual Night Out, the President’s Dinner and the hospitality suites. An additional fee will be charged for the Study Tour on Wednesday afternoon.
Full Companion Program:  Includes the opening reception, opening and closing keynote speakers, Casual Night Out, President’s Dinner, and hospitality suites.

Name tags and tickets are required for entry to all meals and events.   

LINKS TO REGISTRATION:  The link to all three registration forms (delegates, companions and golf) can be found here.
OPENING KEYNOTE – “The Wisdom of Change: Positivity and Resilience While Under Stress” -- Speaker: Maria Sirois
"...Wisdom comes with age and life and pain. And knowing what matters.”   Louise Penny, A Fatal Grace  In this keynote conversation we will explore perspectives and practices from the field of positive psychology which elevate resilience, positivity and wisdom. We'll examine the role of optimism in creating a greater capacity to enjoy what we do, even on the dull or difficult days.  We'll consider how resilience is built as we reduce our negative habits of thinking and behaving.  And we shall address wisdom:  knowing how and when to care for ourselves, learning to focus with discernment on what matters.  Each of these perspectives will be linked to a pragmatic tool, easily applied at work.  With such perspectives and tools, stress becomes not the burden of our days but the actual catalyst for growth.  
1089AE53Maria is a master teacher, facilitator and author. As a positive psychologist (Psy.D.) and international consultant, she focuses on the resilience of the human spirit when under pressure and/or during significant transition. Known for her wisdom, authenticity and rampant humor, Maria brings a depth of experience in leadership development and stress management for corporate and non?profit professionals alike. Her work builds capacity and engagement around stressors such as conflicting goals, difficult conversations, unrealistic expectations and moments of failure — using such moments to leverage sustained positive shifts in perspective and ability. She consults with the Cooperrider Center for Appreciative Inquiry at Champlain College, develops curriculum for the Wholebeing Institute, is on the faculty at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health and is the author of two books:  A Short Course in Happiness After Loss and Every Day Counts. www.mariasirois.com
CLOSING KEYNOTE – “Four Conversations For Success” -- Speaker: Stuart Knight
How do you feel when a business associate you rarely see remembers your name?  Why do people work harder for some managers than others?  Do your clients look forward to seeing you?  What do you know about your customers that your competition doesn’t?  Do you see them?  They’re everywhere.  That’s right, they are called human beings and when you connect with them personally, you and your organization will thrive!  Did you know that employees who see their co-workers as friends are twelve times more productive at their jobs?  Were you aware that manufacturers who promote healthy human relationships in the workplace experience 50% less defects on the production line?  And have you heard that research recently proved that social isolation decreases life expectancy more than smoking, obesity and alcohol abuse combined?  The evidence is undeniable.  The strength of our human connections dramatically influences the success we experience in both our professional and personal lives.  No one understands this better than Stuart Knight, and whether you are outgoing or introverted, he will teach you what it takes to raise your game one powerful conversation at a time.
FORMAL_COLOUR_IMG_8281 (002)Stuart Knight is a multi-talent.  He has written, produced and starred in shows that have been seen around the world and has helped some of the world’s biggest companies to reach new levels of success.  Also, a welcomed guest on some of Canada’s biggest TV and Radio stations, Stuart Knight is often asked for his expert opinion on high level communication.   Stuart Knight’s business and leadership skills have been awarded several times and was honoured with Canada’s National Entrepreneurs Award for Community Leadership.  His two critically-acclaimed books “You Should Have Asked – The Art of Powerful Conversation” and “The Madness of My Mind” have been read by thousands and his weekly blog has over ten thousand followers.  As a renegade visionary, the sought-after speaker Stuart Knight has taken gut wrenching risks and came out on top.  Today, with hilarious stories and thought-provoking insights, he shares the lessons he has learned helping people reach goals they never imagined they could attain.  Stuart Knight is a world traveler, international blogger and renegade visionary who lives by the credo: “Boycott what you thought”.  Some talk it.  Stuart Knight walks it.

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Are you interested in learning how asset management can inform your municipal decision-making?  Register today for a one-day workshop on asset management, in Quebec City on May 30, 2019 (the first day of our annual conference). This workshop gives municipal Chief Administrative Officers and staff a solid overview of asset management and how it benefits communities. FCM, the Canadian Association of Municipal Administrators and the Canadian Network of Asset Managers are hosting this event.
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