e-Brief March 20, 2019
The 48th Annual CAMA Conference will be held in Québec City from Monday, May 27th, 2019 to Wednesday, May 29th, 2019 at the Hilton Quebec and the Convention Centre.  The host hotel will be the Hilton Québec (connected to the Convention Centre).   The Golf Tournament and other Pre-Conference activities will begin on Monday morning with the Conference Program ending after the President’s Dinner on Wednesday evening.  To view the full 2019 Conference Program, including the Companion activities click here.
The registration fee for members, non-members, and municipal interns includes all Conference sessions, tradeshow, opening reception, breakfasts, refreshment breaks, lunches, Casual Night Out, the President’s Dinner and the hospitality suites. An additional fee will be charged for the Study Tour on Wednesday afternoon.
Delegate Type Early Bird Registration Fee by April 1, 2019 
(+5% GST + 9.975% QST)
Registration Fee after April 1, 2019 
(+5% GST + 9.975% QST)
*CAMA Member (Municipal) $675.00 + $33.75 GST + $67.33 QST = $776.08 $725.00 + $36.25 GST + $72.32 QST = $833.57
*First Time Attendee Members (Regular Municipal) &
Municipal Interns
$525.00 + $26.25 GST + $52.37 QST = $603.62 $575.00 + $28.75 GST + $57.36 QST = $661.11
*Non-Member (Municipal)
$875.00 + $43.75 GST + $87.28 QST =$1006.03 $925.00 + $46.25 GST + $92.27 QST = $1063.52
**Affiliate CAMA Member
$1000.00 + $50.00 GST + $99.75 QST = $1149.75
$1050.00 + $52.50 GST + $104.94 QST = $1207.24
$1350.00 + $67.50 GST + $134.66 QST = $1552.16 $1400.00 + $70.00 GST + $139.65 QST =$1609.65
Retired Member /
Honourary Member
$375.00 + $18.75 GST + $37.40 QST = $431.15 $425.00 + $21.25 GST + $42.39 QST = $488.64
*“Municipal” refers to an individual who is currently employed with a municipal government organization.
**“Non-Municipal” refers to all other individuals.

LINKS TO REGISTRATION:  The link to all three registration forms (delegates, companions and golf) can be found here.

Sustainable Purchasing - Making Better Choices
In January 2018, the City of Mississauga introduced its Sustainable Procurement Policy along with a three-year rollout plan. The main objective of the plan is to provide staff with the knowledge and tools to look at the environmental, social and ethical impacts when buying for the City. As part of the launch, the City developed a Making Better Choices campaign to inform internal and external audiences. A training program was also created to target buyers and contract managers. The program includes a video to support self-directed learning and an interactive training series.

At the end of 2018, 73 per cent of the City’s most active buyers and contract managers had received training. Mississauga had also embedded sustainability in more than $15 million worth of purchases, representing eight per cent of the City’s annual purchasing total. This year, the City has performance indicators for including specific sustainability criteria in 25 per cent of procurements and for training 80 per cent of the required staff. The City is also eager to work with suppliers who are sustainability leaders in their governance, supply chain or operations.

“In addition to price, quality and service, sustainability is another measure we’re using to get the best value when purchasing goods and services. The policy sets minimum standards for our suppliers to follow for human rights and fair labour, health and safety and environmental practices as defined in our Supplier Code of Conduct.” Connie Mesih, Director of Revenue and Materiel Management.

Read about Sustainable Procurement at the City of Mississauga.

Statistics Canada - FREE Webinars at your fingertips!
Looking to learn something new? Refresh your memory on data? Did you know that Statistics Canada offers free webinars on a broad range of topics?  We cover everything from navigating the Statistics Canada website to the various components of census such as education, immigration and income. Our current and relevant webinars are usually one hour in length, offered in both official languages and are easy to join from work or home on your desktop, smartphone, tablet or laptop! All you need is access to the Internet and a phone line.  Our webinars are a dynamic learning tool that help businesses, governments and individuals find, understand and use our data more efficiently.  Interested in a topic that we haven’t presented yet? If you have any suggestions or ideas for future webinar topics, or would be interested in discussing personalized opportunities for your organization, we would love to hear from you!  Check out our upcoming webinars https://www.statcan.gc.ca/eng/services/webinars.  Feel free to contact Patricia Griffith at [email protected] to explore the possibilities!
National Education Award - Deadline April 5th, 2019
The Civicjobs.ca National Education Award recognizes individuals that are pursuing educational programs that focus on local government education.  To be eligible, you must be enrolled in a post-secondary local government or non-profit organization that supports local government in Canada.  Students may be in certificate, undergraduate, post-baccalaureat, and graduate programs; all are eligible.  The deadline is April 5th, 2019.  To apply visit the Civicjobs.ca website. 
2019 ICMA Coaching Program: FREE webinars
ICMA`s free webinar series will be starting back up this April! Please use this link to register now, or copy the link in your web browser at the end of this message. Below is a listing of the six 90-minute sessions being offered:

Ethics in Action – When it’s Your Duty to Say “No”
Date: Wednesday, April 10 at 2 – 3:30 PM Eastern (1400 – 1530)

Retooling Workplace Culture to Thrive in the 21st Century
Date: Thursday, May 16 at 1 – 2:30 PM Eastern (1300 – 1430)

Encouraging Inclusive Communities
Date: Wednesday, June 12 at 12:30 – 2 PM Eastern (1230 – 1400)

Grappling with Gnarly Issues (Opioids, Homelessness, etc.): How Local Government Can Help
Date: Wednesday, September 11 at 1:00 – 2:30 PM Eastern (1300 – 1430)

Promoting Trust in a Divisive World
Date: Thursday, October, 10 at 2:00 – 3:30 PM Eastern (1400 – 1530)

Having Difficult Conversations in Your Organization and Beyond
Date: Thursday, November 14 at 12:30 – 2:00 PM Eastern (1230 – 1400)

Link to Register for the different sessions:


Regional Climate Action Strategy - Capital Regional District
In 2017 the CRD Board endorsed the Regional Climate Action Strategy (RCAS) to guide CRD services to support community-focused climate mitigation and adaptation action over the next five years.  The RCAS builds on the work that is already being done by federal and provincial governments, residents, businesses, local governments and First Nations, and the direction provided in the development of the draft Regional Growth Strategy.  The CRD has more than 200 service and infrastructure agreements with municipalities and electoral areas, and varying degrees of control or influence over activities associated with greenhouse gas emissions and their consequences. The RCAS focuses primarily on regional initiatives that can be done to support, or in collaboration with, our partners.  The RCAS reflects that as a region, we must reduce greenhouse gas emissions and place a higher value on our natural assets for the role they play in sequestering carbon and protecting our communities from even greater impacts of climate change.  After five years of implementation, the CRD will undertake a thorough review to update and determine what actions are needed to continue advancing the region’s climate mitigation and adaptation goals.

The Capital Regional District submitted a nomination to the 2018 CAMA Awards of Excellence Program under the Environment Award- Population Over 100,000 Category.  If you would like to see their full submission please visit the CAMA Member's Section, Awards of Excellence/Best Practices section and search "Capital Regional District". If you would like more information please contact Robert Lapham, CAO at 250-360-3124 or [email protected]
Rainwater Harvesting System - City of Waterloo
As the City of Waterloo becomes increasingly developed, the percentage of impervious surface is rapidly increasing as well. This is causing many issues for stormwater management as the city’s older infrastructure is having trouble coping with the increasing demand put on the system.  The cost of replacing or upgrading the existing infrastructure is too expensive.  In partnership with the Province of Ontario’s Showcasing Water Innovation Program, the City of Waterloo built a rainwater harvesting system for the Public Works Buildings and the adjacent parking lots.  The rainwater harvesting system is a unique system that fully reuses the stormwater in a variety of different ways with a focus on benefits for the community.  The storage tanks are designed to collect up to 450 cubic meters of stormwater runoff per rainfall event.  The stormwater collected by the system is reused for street sweeping, greenhouse plants, sod watering programs, and vehicle spraying and cleaning.  Not only does the rainwater harvesting system reduce potable water use and stormwater discharge on site, but it is meant to serve as a model for water conservation and sustainable stormwater management for others in the community.

The City of Waterloo submitted a nomination to the 2018 CAMA Awards of Excellence Program under the Environment Award- Population Over 100,000 Category.  If you would like to see their full submission please visit the CAMA Member's Section, Awards of Excellence/Best Practices section and search "City of Waterloo". If you would like more information please contact Brad Witzel - Executive Officer to the Chief Administrative Officer at 519-747-6075 or [email protected]
Engineering Internship Program - City of Mississauga
The demographics of the City of Mississauga’s Transportation & Works Department indicate that a significant percentage of engineering staff are eligible to retire in the next 5 years. With these pending retirements there is a concern that there will be a significant loss in corporate knowledge and talent, with the potential to impact the quality of service that the Department provides. Also, it is becoming increasingly difficult to recruit qualified engineers to the Department due to the intense competition across both the private and public sectors. In response to these challenges, the Transportation and Works Department established an Engineering Internship Program.  Through this Program the Department recruits recent Civil Engineering graduates for a 4-year term and rotates the Interns through various positions in three Divisions. For the Interns, this rotation provides them with a 'big picture' perspective of the department, the opportunity to build working relationships across multiple divisions and the experience to develop a multi-disciplinary skill set. For the Department, the Program produces trained engineers with a good foundation in how the Department operates and qualified candidates for future permanent vacancies.

The City of Mississauga submitted a nomination to the 2018 CAMA Awards of Excellence Program under the Professional Development Award- Population Over 100,000 Category.  If you would like to see their full submission please visit the CAMA Member's Section, Awards of Excellence/Best Practices section and search "City of Mississauga". If you would like more information please contact Helen C. Noehammer, Director, Infrastructure Planning & Engineering at 905-615-3200 ext.5086 or
[email protected]
Fire Master Plan - Collaboration and Innovation
The Northern Six fire departments in York Region, East Gwillimbury, King, Georgina, Whitchurch-Stouffville and Central York (Aurora and Newmarket), recently partnered on the preparation of their Fire Master Plans (FMP) and a Collaboration and Innovation Report (CIR). The CIR identified operational strategies for collaboration between the departments.  The CIR focused on commonalities such as standardization of training, procurement, common data reporting, emergency management planning, programming and future establishment of automatic aid agreements.  This partnership is the first of its kind in York Region.  This collaboration has set the stage for the next 10 years of fire service development and future master planning processes for other departments in the municipalities. “This project is another example of the strength of partnership. By working together, the N6 is committed to achieving more. The Fire Master Plan partnership will guide us as we move through our next 10 years of growth, to ensure that not only East Gwillimbury residents, but all York Region residents, receive superior Emergency Services education and support”  Mayor Virginia Hackson. 
The Town of East Gwillimbury submitted a nomination to the 2018 CAMA Awards of Excellence Program under the Willis Award for Innovation- Population 20,001 to 100,000 Category.  If you would like to see their full submission please visit the CAMA Member's Section, Awards of Excellence/Best Practices section and search "Town of East Gwillimbury". If you would like more information please contact Tom Webster at 905-478-4282 or [email protected]
  • Sabrina Feula, Director of Client Development, Alberta Urban Municipalities Association, Edmonton, AB
  • Maureen O'Neill, Senior Director of Business Development, Alberta Urban Municipalities Association, Edmonton, AB
  • Andrew Riley, Director of Client Development, Alberta Urban Municipalities Association, Edmonton, AB
  • Renee Klimosko, General Manager, Financial and Corporate Services Leduc County, AB
  • Larry Wandowich, Chief Administrative Officer, Rural Municipality of Rosser, MB
  • John Popoff, Director of Development & Infrastructure Services, City of Chestermere, AB
  • Paul Hanlan, Chief Administrative Officer, Woodlands County, AB
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