e-Brief March 6, 2019
CAMA and Public Sector Digest (PSD) are pleased to launch an essay writing competition on topics related to current municipal challenges.  In 2019, reslliency is top of mind for local governments across Canada.  In fact, the theme for the 2019 CAMA Conference is Resiliency:  Leading in Today's Complex Environment.  As such, the topic for this year's essay competition will focus on issues related to infrastructure resiliency, fiscal resiliency, or climate change resiliency.  Canadian graduate students are invited to submit an essay exploring solutions and best practices for strengthening local government resiliency, from infrastructure asset management to climate change adaptation.

The winning paper wil be published in the May issue of the Public Sector Digest.  The author of the winning paper will also be invited to attend CAMA's Annual Conference taking place from May 27-29, 2019 in Quebec City.  The deadline for submissions is April 19th, 2019.  For further details please click here.

Registrations are now being accepted for CAMA's 48th Annual Conference being held in Québec City from May 27-29, 2019 at the Québec City Convention Centre and the Hilton Québec.  This year’s theme is “Resiliency:  Leading in Today’s Complex Environment”.  Please note that both of the Food Tours on Monday are SOLD OUT.

This year CAMA is pleased to partner with the Canadian Network of Asset Managers (CNAM) and the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) to provide you with the opportunity to attend a 1-Day Workshop after the Conference on Thursday, May 30th, 2019. Please keep this additional professional development opportunity in mind when booking your hotel accommodations.  The Golf Tournament and other Pre-Conference activities will begin on Monday morning with the Conference Program ending after the President’s Dinner on Wednesday evening.  All Conference information can be found on the CAMA website.

To view the full 2019 Conference Program, including the Companion activities click here.
To view the Delegate Program-At-A-Glance click here.
To view the Companion Program-At-A-Glance click here.

Delegate Type Early Bird Registration Fee
by April 1, 2019
(+5% GST + 9.975% QST)
Registration Fee after
April 1, 2019
(+5% GST + 9.975% QST)
* CAMA Member (Municipal) $675.00 + $33.75 GST + $67.33 QST= $776.08 $725.00 + $36.25 GST + $72.32 QST= $833.57
* First Time Attendee Members (Municipal) & Municipal Interns $525.00 + $26.25 GST + $52.37 QST= $603.62 $575.00 + $28.75 GST + $57.36 QST = $661.11
* Non-Member (Municipal) $875.00 + $43.75 GST + $87.28 QST= $1006.03 $925.00 + $46.25 GST + $92.27 QST= $1063.52
** Affiliate CAMA Member
$1000.00 + $50.00 GST + $99.75 QST= $1149.75 $1050.00 + $52.50 GST + $104.94 QST = $1207.24
** Non-Member
$1350.00 + $67.50 GST + $134.66 QST= $1552.16 $1400.00 + $70.00 GST + $139.65 QST = $1609.65
Retired Member/
Honourary Member
$375.00 + $18.75 GST + $37.40 QST= $431.15 $425.00 + $21.25 GST + $42.39 QST = $488.64
* “Municipal” refers to an individual who is currently employed with a municipal government organization.
** “Non-Municipal” refers to all other individuals.

Register for the Conference by April 1st, 2018 and you will receive the Early Bird Rate.

Please note that regular CAMA members who are attending their first CAMA Conference are eligible for a $150.00 discount off the registration fee. If you would like some of your senior managers to attend the Conference and they are not CAMA members they can sign up as a member for $140.00 (50% off the first year) and also attend the Conference for $525.00 as a First Time Delegate.
The registration fee for members, non-members, and municipal interns includes all Conference sessions, tradeshow, opening reception, breakfasts, refreshment breaks, lunches, Casual Night Out, the President’s Dinner and the hospitality suites. Additional tickets to the Casual Night Out ($115.00) and the President’s Dinner ($125.00) can be purchased for companions not participating in the full Companion Program.

An additional fee will be charged for the Study Tour on Wednesday afternoon.
The registration fee for retired/honourary members includes all Conference sessions, tradeshow, opening reception, breakfasts, refreshment breaks, Casual Night Out, and the hospitality suites.  At an additional cost, tickets can be purchased to the lunches ($35.00), the Study Tour ($25.00), and the President’s Dinner ($125.00).

Conference Registration for Members in Transition
Going in to “transition” is a very difficult situation that all too many members face at some point in their local government careers. Any job change is difficult, but when its forced on someone for reasons that often have nothing to do with their job performance it can be traumatic.

If you are a “Member in Transition” and have been fired or forced to resign your position in local government and are now “in transition”, CAMA will provide a complimentary registration for you.   Hotel and travel expenses are at your cost.  Register under the “Members In Transition” category on-line, but CAMA’s membership department must have been notified of your status for you to use this option.

The link to all three registration forms (delegates, companions and golf) can be found here.  If you are a CAMA Member, you will require your e-mail address.  If you have a Companion attending the Conference please follow the specific instructions on the website with respect to registration.

CAMA has secured a block of rooms at the Hilton Québec (418-647-6500) and the Delta Québec (418-647-1717) (both connected to the Convention Centre) however both are SOLD OUT.   Delegates are welcome to check these hotels for cancellations and be put on a wait list.  Other hotel recommendations located close to the Convention Centre are as follows:
  • Marriott Downtown Québec (850 Rue D'Youville) – 418-694-4004
  • Palace Royale (775 Boulevard Honoré-Mercier) -418-694-2000
  • Chateau Laurier (1220 Place George V O) – 418-522-8108
CAMA delegates (who are regular members/municipal employees) will be provided complimentary access to the Federation of Canadian Municipalities Trade Show being held on Thursday, May 30, 2019 from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. during the official Trade Show Opening and Cocktail Reception and on Friday, May 31, 2019 from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 Noon at the Québec City Convention Centre.  This opportunity is not available to companions, private sector delegates, sponsors or exhibitors. CAMA delegates who wish to attend the FCM Tradeshow, will need to go directly to the FCM Exhibitor Registration Desk and present their CAMA Conference name badge, and a photo ID to obtain an FCM Tradeshow Guest pass.

The FCM Conference will be held from May 30-June 3, 2019 with over 1,500 municipal leaders coming together to discuss key issues and challenges their communities are facing. For more information visit www.fcm.ca.

CAMA is also pleased to have a booth at the FCM Tradeshow this year to promote our organization to the elected officials including the CAO Performance Evaluation Toolkit, the Making Life Happen Campaign, and our Awards of Excellence Program. If you are staying for the FCM Conference and would like to join your colleagues at the CAMA booth please contact the CAMA National Office at [email protected].

See you in Québec! / À bientôt!

CAMA is pleased to announce our new partnership with muniSERV.ca.  Watch this video to learn how muniSERV can benefit you! If you would like an executive summary of muniSERV click on this shorter video to get a quick overview. 

muniSERV is Canada’s leading online platform to Connect Municipalities and the Businesses that Serve Them.  muniSERV provides a full suite of tools for municipalities – most of which are free. We have partnered with muniSERV to offer these tools and resources to all CAMA members.  In less than a minute, CAMA members can join muniSERV for free and have access to the tools and to special discounts and savings on other unique services and programs they provide for all sizes of municipalities - all in one convenient location.  Watch the video or click here to learn more about muniSERV.

Over the last few editions of e-Brief we have been featuring each service offered. Today’s featured service is muniSERV’s newest service - muniJOBS.

muniJOBS is Canada’s only interactive career and recruitment platform with a 100% municipal focus, Candidate/Employer matching capabilities and searchable job postings, to make it easy for municipal job seekers to find all available municipal jobs across Canada, in one convenient location.

muniJOBS is different.
It has all the tools municipalities need to make recruiting top talent more efficient and cost-effective. All in one place.
  • Canadian municipalities can post all their available jobs, including executive positions, for the same low price - $49.95 or less.
  • Share the unlimited package with other municipalities so every size municipality saves even more per job posting.
  • Recruit directly with access to the profiles of recent graduates and individuals looking for municipal jobs.
  • The built-in applicant tracking system means you don’t have to purchase your own system to track the number of views and applications you receive.
  • is free. As a CAMA member - post your first job for free. Use coupon code “munijobsCAMA” at checkout. Make muniJOBS part of your succession-planning strategy to attract and recruit the next generation of leaders.
For more information: [email protected]  or 855.477.5095  


Corporate Training Program
Growing and developing workforce capacity through continuous learning, and personal and professional development is a priority for the City of Leduc.  Corporate Training has positively impacted the strategic direction of the City and transformed our working environment into that of a learning culture.  Formal Corporate Training at the City of Leduc has evolved exponentially since inception in 2013. The 2018 Corporate Training Program offers 23 Professional Development courses and 36 Occupational Health and Safety courses with another 59 offered online. The courses are categorized into groupings where the focus is on developing a depth of knowledge in focused streams. Five streams consisting of Leading Change, Active Leadership, Skills for Success, Employee Wellness, and Safety is You provide a variety of training and ensure that all employees are actively involved in professional development on an annual basis. With a designated training budget of $192,000 the courses are offered at no cost to employees. How to get the Most from your Training, Registration Details, Calendar at-a-Glance, and position specific training make our Corporate Training Calendar one-stop shopping.

The City of Leduc submitted a nomination to the 2018 CAMA Awards of Excellence Program under the Professional Development Award- Population 20,001 to 100,000 Category.  If you would like to see their full submission please visit the CAMA Member's Section, Awards of Excellence/Best Practices section and search "City of Leduc". If you would like more information please contact Irene Sasyniuk at 780-980-7160 or [email protected]
Digital Markham Strategy
The Digital Markham Strategy project is igniting sparks of innovation across the City, providing a foundation for digital advances, collaboration and partnerships among citizens, businesses and government. The Strategy outlines a futuristic vision for Markham in the year 2025 as a ‘frictionless city’. The result is improved quality of life in the community and making Markham a digital destination for innovation.  Strategy objectives focus on four key themes:
  • Engaging and Serving the Community
  • Being the Digital Differentiator for Business
  • Establishing a Digital Workplace
  • Enabling Markham as a Platform for Innovation
Digital Markham was a result of co-creation that involved extensive engagement with a wide variety of community and industry stakeholders. Their innovative ideas guided the plan for Markham’s digital journey for the next 3-5 years. The ‘living lab” approach enables innovation that will positively impact the community experience. New projects are starting and their benefits are to be realized. The Strategy is fundamentally shifting the city to “digital first” thinking. New project governance ensures digital alignment. Regular collaboration with thought leaders and industry has enabled a sustainable future.

The City of Markham submitted a nomination to the 2018 CAMA Awards of Excellence Program under the Willis Award for Innovation- Population Over 100,000 Category.  If you would like to see their full submission please visit the CAMA Member's Section, Awards of Excellence/Best Practices section and search "City of Markham". If you would like more information please contact Andy Taylor, Chief Administrative Officer at 905-477-7000, ext. 6090 or [email protected]
The City of Waterloo's Corporate Asset Management System
The City of Waterloo initiated an ambitious program to establish an integrated approach to stimulate Asset Management throughout the organization. From the outset, the City’s cross-departmental project team brought equal perspectives from both finance and engineering.

A key element of the activities was to develop a custom-built decision support analytical system that demonstrates the relationship between the current set of planned infrastructure activities and the performance of the infrastructure over the next 25 years. The project engaged more than 50 employees from across the city and related decision making for 15 different asset groups. This large group of individuals was diverse in their municipal roles: from front-line operations staff to elected councillors.  In concert with the asset management analysis activities, the city adopted a new Asset Management Policy aimed at minimizing barriers that may impact the exchange of information between engineering and finance subject matter experts. Integral in the development of this program was GM BluePlan Engineering, consultants brought in by the city to assist.  The City has built a bridge between their plans for infrastructure spending, staff, processes, data and assets.

The City of Waterloo submitted a nomination to the 2018 CAMA Awards of Excellence Program under the Willis Award for Innovation- Population Over 100,000 Category.  If you would like to see their full submission please visit the CAMA Member's Section, Awards of Excellence/Best Practices section and search "City of Waterloo". If you would like more information please contact Brad Witzel - Executive Officer to the Chief Administrative Officer at 519-747-6075 or [email protected]
The 2019 Canadian Lean Summit will be hosted in Fredericton, New Brunswick from April 23 to 25, 2019 at the Fredericton Convention Centre. This event will bring together a network of public and private sector individuals, organizations, and companies from across Canada.  The theme of the summit is share, learn, and inspire one another to improve service to your customers, drive efficiency, increase effectiveness and add value to your business.
  • Sheila Gurrie, City Clerk, City of Nanaimo, BC
  • Annie Beauregard, Administrative Coordinator, Town of Faro, YT
  • Joseph Pittari, Interim CAO, City of Brampton, ON
  • Dean McKinley, Chief Administrative Officer, District of Mackenzie, BC
  • Erin Jackson, Director of Corporate Services, City of Salmon Arm,BC
  • Daniel Sailland, Chief Administrative Officer, Town of Qualicum Beach, BC
  • Tim Savoie, City Manager, City of Port Moody, BC
  • Carol Gabriel, Director of Legislative & Support Services, Fort Vermilion, AB
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