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Watch for the launch of the 2019 CAMA Conference Program and on-line registration next week.  The Conference will be held in Québec City from May 27-29, 2019 at the Québec Convention Centre and the Hilton Québec.  All information about the Conference can be found on the website.
Making Life Happen Toolkit
Think of who in your organization is ready for leadership development?  Which neighbouring local government leaders would benefit from access to CAMA’s resources?  We believe that shared wisdom leaves a lasting impact and we are seeking your support in growing our Association.Don’t forget about the “Making Life Happen” toolkit to attract the next generation of leaders to local government.  The “Making Life Happen” program was created in partnership, with a mandate of raising awareness of local government with a specific focus encouraging younger Canadians to consider a municipal career.
The next time you or your staff are asked to speak to local community groups or businesses, explain local government and the role of the CAO, or talk to students about municipal government careers, “Making Life Happen” will give you the building blocks for a memorable presentation.  Tailor a message from your own municipality using the elements and main messages we have created, including a powerpoint presentation with speaking notes and handouts.  We are also pleased to have a bilingual website for this campaign:  http://www.makinglifehappen.ca.   Visit the CAMA website for all of the tools.
Alliance for Innovation: Become a Transforming Local Government Conference Partner

CAMA is pleased to have an affiliate partnership with the Alliance for Innovation (AFI).  The AFI is guided by research and real-world experience and impacts organizations and communities, changing the way local government performs.

The Transforming Local Government (TLG) Conference Partner Program is an opportunity for CAMA’s jurisdictions to purchase registrations to attend the Transforming Local Government Conference in bulk at a significant cost savings and support the Alliance's mission to inspire innovation to advance communities. In addition to registrations, jurisdictions will receive the below items for THREE YEARS!  This year’s Conference will be held in Reno, Nevada from April 9-12, 2019.

Partner Benefits at TLG
·         Four Registrations to the TLG Conference Per Year (Three-year value - $6,600)
·         Four Invitations to an exclusive conference event for TLG Conference Partners
·         Assist Alliance staff in designing the TLG Conference Experience:
·         Offer input including theme, topic, and keynote suggestions
·         Option to serve on a case study selection committee
·         Option to serve on the evaluation committee

Total Three-Year value $6,600 USD – Your cost $5,300USD (a 20% savings)

TLG Conference Partners benefit from:
·         Recognition as a Leader in Innovation and Public Service
·         Investing in Employee Development through Discounted Pricing
·         Networking Opportunities with Leading Local Governments
·         Sharing the TLG Experience Year-Round with Your Entire Organization

To sign up or receive more information, contact Sallie Ann Burnett, Community Relations Director for the Alliance at [email protected].
IRCC Launches National Call for Proposals for Newcomer Programming

As part of its commitment to deliver high quality settlement services to newcomers, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is issuing a call for proposals for the Settlement and Resettlement Assistance programs.  The National Call for Proposals (CFP) intake process has been streamlined since the previous CFP to improve the experience for service provider organizations and maximize funding flexibility. Extensive national consultations with partners and stakeholders have identified the principles and key priority areas that will be addressed through the call. These include fostering the entrepreneurial spirit of newcomers and engagement with the private sector, as well as an increased focus on the integration of vulnerable populations, such as refugees, youth and LGBTQ2+.  Through the Settlement Program, eligible newcomers receive the information that they need about life in Canada, the community in which they will settle, language training, help finding a job, and connections with established immigrants and Canadians. These supports and services help newcomers integrate and build a successful life in Canada, while also helping employers, schools and other organizations build welcoming communities. The Resettlement Assistance Program provides supports and services to address the immediate and essential needs of government-assisted refugees and other eligible clients being resettled to Canada from overseas, such as provision of temporary accommodations.  Additional information and Funding guidelines


City of Ottawa's new Data-Driven Succession Management Strategy
The City of Ottawa is undertaking an innovative, data-driven approach to its succession management strategy – giving management a bigger and objective picture of potential leadership talent within the organization. It also helps employees gain a stronger self-awareness to help them in their career development and aspirations.   Employees complete Talent Profiles highlighting their backgrounds, and career aspirations; and, managers and employees use a simple tool to assess their leadership competencies. The City of Ottawa also introduced a behavioural assessment tool.  Data from this tool measures leadership qualities, career motivations, and relationship-building skills – enabling a manager and employee to create an effective development plan tailored to the employees’ needs.  The new strategy also brings together senior leaders to review the talent from across the organization – not limiting the scope of advancement within a single department.    The overall mission of this innovative succession management strategy is to provide greater career development and advancement opportunities for City employees, while increasing the organization’s capacity to attract and retain talent and corporate knowledge.

The City of Ottawa submitted a nomination to the 2018 CAMA Awards of Excellence Program under the Willis Award for Innovation- Population Over 100,000 Category.  If you would like to see their full submission please visit the CAMA Member's Section, Awards of Excellence/Best Practices section and search "City of Ottawa". If you would like more information please contact Donna L. Gray, General Manager of Service Innovation and Performance at 613-580-2424 x. 25684 or [email protected]
City of Surrey Digital Services
The City of Surrey Digital Services team is a start-up that partners with dedicated staff from across all City departments with the goal of modernizing online services and making it easier, more convenient and efficient to do business with the City, anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Sean Simpson, Director – Information Technology, started this exciting journey in early 2015 with the mandate: “We’re going to build.”.  They drew upon inspiration from private industry and the best .gov examples and their team was born. A crucial decision early to embed this team within their Information Technology Division has enabled them to drive change from inside the City. They have a team of 18 product managers, user experience designers, software engineers, business analysts, quality experts, and strategists. They use digital ways of working – user-centred design paired with modern software engineering practices through agile projects enabling them to respond quickly to customer feedback. In line with their mission, the team built and delivered MySurrey Portal (https://my.surrey.ca/) to transform the City’s online services. Survey responses show 80% of citizens prefer doing business through MySurrey Portal and 70% found the experience "easy, or very easy".

The City of Surrey submitted a nomination to the 2018 CAMA Awards of Excellence Program under the Willis Award for Innovation- Population Over 100,000 Category.  If you would like to see their full submission please visit the CAMA Member's Section, Awards of Excellence/Best Practices section and search "City of Surrey". If you would like more information please contact Stan Paulrajan - Manager, Business Applications & Digital Services at 604-591-4525 or [email protected]
The City of Waterloo's Corporate Asset Management System
The City of Waterloo initiated an ambitious program to establish an integrated approach to stimulate Asset Management throughout the organization. From the outset, the City’s cross-departmental project team brought equal perspectives from both finance and engineering.

A key element of the activities was to develop a custom-built decision support analytical system that demonstrates the relationship between the current set of planned infrastructure activities and the performance of the infrastructure over the next 25 years. The project engaged more than 50 employees from across the city and related decision making for 15 different asset groups. This large group of individuals was diverse in their municipal roles: from front-line operations staff to elected councillors.
In concert with the asset management analysis activities, the city adopted a new Asset Management Policy aimed at minimizing barriers that may impact the exchange of information between engineering and finance subject matter experts. Integral in the development of this program was GM BluePlan Engineering, consultants brought in by the city to assist.  The City has built a bridge between their plans for infrastructure spending, staff, processes, data and assets.

The City of Waterloo submitted a nomination to the 2018 CAMA Awards of Excellence Program under the Willis Award for Innovation- Population Over 100,000 Category.  If you would like to see their full submission please visit the CAMA Member's Section, Awards of Excellence/Best Practices section and search "City of Waterloo". If you would like more information please contact Brad Witzel - Executive Officer to the Chief Administrative Officer at 519-747-6075 or [email protected]
  • John Collin, City Manager, City of Saint John, NB
  • Tim Tanton, Chief Administrative Officer, District of North Saanich, BC
  • Alan Harris, General Manager, Corporate Services, City of Beaumont, AB
  • David Kim, Chief Administrative Officer, City of Cranbrook, BC
  • Will Burtenshaw, Senior Director - Risk Management & Claims, Alberta Urban Municipalities Association, Edmonton, AB
  • Dan McDougall, Chief Administrative Officer, Municipality of the District of Chester, NS
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