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June 26, 2018            

Hotel Room Block For Quebec City Available Soon!
The 48th Annual CAMA Conference will be held in Québec City from Monday, May 29th, 2019 to Wednesday, May 31st, 2019 at the Hilton Quebec and the Convention Centre.  The host hotel will be the Hilton Québec (connected to the Convention Centre).   The Golf Tournament and other Pre-Conference activities will begin on Monday morning with the Conference Program ending after the President’s Dinner on Wednesday evening.

The Québec City Convention Centre is strategically located in the heart of this unique city and is just steps from Old Québec.  Underground passageways connect the Convention Centre to the Hilton Québec.

CAMA has secured a block of rooms at the Hilton Quebec which will be made available in the next two weeks.  An e-mail will be sent to CAMA members when the block is ready to take reservations.

CAMA Holds Quarterly Board Meeting in Fredericton, New Brunswick

The Board of Directors of the Canadian Association of Municipal Administrators (CAMA) held their quarterly meeting in Fredericton, New Brunswick, in conjunction with the 47th Annual CAMA Conference.  The meeting was held on Sunday May 27th, 2018.   Many thanks to our incredible host CAO of Fredericton, Chris MacPherson, Past-President, for being our host.
The Board dealt with a number of items, but what follows are the highlights of those discussions:
2018 Fredericton Conference
The Board spent a significant amount of time reviewing the program and logistics associated with the Conference in a joint session with the CAMA administrative team.  The Annual Conference is the biggest event for CAMA and the Board and administrative team spend a great deal of time making sure the event runs smoothly for our members.
If you were unable to attend the Conference and would like to view some of the speaker sessions, the video recordings can be found in the Member’s Section.  The presentations can also be found on the CAMA website.  Public Sector Digest also covered the CAMA and FCM Conferences from top to bottom and you can read their review here
2019 Québec City Conference
The Board was updated on preparations for the Québec City Conference scheduled for May 27th-29th, 2019.  The hotel room block will be made available at the end of June for this event.  The Program Sub-Committee for this Conference will begin meeting in July 2018 to start discussing possible themes and speakers.  If you have any ideas, please forward them to the CAMA National Office ([email protected]) .
2020, 2021 and 2022 Conferences
These Conferences will be held in the Deerhurst Resort, Ontario (2020), Montreal and Regina respectively. 
CAMA Renews Agreement with the Alliance for Innovation
Sallie Ann Burnett, East Regional Director, AFI and CAMA President Janice Baker

CAMA was pleased to have Sallie-Ann Burnett, East Regional Director in attendance at the meeting to provide an update and to renew our agreement with the Alliance for Innovation.  The Alliance is specifically focused on research around the next Big Ideas and best practices in local government.  In strengthening and supporting the two Associations, the Alliance for Innovation, is offering a special discount to all CAMA members.  Alliance membership complements CAMA membership and offers additional learning resources for your entire organization.  Depending on your municipality’s needs you may choose from one of these two options:
·         30% off the first year of membership, or
·         15 months of membership for the price of the first 12 months.

Membership in the Alliance is beneficial to communities of all sizes.  Alliance membership rates are based on the size of your community, as determined by the 2016 Canadian population census.  View some of the benefits of Alliance membership.  If you are interested in this opportunity call 1-888-496-0944 or e-mail [email protected] for more information on how to leverage these benefits in your organization.   The following CAMA member communities are members of the Alliance:  City of Airdrie (AB), City of Kelowna (BC), City of Lethbridge (AB) and the City of Grande Prairie (AB). 

CAO Performance Evaluation Committee Update
Over the next year, CAMA will continue to promote the CAO Performance Evaluation Toolkit across the country.  If you have used the toolkit we would love to hear your feedback with our next step being to create a Q and A document including questions from our members and their elected officials that will help those that use it in the future.  Please send your thoughts to the CAMA National Office ([email protected]).
Political Acumen Toolkit Project
The Board approved the Terms of Reference and Workplan for the Political Acumen Toolkit that will support CAOs, direct reports and the next generation of leaders that are already in local government jobs.  This toolkit will include advice on the following themes and will be launched at the 2019 Conference:
•   Clarity of Roles and Responsibilities & Governance
•  Mentorship, Experience and Training
•  Relationships, Networking and Alliance Building
•  Advice on the Knowledge of Self-Awareness
•  Managing Personal Risk
•   Speaking Truth to Power
•  Awareness of Power, Influence and the Dynamics Associated With It
•  Situational Awareness
•  Effective Communication
•  Strategic Stakeholder Engagement
Announcing New Partnership with


Our partnership with muniSERV aligns with our strategic planning initiatives and it enables us to deliver, in addition to our core services, a number of other member services and resources in a cost-effective manner to assist the local government profession.  muniSERV is Canada’s leading online platform to Connect Municipalities and the Businesses that Serve Them.
muniSERV helps municipalities of all sizes, by making it quick and easy to find the right professionals and services they need - all in one convenient location.   To do so, muniSERV provides a full suite of tools for municipalities – most of which are free. We have partnered with muniSERV on the delivery of these tools and resources for all categories of our CAMA members. Watch the video or click here to see the free tools and resources available for Regular Members. Here’s just a sampling:
CAO Members in Transition Toolkit
The CAO Members in Transition Toolkit Committee are continuing with their work on this project with research taking place at this time.  The toolkit will include tips and hints and provide access to resources and services meant to assist and support future CAMA transitioned CAO members, as they navigate their career transition to either return as a CAO, or to find other work opportunities.
Interviews are being conducted with CAMA members who have experienced transition at some point in their careers.  We feel it’s important to acquire feedback from both members who have recently experienced transition and those who experienced it a number of years ago.    If you would like to be part of this process, or know somebody that would be, please contact the CAMA National Office.


Communications/Member Campaign
Watch for a Refer a Member Campaign soon with prizes for the new member and the one that referred them.  Think of who in your organization is ready for leadership development?  Which neighbouring local government leaders would benefit from access to CAMA’s resources?  We believe that shared wisdom leaves a lasting impact and we are seeking your support in growing our Association.


Don’t forget about the “Making Life Happen” toolkit to attract the next generation of leaders to local government.  The “Making Life Happen” program was created in partnership, with a mandate of raising awareness of local government with a specific focus encouraging younger Canadians to consider a municipal career.
The next time you or your staff are asked to speak to local community groups or businesses, explain local government and the role of the CAO, or talk to students about municipal government careers, “Making Life Happen” will give you the building blocks for a memorable presentation.  Tailor a message from your own municipality using the elements and main messages we have created, including a powerpoint presentation with speaking notes and handouts.  We are also pleased to have a bilingual website for this campaign:   Visit the CAMA website for all of the tools.
Audited Financial Statements
The Board approved the audited Financial Statements for the April 1st, 2017 to March 31st, 2018 fiscal year which reported a surplus of $12,626 and an accumulated surplus of $622,458.
Tim Anderson, Third International Vice-President of ICMA joined the Board to provide an update on their activities.  The ICMA membership currently has approximately 12,000 members, representing 50 US states, and 33 countries.  Canada is the largest affiliate with 206 members. 
CAMA Members have a special rate of only $135.00 US to join. Even if you are not able to attend the ICMA Annual Conference, the information and resources available on their website is very valuable. If you would like to join ICMA or need additional details please visit the website.
The next meeting of the CAMA Board will be held in Deerhurst Resort from September 12-14, 2018 to provide the Board with an opportunity to tour the site for the 2020 Conference.
If you have any thoughts or comments, don’t hesitate to contact the CAMA National Office or any CAMA Board Member at any time.
Thanks for all your support and enjoy your summer!
Marc Landry
CAMA President

Cannabis Legalization: What You Need To Know
On June 21, 2018 the federal Cannabis Act (Bill C-45) received royal assent, meaning it received approval from both the House and Senate to become law. But non-medical cannabis will not be allowed to be consumed or sold until October 17, 2018.

The Prime Minister delayed the legalization date to allow provinces, territories, municipalities, law enforcement, industry and Indigenous partners more time to prepare. What this means for our communities is that that non-medical cannabis cannot be sold or consumed until October 17 and in accordance with both federal and provincial/territorial laws.

A second law also passed the Senate last week—Bill C-46, which lays out a framework for drug impaired driving enforcement by police. It also makes changes to the rules around alcohol impairment screening.

FCM will continue to engage with the federal government and provincial/territorial associations (PTAs) over the coming months to discuss the work that will be necessary to ensure cannabis legalization happens safely and effectively. There are two main tracks to this work:
  • Ensuring that municipalities receive a fair share of the excise tax revenues from cannabis sales to address local costs.
  • Working with the federal government and PTAs to ensure there are other programs to support local implementation and ongoing administration/enforcement.
FCM will be working with PTAs and FCM members to establish data and monitor the municipal costs associated with legalizing cannabis. This work will help inform important decisions about local government expectations in regulating cannabis and the supports allocated to help them address local concerns.

The Municipal Guide to Cannabis Legalization can help you work through the key considerations your municipality will need to make when regulating cannabis. Now that the Cannabis Act will become law in 17 weeks, you will need to work with your PTAs to ensure local bylaws and policies align with province/territory legislation and regulation.

The federal government has also made a commitment to introduce regulations for the production, sale and consumption of edible cannabis products within a year of the legalization date. This means that on October 17, 2018 it will still be illegal to produce, sell, or consume cannabis edible products for non-medical purposes. However, all orders of government, including municipalities, should start thinking about their own roles and responsibilities in regard to cannabis edibles, given the timeline the government has set for their legal production, sale and consumption.

FCM will continue to closely monitor developments on this file and engage with the federal government to ensure that municipalities have the tools to be prepared for the legalization of cannabis.

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