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January 26, 2018            

CAMA is pleased to launch the “Making Life Happen” toolkit to attract the next generation of leaders to local government.  The “Making Life Happen” program was created in partnership, with a mandate of raising awareness of local government with a specific focus encouraging younger Canadians to consider a municipal career.

The next time you or your staff are asked to speak to local community groups or businesses, explain local government and the role of the CAO, or talk to students about municipal government careers, “Making Life Happen” will give you the building blocks for a memorable presentation.  Tailor a message from your own municipality using the elements and main messages we have created, including a powerpoint presentation with speaking notes and handouts.  We are also pleased to have a bilingual website for this campaign:   Under the Resource Section of the CAMA Member’s Section you will find all of the promotional materials that are print ready and are provided to you in separate English and French documents along with instructions.

This initiative has been a Canada wide Association effort with six of our Provincial Association partners: Ontario Municipal Administrators Association, Local Government Administrators of Alberta, Association of Municipal Administrators of New Brunswick, Alberta Rural Municipal Administrators Association, Local Government Managers Association of British Columbia, and the Association of Municipal Managers, Clerks and Treasurers of Ontario. 

The key messages of “Making Life Happen” were built on qualitative and quantitative research. You can view the executive summary of the Insights West research.  The full report can be found in the Member’s Section of the CAMA website.  This report has some interesting insights which you may wish to pass along to your Human Resources Department’s when recruiting your own employees.

We hope that you and your staff will use these resources to help us promote such a gratifying career to our next generation leaders.

L’ACAM est heureuse de lancer la trousse d’outils « Créer, agir, aider » destinée à recruter la prochaine génération de dirigeants des administrations locales. Il s’agit en fait d’un programme créé en partenariat pour sensibiliser à la gouvernance locale dans l’optique d’encourager des jeunes Canadiens et Canadiennes à envisager une carrière municipale.

La prochaine fois qu’on vous demandera, à vous ou à votre personnel, de prendre la parole devant des groupes communautaires ou des entreprises, d’expliquer la gouvernance locale et le rôle de la direction générale d’une municipalité ou d’expliquer à des jeunes les carrières en administration municipale, « Créer, agir, aider » vous fournira les fondements d’une présentation mémorable. Vous pourrez adapter le message à votre propre municipalité en vous servant des éléments et messages principaux que nous avons élaborés, en donnant une présentation PowerPoint contenant des notes d’allocutions et en distribuant des dépliants que nous avons préparés. Nous avons aussi le plaisir d’offrir un site web bilingue pour cette campagne : www.Cré Sous Ressources dans la section des membres de l'ACAM, vous trouverez tous les documents promotionnels prêts à imprimer, qui vous sont fournis séparément en français et en anglais avec un mode d’emploi.

Cette initiative résulte d’un effort pancanadien de l’Association avec six de ses partenaires provinciaux:  Ontario Municipal Administrators Association, Local Government Administrators of Alberta, Association des administrateurs municipaux du Nouveau-Brunswick, Alberta Rural Municipal Administrators Association, Local Government Managers Association of British Columbia et Association des gestionnaires et secrétaires-trésoriers municipaux de l’Ontario. 

Les messages clés de « Créer, agir, aider » s’appuient sur une recherche qualitative et quantitative. Vous pouvez lire un résumé de la recherche effectué par Insights West. Quant au rapport complet (en anglais), il se trouve dans la Section des membres de notre site web. Ce rapport contient des faits intéressants que vous voudrez peut-être transmettre à votre Service des ressources humaines pour le recrutement de vos propres employés.

Nous espérons que vous et votre personnel utiliserez ces ressources pour nous ider à promouvoir une carrière gratifiante auprès des dirigeants de la prochaine génération.

The 2018 Transforming Local Government Conference (TLG) will be an exciting event for all local government professionals. TLG attracts participation from local governments that are deliberately seeking new and innovative ways to connect people, information and ideas that support their efforts to be the best communities in which to live, work, and prosper. The conference is recognized for its dynamic content that encourages freethinking and fosters unprecedented ideas.  The conference experience promotes team building and a sense of camaraderie. Participants hear presentations directly from the teams that have created some of the most innovative programs and projects in local government today. It’s no surprise that some of those come directly from Calgary and Innisfil.   For more information on TLG, to register and book your hotel room, go to Tweet and retweet us using @transformgov. Follow us at  

NAMS Canada is partnering with FCM to offer an online asset management certificate course. Implementing asset management best practices can help your municipality save money and make the most of its infrastructure.  Are you interested in learning what asset management is, how to use asset information and records, and how to create an asset management plan?  Sign up by March 30, 2018 for an online asset management certificate course to help you develop your asset management skills while using data from your own municipality.  This 8-week course, delivered by National Asset Management Strategy Canada (NAMS Canada), is offered from April to June, 2018.

Course information

  • Dates: Every Tuesday from April 10 to June 5, 2018 (one-week break for Victoria Day)
  • Time: 3:00 - 4:30 pm EDT 
  • Location: Online, through a series of weekly webinars, videos and forums
  • Time commitment: 12 hours attending online classes, and 50 hours to complete coursework and assignments
  • Language: English
  • Enrollment: maximum of two participants from each Canadian municipality
  • Delivered by: NAMS Canada, a not-for-profit aimed at providing asset management tools, publications and training.

How to register for the course

  1. Complete the registration form before March 30, 2018.
    Form: Registrant from a municipality with a population of less than 10,000
    Form: Registrant from a municipality with a population of more than 10,000
    NAMS Canada will confirm your registration by email.
  2. NAMS Canada will invoice you for $215 plus taxes.
  3. Once your registration has been confirmed, you have until April 1, 2018, to provide NAMS Canada with a letter of support from your municipality.


The City of Chestermere are endeavoring to create a unique community that is known as one of the finest places to live and work and Chestermere becoming a Bee City aligns with this Strategic Initiative. 

As a Bee City, Chestermere can highlight initiatives already in place and further engage local communities.  Chestermere can also establish additional pollinator friendly habitats across the City and provide educational opportunities through interpretive signage, additional community planting events, and tours.

Pollinator friendly habitats that include the planting of native flowers and potentially installing bee hives will ultimately result in a sustainable ecosystem within the City. 

They believe that this initiative will create an environment in Chestermere that promotes creativity and innovation which will lead to the creation of a better tomorrow for our community.  As the first Bee City in Alberta, Chestermere will be regarded as an innovative community that recognizes the value in cultivating a sustainable ecosystem within the City. 

The City of Chestermere submitted a nomination to the 2017 CAMA Awards of Excellence Program under the Environment Category for municipalities under 20,000 in population.  If you would like to see their full submission please visit the CAMA Member's Section, Awards of Excellence/Best Practices section and search "Chestermere".  If you would like more information please contact Cathleen Peter-Swart, Assistant Director of Corporate Services at
[email protected] or (403) 207-7068.


The Town of Torbay commissioned a steady-state groundwater model that can be used as a tool for evaluating the cumulative impacts of residential subdivision and commercial development on groundwater resources.

The base case established current groundwater flow conditions within the defined Study Area. Predictive simulations assessed the effects of completing existing subdivisions, new subdivisions and commercial development, and the feasibility of a municipal well field. Predicted drawdown and changes in baseflow are local to development areas. Residential and commercial development is not expected to induce adverse effects (drawdown) on existing well users. Reductions in stream baseflow are noted.

The groundwater model is designed to be a tool for adaptive groundwater resource management and land use planning. Future information obtained from water well records, pumping tests, and the direct observation of changes due to development within the Study Area should be used to update the conceptual and numerical models in an effort to refine the tool for this purpose. 

The Town of Torbay submitted a nomination to the 2017 CAMA Awards of Excellence Program under the Environment Category for municipalities under 20,000 in population.  If you would like to see their full submission please visit the CAMA Member's Section, Awards of Excellence/Best Practices section and search "Torbay".  If you would like more information please contact Ross Houlihan at [email protected] or 709-437-6532


  • Heather Ewasiuk, Director of Legislative Services/City Clerk, City of Brandon, MB
  • Hermann Minderlein, Chief Administrative Officer, Birch HIlls County, AB
  • Julie Gonyou, Chief Administrative Officer, County of Elgin, ON
  • Scott Conrod, Chief Administrative Officer, Municipality of the County of Kings, NS
  • Brian Crawley, Chief Administrative Officer, Town of Conception Bay South, NL
  • Susan Shannon, Principal,
  • Gilles Belleau, General Manager, Town of Shediac, NB

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