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January 10, 2018            

Dear Colleagues:

I am inviting you to nominate one or more of your colleagues in this unique field of municipal administration for an Honourary Life Membership in CAMA.  This honour is presented to long serving CAMA members during the President’s Dinner at the Annual Conference to individuals who have made an extraordinary contribution to the field of municipal administration and to the work of the Canadian Association of Municipal Administrators (CAMA).  Previous recipients of the award include:  John Robison, Cy Armstrong, the late Robert Byron, Wes Lancaster, Murray MacLean, Paul Stapleton, Richard White, Bob Linner, Doug Lagore, Gerard Lewis, Cecil Vincent, Jim Toye, Doug Lychak, Ron Shaw, and Duncan Campbell.

The criiteria for the award, a description of the eligibility and nomination process and the application form can be found on the CAMA website.  Please note that nominees will be considered based on the following criteria:

• length of time served in local government as a CAO or direct report to a CAO;
• membership in CAMA for a period of at least ten (10) years;
• recognition as making a significant contribution to CAMA;
• recognition as making a significant contribution to their community;
• recognition as making an outstanding contribution to local government; administration within the professional community at the local, regional, provincial or national level.

The deadline for receipt at the CAMA National Office is February 23rd, 2018.  Please do take the time to reflect on potential candidates and submit a nomination.  There is nothing more meaningful to a professional than to be recognized by one’s peers for a job well done.  Over the years there are many individuals who have made a difference within our profession, our organization and in the community.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Janice Baker


Chers collègues,

Je vous invite à présenter la candidature d’un ou plusieurs de vos collègues du domaine de l’administration municipale à la Reconnaissance à titre de membre honoraire à vie de l’Association canadienne des administrateurs municipaux (ACAM). Cette marque de reconnaissance est décernée aux membres de longue date ayant contribué de façon exceptionnelle à l’essor du domaine et de l’ACAM; elle est remise à l’occasion du Souper du président dans le cadre de la conférence annuelle. Parmi les lauréats précédents:  John Robison, Cy Armstrong,  le regretté Robert Byron, Wes Lancaster, Murray MacLean, Paul Stapleton, Richard White, Doug Lagore, Gerard Lewis, Cecil Vincent, Jim Toye, Doug Lychak, Ron Shaw, et Duncan Campbell.

Les critères pour l’attribution, une description due processus d’admissibilité et du processus de mise en candidature ainsi que le formulaire peuvent être trouvés sur le site web de l'ACAM.  À noter que les candidatures seront évaluées en fonction des critères suivants :

• Nombre d’années de service dans l’administration municipale en tant directeur général ou directrice générale ou d’un rapport direct à directeur général ou directrice générale;
• Adhésion à l’ACAM depuis au moins dix ans
• Contribution importante à l’ACAM
• Contribution importante à sa communauté
• Contribution exceptionnelle à l’administration municipale dans l’exercice de fonctions administratives dans la communauté professionnelle locale, régionale, provinciale ou nationale

Vous avez jusqu’au 23 février 2018 pour faire parvenir votre dossier au bureau national de l’ACAM.  Je vous invite à prendre le temps de réfléchir à des candidates et candidats potentiels que vous pourriez présenter.  À bien y penser, il n’y a rien de plus gratifiant pour un professionnel qu’être reconnu par ses pairs pour un travail bien accompli. Au fil des années, bon nombre de personnes ont fait une différence dans notre profession, notre organisation et la communauté en général.

En attendant vos candidatures, je vous prie d’agréer, chers collègues, l’expression de mes sentiments les meilleurs.

Le présidente,

Janice Baker

Each year CAMA recognizes its membership through the Excellence in Municipal Administration Awards Program.
It is time again to share your achievements and successes with your colleagues; to recognize the excellent work of your employees; and to receive the recognition of your profession.  Select one or more of your projects or programs for nomination under the three award categories:  Environment, Willis Award for Innovation, and Professional Development. 
CAMA is pleased to offer a full on-line application package for this year’s nomination process.  Follow the instructions outlined on the website.  This year you will be able to save your submission and resume at a later date by filling in your e-mail address.
You may very well have the opportunity to stand in front of your colleagues on May 30th  at the 2018 CAMA Conference being held in Fredericton, NB and receive the recognition you so rightly deserve. 
Award winners will be asked to submit a high resolution logo, and fifteen to twenty photos of the project to be included in a video that will be shown at the luncheon.  Winners will also be recognized in CAMA’s e-Brief, press releases will be prepared and circulated to the local media, and the CAMA Board member closest to the successful community will also arrange to attend a Council meeting to make the award presentation to your Mayor and Council.  We also endeavour to highlight all nominations in e-Brief and our Best Practices Library in the Member’s Section of the CAMA website. 
The deadline for submissions (in electronic format only) is Friday, February 23rd, 2018.  I encourage you to participate and look forward to receiving your nomination(s).

In recognition of the importance of promoting professional development opportunities for members, the Canadian Association of Municipal Administrators established the CAMA Scholarship Program.
Through the Scholarship Program, CAMA will provide six scholarships for the registration fee (in the amount of $725.00) for the 2018 Annual Conference (two to young professionals pursuing a career in local government; two to members working in municipalities located north of the 60th parallel; and two to members from smaller municipalities).  Individuals are only eligible to receive a scholarship once to provide an opportunity to others to access this scholarship.  The scholarship is not transferable and must be used in the same year that it was awarded.


Scholarship applicants must be a CAMA member (or working with a CAMA member under the Young Professionals category).  Two scholarships are awarded for each of the following categories:  Young Professionals, Smaller Municipalities, and North of the 60th Parallel


All interested persons are invited to apply for the CAMA Scholarship by forwarding the completed application form to Ms. Jennifer Goodine, CAMA Executive Director, via e-mail at [email protected] no later than February 23, 2018.
For all details on this program please visit the CAMA website.

The rate of retirement among senior staff in the municipal sector, combined with the fierce competition for talent across sectors, has made it imperative to nurture interest in careers in municipal government among up and coming generations of Canadians. The PSD-CAMA Essay Competition in Municipal Management will provide graduate students across the country with the opportunity to explore complex issues in municipal administration.

The Public Sector Digest (PSD) and the Canadian Association of Municipal Administrators (CAMA) have partnered to launch this paper writing competition in order to introduce Canada’s future leaders to the dynamic world of municipal governance. Our hope is that new solutions to entrenched municipal challenges may emerge from this competition, with a new generation of talented Canadians exploring issues in municipal administration. The winning paper will be published in the June issue of the Public Sector Digest.  The author of the winning paper will also be invited to present at CAMA's Annual Conference, taking place from May 28-30, 2018 in Fredericton, NB.

(1)  ELIGIBILITY:  Authors must be enrolled in a Canadian university graduate-level program in at least one academic term during the 2017-18 academic year, on either a full or part-time basis.
  • The paper must be submitted in word format for revision purposes  
  • The paper must be sole-authored (not group authored)  
  • The paper cannot have been previously published elsewhere, or be under consideration for publication currently
  • The paper must be between 1000 and 2000 words in length
  • Submission deadline: April 6th, 2018 5pm ET
  • Submit papers to [email protected] indicating in the subject line “PSD-CAMA Essay Competition Municipal Government”
  • Submit with your paper, a short (2-3 line bio), the name of your academic program and post-secondary institution, and your contact information (phone number) 
(3) TOPIC:  Authors must identify a challenge facing municipalities in Canada today, propose an innovative solution or number of solutions to address that challenge, and explore the benefits/draw-backs associated with implementing the proposed solution. For example, the author might discuss inefficiencies in the processes or structure of municipal government, presenting Lean training as a potential solution for municipal administrators to consider.  Last year's winner, Catalina Blumenberg, discussed the forthcoming legalization of marijuana in Canada, exploring the potential of a new municipal revenue stream that a marijuana tax may provide.  Her article outlined the challenges of legalization including enforcement and the implementation of public health campaigns to address the health risks of marijuana consumption.  Her original argument, that a Federal Marijuana Tax Fund will help diversify municipal revenue streams to support long-term fiscal sustainability, awarded her first place.

If possible, all submissions should incorporate real-world examples of the solution in practice. The essay should also focus on applying and implementing an innovative solution or solutions, emphasizing the importance of innovation in municipal government.

For more information on the assessment and criteria and the selection and recognition visit the this link.
[email protected]

The Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) has released a series of articles that draw on best practices from a dozen of the successful wastewater treatment studies and projects that FCM's Green Municipal Fund  has funded. The articles provide a framework to help municipalities develop innovative and sustainable wastewater system projects, including guidance on project scoping and stakeholder engagement, project planning and design and procurement, construction and start-up.  Read the series today to help you deliver a successful, sustainable wastewater system for your community. 

  • Robin Busby, Administrator, RM of Antelope Park No. 322/RM of Milton No. 292, Village of Marengo, SK
  • Byron Peters, Deputy Chief Administrative Officer, Mackenzie County, AB
  • Steve Kent, Chief Administrative Officer, City of Mount Pearl, NL
  • Cindy Millar, Chief Administrative Officer, Northern Sunrise County, AB
  • David Perehudoff, Chief Administrative Officer, City of Trail, BC

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