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CAMA Partners with Affiliate Organizations on Local Government

CAMA is pleased to partner with its affiliate organizations from Australia (Local Government Professionals), New Zealand (Society of Local Government Managers) and the United Kingdom (Society of Local Authority Chief Executives) to present a broad range of local government issues in our respective countries.  Across the world and beyond we all share the same victories and challenges.  Please visit this link to find Discussion Papers outlining each country’s reaction to the following themes:

• The relationship of local governments with senior levels of government in their respective country and  the main services that their local governments deliver.
• How local governments are funded (revenue sources) in comparison to senior levels of government.
• The top three key pressures that local governments have been experiencing over the last five years and why.
• The key pressures that local governments are likely to experience in the next five to ten years and what they have done (and will do) to address these demands.

Discussion Papers

Canadian Association of Municipal Administrators (CAMA)
Local Government Professionals Australia
• New Zealand Society of Local Government Managers (SOLGM)
Society of Local Authority Chief Executives (SOLACE)


L’ACAM est heureuse de coopérer avec ses organisations affiliées de l’Australie (Local Government Professionals), de la Nouvelle-Zélande (Society of Local Government Managers) et du Royaume-Uni (Society of Local Authority Chief Executives) pour présenter bon nombre de problèmes que vivent les administrations locales dans nos pays respectifs. Partout dans le monde, nos victoires et nos défis sont les mêmes.   

Vous trouverez ci-dessous les documents de travail décrivant la réaction de chaque pays sur les thèmes suivants :

• La relation des administrations locales avec des gouvernements des paliers supérieurs dans leur pays respectif et les principaux services assurés par les administrations locales;
• Le financement des administrations locales (sources de revenus) par rapport aux autres ordres de gouvernements;
• Les 5 principales contraintes subies dans les 5 dernières années, et leurs raisons.
• Les principales contraintes des 5 à 10 prochaines années; comment on s’y prépare ou y réagira.

Documents de travail

L’Association Canadienne des Administrateurs Municipaux (ACAM)
• Australie – Local Government Professionals
Nouvelle-Zélande – Society of Local Government Managers (SOLGM)
• Rovaume-Uni – Society of Local Authority Chief Executives (SOLACE)

Shaw Recognized for Contribution to Local Government Administration


Ron Shaw, retired Chief Administrative Officer for the City of Stratford, ON, has been recognized for his contribution to excellence in local government administration with an Honorary Membership for Life Award from the Canadian Association of Municipal Administrators (CAMA).  He was recognized during CAMA’s national conference in Winnipeg, MB.

“CAMA is pleased to recognize Mr. Shaw’s long and distinguished career with this award,” said Don MacLellan, President of the Canadian Association of Municipal Administrators and General Manager – Community Safety Services for Moncton, NB.  “His dedication to the profession of local government administration and his service to the community are exemplary.”

Shaw started his career with the Association of Municipalities of Ontario as a research associate.  He then worked for the Town of Kincardine for twelve years, first as its Treasurer and then as its Clerk-Administrator.  During that time, he was a part-time instructor at Georgian College, where he taught both the Municipal Administration Program and the advanced course on Municipal Finance. 

In 1993, he commenced employment with the City of Stratford as the Clerk-Administrator and then as Chief Administrative Officer.  He has the distinction of celebrating 30 years as a Chief Administrative Officer in Ontario, serving in just two municipalities.

Shaw is a Past President of the Association of Municipal Managers, Clerks and Treasurers of Ontario and a recipient of their Prestige Award in 2004.  He remains a member of ICMA – the International City/County Management Association.   He is also a Past President of CAMA.

He is past co-chair of the Municipal Health and Safety Association of Ontario and a past president of the Ontario Municipal Administrators' Association.  Shaw is an alumnus of the Governor General’s Canadian Leadership Conference of 2000 and served on the National Executive Committee of the 2012 conference.

Shaw has been an active Rotarian for over 30 years and is a past president of the Rotary Club of Stratford, ON.  He has been awarded two Paul Harris Fellowships.  After a nomination from the Stratford City Council, Shaw was awarded with a Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medal in recognition of his achievements in local government and the community.  He served as co-chair of the Perth Huron 2013 United Way Campaign, and is currently Vice-President of the Huron Perth Centre for Families and Children.

He is a graduate of the University of Toronto where he studied Commerce and Finance and Urban Studies.  He also received a Diploma in Municipal Administration from the Institute of Local Government at Queen’s University.  Mr. Shaw resides in Stratford with his daughter, Hannah.

“I am honoured to receive this recognition from my colleagues in local government and to have served my community as a public servant for 35 years.” said Mr. Shaw.

Eight Canadian Municipalities Win National Awards of Excellence


Eight Canadian municipalities have won national awards of excellence from the Canadian Association of Municipal Administrators (CAMA).  The awards were presented in the areas of innovation, education and professional development during CAMA’s national conference held in Winnipeg, MB.  Ravenhill Group Inc. is the presenting sponsor for CAMA’s Awards of Excellence.

Winning efforts included a waste water project, a one-stop development shop, a residential e-permit program, a municipal solar program, naturalized stormwater management guidelines, a stormwater charge program, a business administration diploma program for employees, and a manual and workbook focused on evidence-based decision making for government professionals.

“CAMA is pleased to recognize the excellence demonstrated by these municipalities and their award winning projects,” said Don MacLellan, President of the Canadian Association of Municipal Administrators and General Manager – Community Safety Services for Moncton, NB.  “The efforts recognized are really some of the best examples of municipal improvement, innovation and resiliency that can found in Canada today.”

The following municipalities and projects were recognized, in three categories, based on their population size:

2016 CAMA Willis Award for Innovation
• Town of Kindersley, SK, (Under 20,000 Population Category) – Kindersley Waste Water Project
• City of Saint John, NB, (20,001 to 100,000 Population Category) – One-Stop Development Shop
• City of Calgary, AB, (Over 100,000 Population Category) – Residential ePermit

2016 CAMA Environment Award
• Town of Devon, AB, (Under 20,000 Population Category) – Municipal Solar Program
• City of Moncton, NB, (20,001 to 100,000 Population Category) – Naturalized Stormwater Management Guidelines
• City of Mississauga, ON, (Over 100,000 Population Category) – Development and Implementation of a Stormwater Charge Program

2016 CAMA Professional Development Award
• City of Maple Ridge, BC, (20,001 to 100,000 Population Category) – Business Administration Diploma Program
• City of Surrey, BC, (Over 100,000 Population Category) – The Right Decision: Evidence-based Decision Making for Government Professionals

“A total of 41 submissions from all across the country were received for this year’s CAMA awards program,” said Marc Landry, Chair of CAMA’s Awards Committee, as well as the CAMA Representative for Alberta & Northwest Territories and Chief Administrative Officer, Town of Beaumont, AB.  “The entire Committee was very impressed by the exciting projects that are being done by communities of all sizes.  Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all those who took the time to submit projects for consideration.”

The Willis Award for Innovation, awarded in recognition of Jack Willis for his contribution to CAMA, is presented for programs, projects or services that demonstrate exceptional innovation or meritorious initiative.  CAMA’s Environment Award recognizes the commitment of a municipality to environmentally sustainable governance, to protecting the environment and to combating climate change.  The Professional Development Award recognizes a community that has developed a unique and innovative program for their staff and can be replicated in other communities. 

Since Canada has a unique mixture of small and large communities, awards are granted according to population – for municipalities under 20,000, for those between 20,001 and 100,000 and for those over 100,000. 

Congratulations to all winners!

Huit municipalités canadiennes lauréates de prix d’excellence nationaux

Huit municipalités canadiennes ont mérité des prix d’excellence de l’Association canadienne des administrateurs municipaux (ACAM) décernés dans les domaines de l’innovation, de l’éducation et du perfectionnement professionnel, à l’occasion de la conférence nationale de l’ACAM qui s’est tenue à Winnipeg, au Manitoba. Ravenhill Group Inc. parraine les prix d’excellence de l’ACAM.

Les projets primés portent sur les eaux usées, un guichet unique des services de développement, un programme de permis résidentiels en ligne, un programme solaire municipal, des lignes directrices pour la gestion naturelle des eaux de ruissellement, un programme de redevance sur l’écoulement des eaux de pluie, un programme de diplôme en administration des affaires pour les employés et un manuel assorti d’un cahier de travail conçus pour faciliter la prise de décisions fondées sur des données probantes.

« L’ACAM est heureuse de reconnaître l’excellence dont font preuve ces municipalités et leurs projets primés », déclare Don MacLellan, président de l’Association canadienne des administrateurs municipaux et directeur général – Services de protection communautaire, Ville de Moncton (N.-B.). « Les efforts reconnus comptent vraiment parmi les meilleurs exemples d’amélioration, d’innovation et de résilience municipales qu’on peut voir en ce moment au Canada. »

Voici les municipalités et les projets récompensés dans trois catégories établies selon la taille de la population :

Prix ACAM-Willis de l’innovation 2016
•Ville de Kindersley (Sask.) (catégorie moins de 20 000 habitants) – Projet des eaux usées de Kindersley
•Ville de Saint John (N.-B.) (catégorie 20 001 à 100 000 habitants) – Guichet unique des services de développement
•Ville de Calgary (Alb.) (catégorie plus de 100 000 habitants) – Cyberpermis résidentiel

Prix ACAM d’excellence en environnement 2016
•Ville de Devon (Alb.) (catégorie moins de 20 000 habitants) – Programme solaire municipal
•Ville de Moncton (N.-B.) (catégorie 20 001 à 100 000 habitants) – Lignes directrices pour une gestion naturelle des eaux de ruissellement
•Ville de Mississauga (Ont.) (catégorie plus de 100 000 habitants) – Élaboration et mise en place d’un programme de redevance sur l’écoulement des eaux de pluie

Prix ACAM d’excellence en développement professionnel 2016
•Ville de Maple Ridge (C.-B.) (catégorie 20 001 à 100 000 habitants) – Programme de diplôme en administration des affaires
•Ville de Surrey (C.-B.) (catégorie plus de 100 000 habitants) – La bonne décision : prise de décisions fondées sur des données probantes pour les fonctionnaires professionnels

« Cette année, nous avons reçu un total de 41 candidatures de partout au pays au programme de prix de l’ACAM », commente Marc Landry, président du Comité des prix de l’ACAM, représentant de l’Alberta et des Territoires du Nord-Ouest à l’ACAM et directeur général, municipalité de Beaumont (Alb.). « Le comité a été très impressionné par les projets passionnants réalisés par des municipalités de toutes tailles. Félicitations aux lauréats et merci à ceux et celles qui ont pris le temps de mettre leurs projets en candidature. »

Le prix ACAM-Willis de l’innovation, qui rend hommage à Jack Willis pour sa contribution à l’ACAM, souligne le mérite de programmes, de projets ou de services innovateurs qui se démarquent ou d’une initiative qui est digne de mention. Ce prix souligne l’engagement d’une municipalité envers la gouvernance durable, la protection de l’environnement et la lutte contre le changement climatique. Le prix d’excellence en développement professionnel souligne les efforts d’une municipalité ayant mis sur pied un programme de perfectionnement unique et innovateur pouvant être reproduit dans d’autres communautés.

Le Canada présente une combinaison particulière de petites et de grandes municipalités. Les prix sont remis en fonction de la population dans trois catégories de municipalités : moins de 20 000 habitants, 20 001 à 100 000 habitants et plus de 100 000 habitants.

Solving the Municipal Fiscal Crisis with Cloud Service Transformation
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