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Election of the CAMA Board of Directors – E-Voting Process
The election of the CAMA Board of Directors is governed by an e-voting process.  Should a member wish to stand for election for an available position on the Board they must complete a nomination form
The CAMA Board of Directors shall be comprised of ten (10) Regular Members who are elected by the membership.  The Immediate Past-President shall serve on the Board of Directors and shall have voting privileges.  The ten (10) elected Members of the Board of Directors shall be regionally represented as follows:

British Columbia and Yukon Territory  1 Member
Alberta and Northwest Territories    1 Member
Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Nunavut  1 Member
Ontario      1 Member
Québec 1 Member
New Brunswick  1 Member
Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island 1 Member
Newfoundland and Labrador   1 Member
Members at Large    2 Members
Only Regular Members resident in each region are eligible for election in that region.  Member at Large positions are open to Regular Members from any part of the country.  The Nominating Committee shall appoint the Executive consisting of the President, First Vice-President, Second Vice-President and Treasurer from among the members of the Board of Directors. 
Elected members of the Board of Directors shall serve for a four (4) year term except where the member is to serve as the President, First Vice-President, Second Vice-President, Treasurer or Immediate Past President.  After an absence from the Board of Directors for a period of two consecutive years, members who have previously served shall again be eligible for office.  The term of office of directors shall commence immediately following the CAMA Annual General Meeting being held this year in Winnipeg, Manitoba on June 1st, 2016, at which time they are elected, and shall conclude upon the election of their successors.
Call for Nominations for the 2016-2017 CAMA Board of Directors
In accordance with the requirements of the CAMA by-laws, two positions have opened up for the CAMA Board of Directors for the 2016-2017 year:  the position for New Brunswick currently being filled by President Don MacLellan and the Manitoba, Saskatchewan & Nunavut position currently being filled by Glen Davies. 
The Nominating Committee invites all Regular CAMA members to express their interest in letting their name stand for the election of the above noted positions by completing the nomination form (including the names and signatures of two nominators who are Regular members of the Association), accompanied by a photo, and a one-page bio including a paragraph on why you are interested in this Board position.  Photos and bios will be posted to the CAMA website.  Please note that only Regular Members resident in each region are eligible for election in that region. 
Nominations should be sent to Ms. Jennifer Goodine, CAMA Executive Director (and Returning Officer), via e-mail ( by the end of the day on Friday, March  11th, 2016.

Further information regarding the procedures for voting will be distributed electronically to all CAMA members eligible to vote, prior to the commencement of the voting period.  Please also note that only CAMA members in good standing with membership fees paid for the current fiscal year (April 1st, 2016 to March 31st, 2017) will be eligible to vote.

Robert Hughes
CAMA Past President/
Chair of Nominating Committee
Élection du conseil d’administration de l’ACAM – Vote électronique
L'élection du conseil d'administration de l'ACAM est régie par une procédure de vote électronique. Si un membre souhaite briguer un poste vacant, il doit remplir un formulaire de mise en candidature.
Le conseil d’administration de l’ACAM doit comprendre dix membres titulaires élus par les membres. Le président sortant siège au conseil d’administration et a le droit de voter. Les dix membres du conseil d’administration élus sont représentés comme suit sur le plan régional :

Colombie-Britannique et Territoire du Yukon 1 membre
Alberta et Territoires du Nord-Ouest 1 membre
Manitoba, Saskatchewan et Nunavut 1 membre
Ontario 1 membre
Québec 1 membre
Nouveau-Brunswick 1 membre
Nouvelle-Écosse et Île-du-Prince-Édouard 1 membre
Terre-Neuve-et-Labrador   1 membre
Membres à titre particulier 2 membres                       
Seuls les membres titulaires résidant dans chaque région sont éligibles dans cette région. Les postes de membres à titre particulier sont ouverts aux membres titulaires de n’importe où au pays. Les nominations à des postes de direction sont effectuées par le Comité des candidatures; ces postes sont ceux de président, premier vice-président, deuxième vice-président et trésorier, dont les titulaires sont choisis parmi les membres du conseil d’administration.
Un membre élu au conseil d’administration remplit un mandat de quatre (4) années, sauf si le membre est appelé à siéger en tant que président, premier vice-président, deuxième vice-président, trésorier ou président sortant. Après une absence de deux années consécutives du conseil d’administration, les membres ayant siégé précédemment redeviennent éligibles. Le mandat des administrateurs prend effet dès la fin de l’assemblée générale de l’ACAM pendant laquelle ils ont été élus (elle a lieu cette année à Winnipeg le 1 juin 2016), et il vient à échéance à l’élection de leurs successeurs.
Appel de candidatures au conseil d’administration de l’ACAM 2016-2017
Conformément aux exigences des règlements de l’ACAM, deux postes du conseil d’administration de l’ACAM deviennent vacants pour 2016-2017 : celui du Nouveau Brunswick, qu’occupe actuellement le président Don MacLellan, et celui du Manitoba de la Saskatchewan et du Nunavut, actuellement occupé par Glen Davies.
Le Comité des candidatures invite tous les membres titulaires de l’ACAM intéressés à présenter leur candidature à l’élection aux postes indiqués ci-dessus à remplir le formulaire de mise en candidature, à y joindre une photo, des notes biographiques tenant sur une page comprenant un paragraphe sur la raison pour laquelle vous êtes intéressé par cette position de l’association, et les noms et signatures de deux membres titulaires de l’association qui présentent la candidature. Les photos et notes biographiques seront affichées sur le site web de l’ACAM. À noter que seuls les membres titulaires résidant dans une région donnée sont éligibles pour la représenter.
Les candidatures doivent parvenir à Mme Jennifer Goodine, directrice générale de l’ACAM (et directrice du scrutin), par courriel ( au plus tard à la fin de la journée du vendredi 11 mars 2016.

Tous les membres votants admissibles de l’ACAM recevront un complément d’information sur la procédure du vote par voie électronique avant le début de la période de scrutin. Il faut préciser que seuls les membres en règle de l’ACAM pourront voter, c’est-à-dire ceux dont la cotisation pour l’exercice en cours (1er avril 2016 au 31 mars 2017) aura été payée.

Robert Hughes
Président sortant de l’ACAM /
Président du Comité des candidatures

New Community Data on Household Financial Health to be Available This Spring
The Canadian Council on Social Development and Prosper Canada are leading the development of a new national Neighbourhood Financial Health Index (NFHI) that will enable municipalities to measure and report annually on the financial health of households in their community at the neighbourhood level.   
Poverty measurement in Canada has traditionally been confined to analyses of income statistics, even though assets and debt are equally important determinants of household financial health. Existing analyses of financial vulnerability also tend to be at an aggregated national scale, offering little help to municipalities trying to understand and address the financial situation of households at the neighbourhood and community level.
In contrast, the NFHI will consist of 6 indicators of income, mortgage and consumer debt, liquid and mortgage assets, and financial distress rolled-up into a single metric. This will enable municipalities to track household financial health at the neighbourhood level and, using the NFHI mapping tool, to see at a glance how financial health and vulnerability are spatially distributed in their community.
In addition, users can explore the underlying 6 indicators of financial health and vulnerability for individual neighbourhoods -- seeing how they measure up against community and national benchmark averages.  Licensed users of the new tool will also have access to the underlying source data, enabling them to export and aggregate the data at custom geographies and analyse it against other data sets.
Users will also enjoy technical support, participation in the NFHI network, related research and analyses prepared by CCSD, as well as information on financial empowerment solutions and related resources through Prosper Canada.
The NFHI is currently being piloted by 5 municipalities - City of Calgary, City of Toronto, and the regional municipalities of Peel, Wood Buffalo, and York.  
To see the NFHI data and try out the mapping tool yourself, please go to:
 (Please note that the tool is still in development and the search function is not yet enabled.)
To learn more about the NFHI and provide input on how it and related services can best meet your needs, you are invited to participate in a free webinar from 11:00 am - Noon on March 9, 2016.
To register, please go to:
For more information on the NFHI, please contact Michel Frojmovic, Lead - CCSD Community Data Program:


ParticipACTION grants now available!

Municipalities are asked to profile teen physical activity grants to their community organizations. Community organizations can apply for a grant of up to $500 from ParticipACTION to help start up new teen physical activity programs. Upcoming grant deadlines are February 29, 2016 and March 31, 2016.  The grant is available to not-for-profit organizations, charities, and schools. Examples of eligible expenditures include equipment purchases, space rentals, transportation, and instruction.  

Visit:: for more information.

March 7-10 – Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities annual convention Regina SK.
March 14-16 – AAMDC Spring 2016 Convention and Trade Show Edmonton AB.
March 14-18 – International Green City Conference Vancouver BC.

April 5-7 – North Central Local Government Management Association AGM and Conference Prince George
April 5-8 –  Parks and Recreation Ontario Educational Forum and Trade Show Blue Mountains
April 6-8 – Economic Developers Alberta annual general meeting and conference Kananaskis
April 12-14 – Adaptation Canada National Symposium on Climate Change Adaptation Ottawa ON.
April 13-15 – Ontario Municipal Human Resources Association spring workshop Niagara Falls
April 17-19 – Canadian Public Sector Lean Summit Fredericton NB.
April 19-20 – Ontario Bike Summit Annual Conference Toronto ON.
April 27-29 – Northwestern Ontario Municipal Association annual general meeting Thunder Bay

May 1-3 – BC Water & Wastewater Association Annual Conference Whistler BC.
May 1-4 – Ontario’s Water Conference and Trade Show Windsor ON.
May 4-6 – Ontario Small Urban Municipalities conference and trade show Goderich ON.
May 5-7 – Municipalities of Newfoundland & Labrador Municipal Symposium 2016 Gander
May 11-13 – Federation of Northern Ontario Municipalities Annual Conference and General Meeting Timmins
May 12-14 – 2016 Ontario Heritage Conference Stratford ON.
May 12-15 – Association of Yukon Communities Annual General Meeting Watson Lake YK.
May 14-18 – Canadian Urban Transit Association Annual Conference Halifax
May 30-June 1 – Canadian Association of Municipal Administrators Annual Conference Winnipeg MB.

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