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2015 CAMA E-Brief Partner:

Share Our Membership Benefits - Refer A Member Campaign
Dear CAMA Colleagues,
CAMA is pleased to welcome 30 new members to our Association as a result of our very successful membership development campaign that was launched in June 2015.
Please help us spread the word about why CAMA membership is valuable to you! Consider who in your organization is ready for leadership development, as well as neighbouring local government leaders who would benefit from access to CAMA’s resources. 
Please pass along the link to the campaign video ( to potential CAMA members, with a personal note as well as a reminder that as a special offer for this campaign, new members will receive 50% off our already great value membership fees for the first year.  
Thanks for your participation in this campaign – there is strength in numbers!
Don MacLellan
CAMA President
Representative for New Brunswick

Contract of Employment for Municipal Chief Administrative Officers
Did you know that CAMA’s Member’s Section has a sample employment contract for municipal Chief Administrative Officers?

In a world in which employment relationships are becoming more and more litigious, municipal administrators, like other senior administrators, should consider the importance of an employment contract. This sample contract addresses why one should consider employment contracts, discusses some of the common terms and provides an example contract.  It is recommended that since each employer-employee relationship is unique and subject to differing provincial and municipal legislation, any municipal manager considering an employment contract should contact an experienced employment lawyer to discuss legal formalities appropriate for their particular situation and no employee should start work prior to executing a written contract, if in fact it is the intent of the parties to enter into a written contract.

CAMA members are also encouraged to check with their ProvincialTerritorial Association for any employment lawyers in their area.

LGMA E-Learning Series - November and December Sessions. Open to all Employees!
Save time and money with our E-Learning courses. These easy-to-use live webinars provide training through a combination of PowerPoint-style presentation and interactive teleconference – all from the comfort of your own office. Led by experienced public sector instructors, the content is timely and relevant, based on best practices and real-world examples. Open to all public sector employees, the online format also allows for networking and sharing of ideas and solutions with your peers from across Canada.
How does E‑Learning Work?
Participants simply log on to the internet and dial the toll-free number for the audio portion. The technology allows participants to ask questions or comment via either voice or a “chat” feature. Upon registering, an email will be sent prior to the course with instructions on how to access the webinar.
The webinars are scheduled to run on Tuesdays or Wednesdays and are two hours in length:
• 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. Pacific Time
• 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. Mountain Time
• 12:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m. Central Time
• 1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. Eastern Time
• 2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. Atlantic Time
• 2:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m. Newfoundland and Labrador 
If an attendee misses a session, the recording will be available for viewing for seven days after the course is offered.
The two-hour informative and interactive webinars are $150 per participant plus applicable taxes – a bargain when compared to the cost of time and travel to attend a similar course in person. They also include additional resources such as assessments and workbooks, the ability to network with others across Canada and a link for reviewing the recording the following week. Plus our personable instructors are available after to discuss any items of particular interest to you.

In partnership with Paragon Strategic Services (Tracey Lorenson) and Jan Enns Communications,  LGMA are pleased to offer the following webinars to help you meet your training needs.

 Customer Service in the Public Sector Tuesday, November 17
Conflict Resolution & Having Difficult Conversations Wednesday, November 18
Planning for Successful Public and Stakeholder Consulting in 10 "Easy" Steps Tuesday, November 24
Social Media for Local Government:  Informing and Engaging in a Virtual World Wednesday, November 25
Essential Supervisory Skills:  New and Experienced Supervisors/Managers Tuesday, December 1
Strengthening Council Staff Relations Wednesday, December 2

For further information and to register online:

Please pass this opportunity on to all employees in your organization!

Municipal Best Practices from CAMA Members
Each year CAMA recognizes the value of excellence and professionalism in municipal administration through the Annual Awards Program in three areas of Program Excellence.  Awards are presented to local governments and their Chief Administrators in recognition of their creative and successful programs, projects or services.

The Annual Awards Program has been designed to encourage excellence in the art of professional municipal administration.  All award submissions are available in the Best Practices Library located in the Member’s Section on the CAMA website and we would like to take this opportunity to feature these great initiatives in the next few editions of e-Brief:

Richmond Hill's Environment Strategy:  Greening the Hill - Our Community, Our Future
The Town of Richmond Hill and its community are strongly committed to protecting the environment – a sentiment heard repeatedly at community forums and public events. Stemming from the Town’s Strategic Plan, it was this commitment that led Joan Anderton, former Chief Administrative Officer, to create an Environment Services Division and identify the need for Richmond Hill to develop its first environment strategy.

Greening the Hill: Our Community, Our Future was developed by a staff team led by Italo Brutto, the Commissioner of Environment and Infrastructure Services, Terry Ricketts, the Director of Environment Services, and an inter-departmental Steering Committee. It was approved by Council on April 28, 2014 and is a milestone document that reflects the Town’s vision to be a community that protects, enhances and restores its natural environment. Developed through a five-phase process that included extensive community and stakeholder consultation, Greening the Hill offers practical approaches to environmental sustainability that fall within Richmond Hill’s municipal powers and abilities. Greening the Hill articulates the Town’s approach to environmental management by focusing on how we can improve our air quality, water resources and land resources at a local level and outlines strategic actions to be carried out by all departments over the next 15+ years.  

Town of Oakville's Health Protection Air Quality By-Law 2010-035

A study by the provincial government found that residents of the Town of Oakville (located west of Toronto on the north shore of Lake Ontario) are living in a “taxed” airshed.  It is well documented that short and long-term exposure to fine particulate matter (PM2.5) in the air causes health affects including premature mortality and morbidity. In Ontario, direct emissions and local impacts of PM2.5 emissions are not regulated.

With an impending new proposed “major emitter” and heightened concerns about the regulatory gap, the Town of Oakville submitted an application to the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario requesting the government institute a new provincial act or regulation regarding airborne PM2.5 emissions. This request was declined by the province as it was felt not necessary to regulate at that time. In the absence of provincial legislation, the town has the ability to bring in regulations to fill the gap under the Ontario Municipal Act. The town took this opportunity and developed and implemented Ontario’s first municipal regulatory air emissions reporting and permitting system, specifically for PM2.5, to assess local impacts, including related health-risk from PM2.5 emissions.

The by-law and guidance documents, other supporting documents and associated information are provided on the town website,

Region of Waterloo's Brownfield Financial Incentive Program:  Revitalization, Opportunity, Investment

The Region of Waterloo’s Brownfield Financial Incentive Program (BFIP) acts as a catalyst for the redevelopment of brownfield sites in Waterloo Region by providing property owners and developers with grants to cover the cost of environmental investigation and remediation of brownfield sites.

The success of the Region’s BFIP lays in the mutual benefits that result for the Region and the Area Municipalities and the developers from a relatively small outlay of funding in comparison to the significant long-term financial, environmental and social benefits that are being realized from the redevelopment of brownfield sites.

In Waterloo Region, under-utilized properties are being turned into a new source of assessment and tax revenue.  Since many of the projects are along the Region’s ION Rapid Transit Route, the program is also helping the Region build development momentum around key rapid transit stops and the higher densities resulting from BFIP projects are expected to support future ION rapid transit ridership.

The results of the BFIP have been financial, environmental and social, and have helped set a new standard for the delivery of joint programs by the Region and the Area Municipalities.  In the five years the program has been fully operational, 40 BFIP applications have been approved, with a combined assessment increase of $226,594,840.


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