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2014 CAMA E-Brief Partner: September 5, 2014            

Still Time to Register: 100th ICMA Annual Conference in Charlotte, North Carolina – September 14-17, 2014
ICMA President, Simon Farbrother, invites you to join him at the 100th ICMA Annual Conference, where you’ll get the tools, tips, information, and resources you pick up at the conference—in addition to the opportunities for professional and personal renewal and networking— which are more important than ever.
In addition to daily keynote sessions, educational and Solutions Track sessions, roundtable discussions, ICMA University workshops and forums, field demonstrations, and numerous demonstrations of technology applications that you have come to expect, ICMA’s Annual Conference will offer you new opportunities to help fulfill your commitment to career-long learning. You will hear about the innovative ideas and practical strategies you need to deal with the challenges facing local governments today. ICMA’s Annual Conference is an educational and networking opportunity that you can’t afford to miss!
The 100th Annual Conference of the International City/County Management Association (ICMA) will be held from September 14-17, 2014 at the Charlotte Convention Centre located in Charlotte, North Carolina.  To register for the Conference visit the ICMA website at:

Canadian Dinner at the 2014 ICMA Conference
CAMA members who are attending the upcoming ICMA Conference on September 14-17, 2014 in Charlotte/Mecklenburg, North Carolina are invited to the Canadian Dinner which will be held on Monday, September 15th, 2014 at 7:30 p.m. at Emeril's Restaurant, located at 135 Levine Avenue of the Arts (Suite100) (a 15 minute walk from the Charlotte Convention Center). Pleaser RSVP to Ms. Jennifer Goodine at if you haven't already done so!  We look forward to seeing you there! 

Municipalities and Training

We often hear that municipalities cannot get sponsors.  Then they are not doing sponsorship correctly!  Sponsors want to be associated to municipalities. So why do some municipalities struggle? Perhaps there isn’t the internal capacity or an effective policy in place.  Maybe they don't have a professional inventory and valuation for all of the assets they have to sell.  If this sounds familiar, there is a solution.
Get the training you need to run a successful Municipal Sponsorship Program!  Join us October 20, 2014 in Calgary, Alberta for our exclusive half-day Municipal Workshop tailored to the unique needs of municipalities.

CAMA Awards of Excellence Presented by Ravenhill Group Inc.
Ravenhill Group Inc. proudly presented the CAMA Awards of Excellence at the 43rd Annual Conference held in Niagara Falls, Ontario. Ravenhill Group is Canada’s municipal search specialists, meeting the growing demand for excellent Chief Administrative Officers and other municipal leaders through ethical head-hunting™. Ravenhill does this by bringing the very best men and women face to face with the opportunity in a municipality … an opportunity that they were unaware of because - simply put - they weren't thinking of a job change. Please visit: for more information.

Greater Sudbury Wins Environment Award
Left to Right (Presented at the 2014 CAMA Conference - May 28th, 2014):  Glen Davies, 2014 CAMA Awards of Excellence Chair and City Manager for the City of Regina, SK; Bruce Malcolm, President, Ravenhill Group Inc, Gold Level Awards Partner; Doug Nadorozny, Chief Administrative Officer, City of Greater Sudbury, ON; Jean Savard, CAMA Past President, Director of Special Projects, Office of the CAO, Quebec City

Janice Baker, CAMA Board Representative for Ontario and City Manager/CAO for the City of Mississauga, ON was also pleased to be in attendance at the June 24th, 2014 City Council meeting to make this award presentation to Mayor Matichuk and the Greater Sudbury Council.

The City of Greater Sudbury, ON has relied on the tailing ponds of an international mining company as a disposal site for sludge from its wastewater treatment facilities for over 30 years.  Changing environmental standards and recurrent episodes of foul odour, made it necessary to find an alternate solution.
As a result, Greater Sudbury adopted a comprehensive environmental program to address this complex environmental challenge.  Staff completed a Master Plan that called for improvements in the Headhouse systems at all wastewater facilities, integrating the expansion of a rock tunnel used to eliminate several lift stations, and called for an innovative solution for the disposal of sludge that maximized both financial and environmental sustainability.

Using the first Private Public Partnership (P3) for a biosolids facility in Canada, the City entered into an agreement with N-Viro Sudbury LP to develop the Greater Sudbury Biosolids Management Facility.  The facility will employ an innovative process to safely process sludge.  The process will recover essential nutrients from dewatered biosolids and convert them for use as a soil amendment.

The new comprehensive environmental program, including the Biosolids Facility, Headhouse improvements, and expansions to the Rock Tunnel, goes well beyond the need to find a solution to Greater Sudbury's sludge concerns.  It highlights the creativity and cooperation of a community committed to environmental sustainability.

Depuis plus de 30 ans, la Ville rejetait les boues issues de ses installations d’assainissement dans les bassins de décantation d’une minière internationale. L’effet cumulatif de nouvelles normes environnementales et d’épisodes récurrents de mauvaises odeurs a cependant fait ressortir l’importance de trouver une autre solution.
Pour relever ce défi complexe, la municipalité a adopté un programme environnemental complet. Le personnel a mis au point un plan directeur prévoyant l’amélioration des systèmes du bâtiment de tête de toutes les installations d’assainissement, l’intégration d’un tunnel de roche en expansion pour éliminer plusieurs stations de pompage et la mise en place d’une solution innovante d’élimination des boues qui maximise la viabilité financière et environnementale.
La Ville a ainsi conclu un accord avec N-Viro Sudbury LP pour la construction d’une usine de traitement des biosolides. C’est le premier partenariat public-privé pour une installation de ce genre au Canada. L’usine va traiter les boues en toute sécurité grâce à un procédé innovateur qui récupère les éléments nutritifs essentiels issus des biosolides déshydratés et les convertit en amendements.
Le nouveau programme environnemental, qui comprend l’usine de biosolides, les améliorations apportées au bâtiment de tête et l’expansion du tunnel de roche, va bien au-delà de la nécessité de résoudre les problèmes posés par les boues dans le Grand Sudbury. Il met en évidence la créativité et la coopération d’une communauté qui attache une grande importance à la durabilité environnementale.

Squamish Wins Award for Professional Development
From Left to Right (presented at the CAMA Conference on May 28th, 2014):  Glen Davies, 2014 CAMA Awards of Excellence Chair and City Manager for the City of Regina, SK; Bruce Malcolm, President, Ravenhill Group Inc, Gold Level Awards Partner; Charlene Pawluk, Manager of Legislative Services, District of Squamish, BC; Julie Morris, Human Resources Manager, District of Squamish, BC; Jean Savard, CAMA Past President, Director of Special Projects, Office of the CAO, Quebec City

Jake Rudolph, CAMA Board Representative for British Columbia and Yukon (and Deputy CAO for the City of Abbotsford, BC was also pleased to be in attendance at the June 3rd, 2014 Council meeting to make this award presentation to Mayor Bob Kirkham and the District of Squamish.
Faced with mediocre customer service, limited resources and a desire to deliver outstanding customer service, the District of Squamish, BC formed a project team to create an innovative Customer Service program. 

With the goal of “Delivering Outstanding Service”, the team developed a customer service philosophy, policy, guidelines, an employee training program, and an employee recognition program.
The project started with a planning process that determined the need to increase employee awareness around customer service.  This lead to the creation of a Customer Service policy that defined what customers could expect, as well as service guidelines for employees.

When it came time to roll out the guidelines and policy, all members of the Customer Service team participated in training their fellow employees.  Now when customers come to District of Squamish offices, they will find posters in all departments describing what Delivering Outstanding Service looks like, a Wall of Fame where employees are recognized by their colleagues for delivering on the District’s service promise, and a group of employees that have customer service front of mind. The groundwork for creating a strong culture of service has been laid.
This grassroots project did not involve recommendations from a consultant, a large budget, or hiring of outside facilitators.  Instead, employees committed to a process that created a difference in how customers are treated.

Aux prises avec un service à la clientèle médiocre et la volonté d’offrir un service exceptionnel malgré des ressources limitées, le District de Squamish (C.-B.) a formé une équipe chargée de créer un programme innovateur.

Décidée à offrir « un service exceptionnel », l’équipe a mis au point une philosophie du service à la clientèle assortie d’une politique, de lignes directrices et de programmes de formation et de reconnaissance du personnel.

Pour commencer, un processus de planification a établi qu’il fallait sensibiliser le personnel à l’importance même du service à la clientèle. Cette réflexion a conduit à l’élaboration d’une politique qui a défini les attentes possibles des clients et les directives de service pour les employés. Lorsque les directives et la politique sont entrées en vigueur, tous les membres de l’équipe du service à la clientèle ont participé à la formation de leurs collègues.

Désormais, dans tous les bureaux du District de Squamish, on peut voir des affiches décrivant ce qu’est un service exceptionnel. On y trouve aussi un mur de la renommée où sont présentés les employés reconnus par leurs collègues pour avoir tenu la promesse du District. Ce qu’on remarque surtout, ce sont les employés qui accordent la priorité au service à la clientèle. En somme, ce programme a permis de jeter les bases d’une solide culture du service.Ce projet à petit budget n’a pas fait appel à un consultant ni à des facilitateurs externes. Il a plutôt reposé sur les efforts d’employés engagés dans un processus qui a changé la façon de traiter les clients.


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