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2014 CAMA E-Brief Partner: July 2, 2014            

Call for Expression of Interest for CAMA Sub-Committees
The CAMA Board of Directors recognizes that CAMA members can play an important role in contributing to several of their Sub-Committees on various portfolios.  There are currently three Sub-Committees that are seeking additional CAMA members.

Communications Sub-Committee
An External Communications Plan was recently completed for CAMA outlining an aggressive and comprehensive approach to all audiences and goals of CAMA.  The first phase of this project is a membership campaign and the desire to branch out with messaging about municipal administration to audiences beyond existing members.  CAMA has indentified three specific communication priorities:  a partnership with provincial and territorial associations, a membership development campaign, and recruiting the next generation of municipal leaders.  Individual tactics are being developed for each priority.

The members of the Communications Sub-Committee are Glen Davies (Chair), Robert Hughes, Keith Arns, and Janice Baker.  This Committee work can largely be accomplished by Conference Calls and by e-mail. While the Committee’s work is ongoing, there will be a time commitment of 3-4 hours per month in reviewing material and participating in Conference Calls.  As far as possible, committee members will be polled to ensure availability. This is a three year commitment.

If you are interested in serving on this Committee and are a CAMA member, please contact Ms. Jennifer Goodine, CAMA Executive Director ( and she will send you an Expression of Interest form to be submitted no later than July 18th, 2014.

2015 CAMA Conference Program Sub-Committee
Our Annual Conference continues to be the single most important professional development initiative we deliver and is a fantastic networking opportunity.  The Board spends a great deal of its time devoted to the programming of this event through the leadership of the Conference Program Sub-Committee which is responsible for developing the Conference theme and designing the speakers program.  This year’s Conference will be held in Jasper, AB from June 1-3, 2015.

President Robert Hughes is this year’s Chair of the Committee along with Board members Marc Landry (also the Liaison to the Host Committee), Jake Rudolph, Jack Benzaquen, and Jeff Renaud.   The Committee work is completed through Conference calls and by e-mail with a time commitment of approximately 3-4 hours per month for the months of August 2014 thru December 2014.

If you are interested in serving on this Committee and are a CAMA member, please contact Ms. Jennifer Goodine, CAMA Executive Director ( and she will send you an Expression of Interest form to be submitted no later than July 18th, 2014.
2015 CAMA Awards of Excellence Sub-Committee
CAMA’s Awards of Excellence Program encourages the improvement of the art of municipal management to recognize the specific contributions achieved by members of the Association, and to publicize these to other members as well as to the general public.

The 2015 CAMA Awards Committee is Chaired by Board member Jake Rudolph.   The time commitment is as follows:
  • There are usually between 40-45 award submissions to review which are a maximum of 2,000 words in length (approximate time 5-6 hours).  These submissions are evaluated based on set criteria and are forwarded to the Committee electronically on a memory stick with the evaluation forms ready to complete.
  • The submission deadline for the awards is February 27th, 2015 with the Committee reviewing the submissions between March 9th-20th, 2015.
  • A Conference Call will be held with the Committee the week of March 23rd, 2015 to review the submissions and make a decision on the winners.
If you are interested in serving on this Committee and are a CAMA member, please contact Ms. Jennifer Goodine, CAMA Executive Director ( and she will send you an Expression of Interest form to be submitted no later than July 18th, 2014.

CAMA Awards of Excellence Presented by Ravenhill Group Inc.
Ravenhill Group Inc. proudly presented the CAMA Awards of Excellence at the 43rd Annual Conference held in Niagara Falls, Ontario. Ravenhill Group is Canada’s municipal search specialists, meeting the growing demand for excellent Chief Administrative Officers and other municipal leaders through ethical head-hunting™. Ravenhill does this by bringing the very best men and women face to face with the opportunity in a municipality … an opportunity that they were unaware of because - simply put - they weren't thinking of a job change. Please visit: for more information.

Waterloo Wins Willis Award for Innovation
Congratulations to the City of Waterloo
2014 CAMA Willis Award for Innovation

(Population over 100,000)
Eco-Driving Initiative

Glen Davies, 2014 CAMA Awards of Excellence Chair and City Manager for the City of Regina, SK;
Bruce Malcolm, President, Ravenhill Group Inc, Gold Level Awards Partner; Cameron Rapp, Commissioner/Deputy CAO, City of Waterloo, ON;Sunda Siva, Director of Facilities and Fleet, City of Waterloo, ON; Karen Moyer, Fleet Manager, City of Waterloo, ON; Keshwer Patel, Commissioner, CFO and Treasurer, City of Waterloo, ON; Professor Andrew Jardine, University of Toronto, ON; Jean Savard, CAMA President, Director of Special Projects, Office of the CAO, Quebec City

Presentation to Mayor Halloran and Waterloo City Council
by Janice Baker, CAMA Representative for Ontario
June 23rd, 2014

Sunda Siva, Director, Facilities & Fleet; Keshwer Patel, Commissioner, Corporate Services, CFO and Treasurer;
Janice Baker, CAO/City Manager, City of Mississauga (CAMA Board Representative for Ontario);
Tim Anderson, CAO, City of Waterloo; Mayor Halloran, Mayor of Waterloo; Dan Hughes, Ravenhill Group Inc.

The City of Waterloo’s Eco-Driving Initiative is an extension of the municipality’s “greening the fleet” efforts and seeks to use innovative technology to foster safer and more environmentally-friendly use of City-owned and operated fleet vehicles. 
This employee engagement and training program has a long-term objective to develop a culture of conservation while also improving driver safety.

The City collaborated with Waterloo-based company, CrossChasm Technologies, to implement their FleetCarma vehicle monitoring and analytics system. After approximately one month of baseline data collection, drivers received training with a driving simulator-based eco-drive program developed by Virage Simulation.
The program allows drivers to experience the benefits of various eco-driving techniques including learning how to better anticipate traffic flow and reduce the need for frequent stops. Training was delivered by researchers from the University of Toronto assisted by a University of Waterloo co-op student. Funding for research was provided by Auto 21.
The FleetCarma vehicle monitoring system consists of two components, a data logger that clips onto the vehicle’s diagnostics port and an online portal that presents the key performance metrics of vehicle utilization.

During the initiative 20 vehicles were measured and the fleet-wide eco-driving score improved by 17%.  The improvements were attributed to a substantial reduction in harsh acceleration and harsh braking.

The Willis Award for Innovation, awarded in recognition of Jack Willis for his contribution to CAMA, is presented for programs, projects or services that demonstrate exceptional innovation or meritorious initiative.

Congratulations to the City of Waterloo!  To view the video of their project click here.

Ville de Waterloo (Ontario)
Prix Willis de l’innovation 2014

(plus de 100 000 habitants)
Campagne environnementale Eco-Drive
Prolongement des efforts d’écologisation de la flotte municipale, la campagne environnementale Eco-Drive de la Ville de Waterloo tire parti des nouvelles technologies pour favoriser une utilisation plus sûre et plus écologique des véhicules municipaux. 

Ce programme de mobilisation et de formation du personnel vise, à long terme, à créer une culture de la conservation qui aura aussi pour effet d’améliorer la sécurité des conducteurs.

La Ville a mis en place FleetCarma, le système de surveillance et d’analyse de véhicules de CrossChasm Technologies, une entreprise locale. Des données de référence ont été recueillies pendant près d’un mois, puis les conducteurs ont suivi une formation à l’écoconduite par simulateur, conçue par Virage Simulation.
Les conducteurs ont ainsi pu découvrir les avantages des différentes techniques d’écoconduite. Ils ont notamment appris à mieux anticiper les courants de circulation et à réduire la nécessité des arrêts fréquents. Cette formation a été dispensée par des chercheurs de l’Université de Toronto aidés d’un stagiaire étudiant de l’Université de Waterloo. La recherche était financée par Auto 21.

Le système mis au point par FleetCarma comprend deux éléments : un enregistreur de données qui se fixe dans le port diagnostic du véhicule et un portail en ligne qui donne les principaux paramètres de rendement de l’utilisation du véhicule.

Cette initiative a permis de mesurer 20 véhicules; le bilan de l’écoconduite de la flotte s’est amélioré de 17 %. Cette hausse est attribuable à une réduction substantielle des accélérations et freinages brusques.
Félicitations à la ville de Waterloo! Pour voir la vidéo de leur projet, cliquez ici

City of Kingston to Officially Dedicate New Park in Honour of Bert Meunier
Bert Meunier was a CAMA Vice-President when he passed away in 2005.  The City of Kingston has officially dedicated a park in honour of Bert Meunier at Augusta Drive and Crossfield Avenue.
"Mr. Meunier, former C.A.O. of the City of Kingston, was admired and respected for his dedication to making Kingston a better community," said Mayor Mark Gerretsen. "Mr. Meunier began his career in recreation and never lost sight of the importance of parks and green space in community planning. This new park is named Bert Meunier Common in recognition of his lasting positive contributions to our community."
Meunier served as the City's Chief Administrative Officer from 1990 to 1992, before amalgamation, and was the first C.A.O. to lead the amalgamated City of Kingston from 1998 until his death in 2005. A Council motion of Oct. 5, 2010 directed City staff to dedicate a future municipal park in Meunier's memory as he was a champion of parks and loved the outdoors.

Public Sector Digest Rides The Rails: A National Conversation on Transit & Infrastructure
On Canada Day, Public Sector Digest began its journey from Toronto to Vancouver chatting with local politicians along the way about the importance of transit and infrastructure to the long-term prosperity of their communities.  Public Sector Digest invites you to follow the journey and contribute to the conversation on how infrastructure investments contribute to economic opportunities at the local level. The series will be published in real-time online at the link below, culminating in the publication of the whole series in an upcoming issue of the Public Sector Digest.  Follow them on Twitter: @PSDanalytics #LetsTalkInfrastructure

Western Sponsorship Congress™

Is your municipality looking for more revenue outside of taxes and user fees? For over 10 years, the Western Sponsorship Congress™ has provided corporate sponsorship development and networking that have resulting in substantial municipal revenues.
Meet other municipalities at the Municipalities and Corporate Sponsorship pre-Congress half day workshop on Monday October 20, 2014. Then stay for the major two day Congress where you will mix with sport, arts, charities and sponsors.  Network with corporate brands who might be the new naming sponsor of your multiplex or arts centre or program supporter.  For more details visit

Sister City Program Request: Lenoir, North Carolina
The city of Lenoir, NC would like to participate in a Sister City exchange with a similar sized (19,000 population) Canadian city.  Located in the foothills of western North Carolina, Lenoir is in a very beautiful area; about 1 ½ hour drive from Charlotte the location of the upcoming 2014 ICMA conference.

Facts about Lenoir:
  • Lenoir is located in Caldwell County in northwestern North Carolina and is the second largest municipality in the Hickory, Lenoir, Morganton Metropolitan Statistical Area.
  • The climate features four distinct seasons with exceptionally pleasant spring and fall seasons.
  • The economic base for Lenoir is transitioning from an economy dominated by furniture manufacturing and textiles to a more diversified economy featuring biotechnology, food processing, plastics, data centers, alternative energy/green technology, and custom furniture design and manufacturing.
  • Google opened a large data center in Lenoir in 2008, and in April of 2013, announced a 600 million dollar expansion of its current facility in Lenoir.
  • Lenoir has a rich cultural heritage in the arts. In its 29th year, the annual Sculpture Celebration attracts sculptors and visitors from around the world.
  • The Pop Ferguson Blues Festival each June features blues performers including Lenoir’s own Pop Ferguson and his son, Clyde Ferguson, Jr.
  • Caldwell County Schools are dedicated to growing 21st Century learners. Caldwell Community College and Technical Institute provides technical training and Associate in Arts degree programs for both youth and adult learners.  Appalachian State University, a short drive from Lenoir, has a teaching center located on the Community College campus.
 What Lenoir Hopes to Find in a Sister City:
  • We hope to have a delegation from our Sister City to visit us and we hope to send a delegation from Lenoir to visit our Sister City.
  • We hope that school children in our Sister City will have Skype phone exchanges and become Pen Pals with school children in Lenoir.
  • We hope to have visual and performing artists from our Sister City visit us and visual and performing artists from Lenoir visit our Sister City.
  • We hope to share information about our arts and crafts with our Sister City.
  • We hope to have AFS students from our Sister City visit Lenoir and AFS students from Lenoir to visit our Sister City.
  • We hope to have members of our Caldwell County and Lenoir Rotary clubs visit our Sister City and have members of our Sister City’s Rotary clubs, or other civic organizations, visit Lenoir.
If this sounds interesting, please contact:  W. Lane Bailey, ICMA-CM, City Manager, City of Lenoir
phone:  828-757-2199 or email:  Additional info at:

Welcome New Members
Welcome to the following new CAMA members:
  • Marjorie Auger, Deputy Chief Administrative Officer, MD of Opportunity No. 17, Wabasca, AB
  • Helen Alook, Chief Administrative Officer, MD of Opportunity No. 17, Wabasca, AB
  • Sue Keenan, Director of Parks & Recreation, Town of Barrhead, AB
  • Lori Craig, Deputy CAO, Town of Cochrane, AB
  • Mike Sullivan, Manager of Planner, Township of Wainfleet, ON
  • Dan Chapman, Deputy CAO, Finance and Corporate Services, City of Kitchener, ON
  • Jeff Willmer, CAO, City of Kitchener, ON
  • Susan Motkaluk, Chief Administrative Officer, City of Swift Current, SK
  • Tanya Meston, Assistant Chief Administrative Officer, Village of Alix, AB
  • Bonnie Cretzman, Chief Administrative Officer, Village of Alix, AB
  • Brent Blackmore, Senior Advisor to the CAO, City of Fredericton, NB
  • Eric Whitworth, SAO/Town Manager, Town of Norman Wells, NT
  • Marc Chenier, Directeur général, Village of Casselman, ON

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