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2013 CAMA E-Brief Partner: October 29, 2013            

ICMA Opportunities
CAMA has been contacted by ICMA with respect to some current opportunities in their organization.  Please note that you must be an ICMA member to be considered for these positions.    If you are not an ICMA member you may want to consider becoming one.  Through our affiliation agreement, CAMA members can join ICMA at a substantially reduced rate of $135 (US dollars) per person, an average savings of $800.  Please visit the following link to sign up:
International Vice-President to the ICMA Executive Board
The ICMA Executive Board is seeking the participation of CAMA in identifying candidates for the 2014 nominee for ICMA International Vice-President.   This is the seat that David Johnstone currently occupies and whose term ends in September of 2014. 
Constitutional amendments approved in 2011 to add a Third International Vice-President to the Board also created regional nominating committees to replace the single ICMA Nominating Committee that had selected nominees in the past.  This gives those associations with an ICMA affiliation agreement, such as CAMA, direct involvement and responsibility for the identification and nomination of ICMA Vice-Presidents.  Each U.S region has defined a rotation amongst the states.  A similar concept has been adopted for affiliated countries in the international region with a dedicated seat for Canada, which currently has more than half of international members. There is a northern hemisphere/southern hemisphere rotation for the other two seats.   For 2014, it will be Canada’s turn.

Please contact Ms. Jennifer Goodine ( for more information on expectations of service for this position, time and travel commitments, financial commitments, and other responsibilities.   
The CAMA Board of Directors has adopted the following criteria as they believe that it is important for the nominee to have significant experience as a Chief Administrative Officer, knowledge of ICMA, and significant knowledge of CAMA and CAMA’s issues which a present or former CAMA Board member would have: 
  • Must be a Chief Administrative Officer for at least ten years (other combinations of positions and experience will be considered).
  • Must be a CAMA member for at least five years and a current member or a past member of the Board of Directors.
  • Must be available for all required meetings.
  • Must have knowledge of and be a member of ICMA for at least five years.
  • Must provide the CAMA Board with a report at least twice a year. 
Please also note that ICMA has advised that candidates must currently be working directly for a local government, be a Full ICMA member, and have not served on the ICMA Board previously.
If you are eligible and interested in this position, please forward a covering letter outlining your commitment to meeting the expectations of service and your involvement with ICMA and CAMA, and your curriculum vitae, to Ms. Jennifer Goodine, CAMA National Office, via e-mail at by November 15th, 2013.  ICMA has asked CAMA to submit two candidates for their consideration.   The ICMA International Nominating Committee will then conduct an interview process and select the nominee by April 2014 for inclusion on the May/June election ballot. The new Vice-President will take office at the September 14-17, 2014 Annual Conference in Charlotte and serve for a three year term.
If you require additional information or have specific questions please don’t hesitate to contact Ms. Betsy Sherman, Director, ICMA Member Services at 202-962-3612 or
Awards Evaluation Panel
ICMA has a position on their Awards Evaluation Panel for an international member.  The information on this Awards Program can be found on the following link:  Here is an executive summary of the responsibilities of this representative:
  • Appointments are typically for three years.  The individual that is stepping down has already served for two years, so this term is for only one year with the term beginning at their Annual Conference (which just ended in September 2013).
  • The time commitment in regards to meetings is minimal, however there is a fairly significant time commitment from March-May when the Panel reviews the award nominations that are received and then votes on them.  It can take up to twenty hours of time over the course of the two months to read through the nominations and evaluate them.
  • There are also one to two Conference Calls during this time period.
  • The Awards Evaluation Committee does meet at the Annual ICMA Conference, however arrangements are made for any members that don’t attend to call in to the meeting. 
Felicia Littky is the Program Manager of Membership and Professional Development and can be contacted at 202-962-3656 or via e-mail at with any questions.
If you are interested in this position, please forward your covering letter and curriculum vitae to Ms. Jennifer Goodine, CAMA National Office, via e-mail at by November 8th, 2013.

Jean Savard
CAMA President

Congratulations to the City of Surrey - Winner of ICMA Award

Through targeted smoke alarm education and giveaways, the City of Surrey, BC’s HomeSafe program, has significantly reduced fires and fire losses since it was launched in 2008.   The evidence-based program – winner of a 2013 Community Health and Safety Program Excellence Award from the International City/Country Management Association – uses local fire and demographic data to target fire hotspots for door-to-door firefighter visits and smoke alarm giveaways.

A formal evaluation showed that in its first two years, HomeSafe reduced the annual fire rate in Surrey’s highest risk homes by 64% and prevented an estimated $1.26 million in fire losses. HomeSafe also increased smoke alarm activations and reduced fire size and spread.  For more information visit the following website link:

ICMA's 100th Anniversary Celebration!

ICMA members are encouraged to contact Committee members with suggestions for the Conference, which will take place Setember 14-17, 2014.  Duncan Campbell, Director General of Westmount, Québec, Canada, is the Committee’s chair.
In addition to the official representatives of state and national associations, member task forces and committees, the following International individuals have been appointed to the Planning Committee by ICMA President Simon Farbrother:
  • Peter Agh, City Manager, Nove Zamky, Slovakia
  • Duncan E. Campbell, Director General, Westmount, Québec, Canada
  • James B. Currier, Town Manager, Bradford West Gwillimbury, Ontario, Canada
  • Marc Landry, Chief Administrative Officer, Beaumont, Alberta, Canada
CAMA Members are also encouraged to submit speaker topics, ideas and comments for the 2014 conference program in writing to Duncan Campbell at  or Simon Farbrother at

CAMA/LGMA BC Webinar Series: November Sessions

CAMA is pleased to continue our partnership with LGMA BC (Local Government Management Association of British Columbia) to deliver webinar-based professional development opportunities for local government managers across Canada.    The following webinars are offered during the month of November:  

November 6:  Media Relations: Tools, Tips & Techniques to Improve your Media Coverage
Presenter: Jan Enns, Jan Enns Communications
Working with the media is key to spreading the word about your program or service. This engaging, interactive and informative workshop is designed to strengthen your ability to work proactively with the media and hone your skills when it comes to responding to media requests. Key points covered include:
• How to work with the media to spread the word
• What to do when the media calls
• How to develop strong, clear and consistent key messages
• How to answer media questions and stay on message
• Some dos and don’ts for damage control
• Ongoing discussion and sharing of ideas and experiences.

BONUS:  Attendees will receive a workbook with key points including samples of news releases and what to do when the media calls!
Register online at:

November 12:  Strengthening Council Staff Relations
Presenter: Tracey Lorenson, Paragon Strategic Services Ltd.
Do you have a fabulous relationship between Council and staff that you’re trying to maintain, would like to address small issues that are arising, or do you have significant conflict? Are you looking to establish positive relationships post election?
Regardless of the current state of your relationship this course will be relevant, and we will approach this specifically from the perspective of the senior staff in terms of what they are able to do to build and maintain the relationship. Some of the topics we will address include respecting the roles of staff/elected officials, the use of experts to support decision making, handling “disrespectful” behavior, how to manage conflict between elected officials, senior staff and key stakeholders and how to handle ethical issues. We will also provide suggestions that will assist Mayors and Board Chairs in managing the elected/staff relationship.

BONUS:   Individuals will have the opportunity to complete an online assessment of their conflict management skills to identify their conflict strengths and potential development opportunities, with a comprehensive summary report with recommendations.
Register online at:

November 13:  Social Media 101: The Basics
Presenter: Jan Enns, Jan Enns Communications
It may surprise you to know that two of three Canadians now use Social Media in one form or another, according to recent reports. With more folks going online to share information and debate topics, local governments need to consider the use of the most popular forms of social media: Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Learn the basics about how these popular online networks work and why you should consider using them. Learn how to set up a site, monitor and maintain it, including pitfalls to avoid. Using examples from across Canada, you’ll get a better understanding of how you can put these powerful tools to work for your organization.
Register online at:

November 19:  Social Media 201: From Informing to Engaging
Presenter: Jan Enns, Jan Enns Communications
Take your social media to the next level. In this interactive webinar, learn how to increase online participation and move from simply “telling and selling” to building stronger relationships and networks with your fans and followers. Drawing on examples from both private and public sector, this webinar provides a more in-depth look at how you can use popular forms of social media to build, engage and measure your online audience – plus steps to help you navigate those “nasty” online comments. Participants should be familiar with the basics of social media and/or have taken the previous webinar Social Media 101: The Basics.
Register online at:

November 26:  Essential Supervisory Skills: New & Experienced Supervisors
Presenter: Tracey Lorenson, Paragon Strategic Services Ltd.
Our front line supervisors provide our most critical interaction with employees and yet often they have not had training on the most effective way to deal with their teams and workload. In this interactive course we will explore the unique challenges of leading those that you may have had a peer relationship with, some of the labour issues that can arise (depending on whether supervisors are in or out of the bargaining unit), and coaching others in a respectful and supportive manner. In addition, we will discuss the most effective ways in which supervisors can get the support they might require from management in the organization, to ensure the organization operates efficiently and staff are supported.

BONUS:  Individuals will have the opportunity to complete an online assessment of their supervisory skills including: time management, listening skills, communication, planning and scheduling work, setting goals, assessing people and performance and coaching skills. This report provides specific developmental suggestions unique to the individual.
Register online at:

November 27:  Customer Service in the Public Sector
Presenter: Tracey Lorenson, Paragon Strategic Services Ltd.
The unique challenges of service delivery in the local government sector will be discussed, including the difficulty of dealing with such a diverse client base. We will explore whether private sector “customer service” approaches are relevant in the public sector, and why good service is critical to both staff and Council success.

BONUS:  Participants will complete an online assessment of their personal skills and abilities in delivering customer service.
Register online at:

The webinars are scheduled to run on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and are two hours in length.  Registration is $150 per person plus taxes and includes a two-hour facilitated online course and discussion as well as practical assessments and resources to apply the learning immediately. 

Please pass this opportunity along to your staff members as all are welcome to attend!

Welcome New Members

Welcome to the following new members:

Kathy Rodberg, Town Manager, Town of Calmar, AB
Anne Mooi, Director of Parks & Community Services, District of West Vancouver, BC
Darwin Durnie, President, Canadian Public Works Association, Calgary, AB

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