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2013 CAMA E-Brief Partner: July 26, 2013            

Brown Elected to CAMA Board as Representative for British Columbia and Yukon

Mark Brown, Chief Administrative Officer for the Town of Qualicum Beach, BC was elected to the Board of Directors of the Canadian Association of Municipal Administrators (CAMA).  He was elected as the representative for British Columbia and Yukon during the Association’s Annual General Meeting, held on May 28, 2013 as part of CAMA’s National Conference in Victoria, BC. 

Brown replaces past British Columbia and Yukon representative and long-time CAMA board member, Kelly Daniels, who retired as Chief Administrative Officer for the Capital Regional District earlier this year.

Mark Brown is the Chief Administrative Officer for the Town of Qualicum Beach.  He joined the Town 33 years ago and during this time has held the responsibilities of Corporate Administrator, Treasurer, Collector, Approving Officer and Planner.  He has been the Chief Administrative Officer since 1990.

Brown became a member of the Canadian Association of Municipal Administrators over 15 years ago.  He currently serves on the CivicInfo BC Board of Directors as Vice-President, on the Local Government Management Association`s Pension Committee and Chief Administrative Officer Forum Committee. 
He has assisted in the development of Local Government education programs through the Municipal Administration Training Institute, and has participated as a guest faculty member for Capilano University for many local government courses.

Brown is also the Past President of both the Local Government Management Association of BC and the Vancouver Island Chapter of the Local Government Management Association. He was recently presented with the Diamond Jubilee Medal by the Governor General in recognition for his contributions to Canada.
“Municipal administration has been my life’s work and it is an honour to represent British Columbia and Yukon on the CAMA Board,” said Mr. Brown.

 “I am pleased to welcome Mr. Brown to the CAMA Board of Directors,” said Jean Savard, President of the Canadian Association of Municipal Administrators and Director of Special Projects¹ in the Office of the Chief Administrative Officer for Quebec, QC.  “His background in municipal government makes him a welcome addition.”

Host International Program for ICMA/ MMA: Becoming a part of HIP
Whether you are an international attendee or Host, HIP is a program offered to make the 99th ICMA Boston Conference more meaningful.  It is a voluntary match between our international attendees and U.S. based City/County Managers with similar interests who are familiar with the conference process. 

Hospitality is the primary focus of this program.  The ICMA Conference is a very large event: the largest conference of public managers in the world.  We are encouraging international attendees to register with HIP and be ‘matched’ with a manager familiar with the conference, so they can make the best use of their time and have the best possible experience in Boston.

The HIP program will be available in Boston from September 20-26, 2013.  By signing up in advance the best possible match can be made between parties.  Special arrangements can be made if necessary.  All efforts are done on a volunteer basis through the Massachusetts Managers Association International Committee and the ICMA International Committee. 

Don’t be Square, Be HIP.  Let us help you get the most out of the Conference for you and your community.  Please contact Ms. Nancy Burke at 781-238-8880 or by e-mail at if you are interested in participating in this program.

To register for the ICMA Conference, please visit the following website:

Clay Pearson                                                               Michael Jaillet
Chair ICMA International Conference                         Chair, MMA International Conference

CAMA Awards of Excellence Presented by Ravenhill Group Inc.
Ravenhill Group Inc. proudly presented the CAMA Awards of Excellence at the 42nd Annual Conference held in Victoria, British Columbia.   Ravenhill Group is Canada’s municipal search specialists, meeting the growing demand for excellent Chief Administrative Officers and other municipal leaders through ethical head-hunting™. Ravenhill does this by bringing the very best men and women face to face with the opportunity in a municipality … an opportunity that they were unaware of because - simply put - they weren't thinking of a job change. Please visit: for more information.

Congratulations to the City of Waterloo, ON
2013 CAMA Willis Award for Innovation - Population between 20,001 and 100,000
PingStreet Mobile App to Facilitate Citizen / Multi-Level Government Interaction
Keith Arns, Chair of CAMA’s Awards Committee, CAMA Representative for Newfoundland and Labrador, and CAO for the Town of Conception Bay South, NL;  Ron Shaw, Past President CAMA, and CAO for the City of Stratford, ON; Tim Anderson, CAO, City of Waterloo; Bruce Malcolm, Ravenhill Group Inc., presenting sponsor for CAMA’s Awards of Excellence

Presentation to Mayor Halloran & Waterloo City Council
by Ron Shaw, CAMA Past President
July 15th, 2013

 Mayor Brenda Halloran, City of Waterloo; Councillor Angela Viieth, City of Waterloo; Ron Shaw, Past President CAMA
and CAO City of Stratford, ON;  Bruce Malcolm, Ravenhill Group Inc., presenting sponsor for CAMA's Awards of Excellence

The City of Waterloo, with its partners eSolutionsGroup and BlackBerry, has developed PingStreet, a first-of-its kind mobile application specifically designed to facilitate seamless, daily interactions between citizens and multi-level government.  The application provides Waterloo citizens real-time access to location-based information including: garbage and recycling calendars, elected officials, reporting of a problem, current events, construction detours around road closures and more.

The information is delivered directly to citizen’s handheld devices, at no cost to the user.  The idea for PingStreet was conceived by the citizens of Waterloo during the public engagement process related to the City's new website project.  It was developed in tandem with that project.

To develop the product, the City pulled together a team, which included eSolutionsGroup as the primary developer and BlackBerry as a promotional sponsor.  The team optimized the application for BlackBerry devices and then followed suit with development for iOS and Android devices.  Further to the benefits to Waterloo citizens, PingStreet is an innovation that can be sold / implemented into other municipalities and tiered government settings.

Ville de Waterloo, en Ontario
Prix ACAM Willis de l’innovation 2013 - Municipalité de 20 001 à 100 000 habitants
Application mobile PingStreet pour faciliter l’interaction entre les citoyens et les ordres administratifs
Conjointement avec ses partenaires eSolutionsGroup et BlackBerry, la Ville de Waterloo a mis au point PingStreet, la première application mobile spécialement conçue pour faciliter l’interaction courante directe entre les citoyens et les ordres administratifs.

Grâce à cette application, les résidents de Waterloo ont un accès en temps réel à des renseignements pertinents à un endroit donné, par exemple calendriers de collecte des ordures et matières recyclables, renseignements sur les élus, signalement d’un problème, événements, déviations en cas de fermetures de rues, etc.

Les renseignements sont livrés directement aux appareils portables des résidents sans qu’ils aient à payer. L’idée de PingStreet est venue des résidents de Waterloo pendant le processus de participation citoyenne connexe au projet de nouveau site web municipal. L’application a été développée en lien avec ce projet.

Pour élaborer le produit, la Ville a mis sur pied une équipe ayant eSolutionsGroup comme principal responsable du développement et BlackBerry comme un des commanditaires. L’équipe a optimisé l’application pour les appareils BlackBerry, puis pour iOS et Android.
En plus de servir aux résidents de Waterloo, PingStreet peut être vendue/mise en service dans d’autres municipalités et en contexte gouvernemental.

Congratulations to the District of Maple Ridge, BC
2013 CAMA Education Award - Population between 20,001 and 100,000
Emergency Social Services Exercise Design Workbook

Keith Arns, Chair of CAMA’s Awards Committee, CAMA Representative for Newfoundland and Labrador, and CAO for the Town of Conception Bay South, NL; Ron Shaw, Past President CAMA and CAO for the City of Stratford, ON; Jim Rule, CAO, District of Maple Ridge; Bruce Malcolm, Ravenhill Group Inc., presenting sponsor for CAMA’s Awards of Excellence

Presentation to Mayor Daykin and the District of Maple Ridge Council by Mark Brown
CAMA Representative for British Columbia and Yukon
June 25th, 2013

From l to r:  Councillor Corisa Bell, Councillor Al Hogarth, Ceri Marlo, Manager Emergency Program,
Mark Brown, CAMA Representative for British Columbia & Yukon, Barbara Morgan, ESS Director, Mayor Ernie Daykin, Councillor Cheryl Ashlie,
Councillor Judy Dueck, Councillor Bob Masse and Jim Rule, CAO
What started out as a lack of information for planning exercises for Maple Ridge, BC, has become an emergency preparedness training tool for Greater Vancouver and beyond. 

The Emergency Social Services Exercise Design Workbook is a complete and comprehensive “how to manual” containing step by step instructions for the development of five different types of emergency exercises:  Orientation, Drill, Tabletop, Functional, and Full Scale.

The workbook contains an introduction, plus supporting materials related to exercise design, volunteers, evacuees, evaluators, signage, supplies and appendices containing forms, etc.

A group of representatives from the region, led by Maple Ridge Emergency Social Services Director, Barbara Morgan, worked to develop a document that the novice and experienced could use when executing any level of exercise. 

Two years of deliberation, research, and extraction of information proved to be a successful venture.  One of the most prized aspects of the workbook is the list of exercise inputs, which identifies the function, what should be done and expected outcomes.

The workbook was debuted at the Pacific Northwest Preparedness Society Emergency Preparedness Conference in 2011, and was welcomed by delegates as a valuable tool to help to plan their own emergency exercises.  A copy of the workbook can be obtained by visiting the web site for the British Columbia Emergency Social Services Association:

District de Maple Ridge, en Colombie-Britannique
Prix ACAM de l’éducation 2013
(Municipalité de 20 001 à 100 000 habitants)
Guide de conception d’un exercice de services sociaux d’urgence
Ce qui n’était d’abord qu’un manque d’information en matière de planification pour Maple Ridge (C.-B.) est devenu un outil de préparation aux situations d’urgence pour le Grand Vancouver et d’autres endroits.
Le Guide de conception d’un exercice de services sociaux d’urgence est une sorte de manuel complet contenant des directives étape par étape sur l’élaboration de cinq types différents d’exercices d’urgence : Orientation, Entraînement, Simulation, Application, Déploiement.

Le guide contient une introduction et de la documentation portant sur la conception de l’exercice, les bénévoles, les évacués, les évaluateurs, l’affichage, les fournitures et des annexes contenant entre autres des formulaires.  Un groupe de représentants de la région dirigé par Barbara Morgan, directrice des services sociaux d’urgence de Maple Ridge, a élaboré un document pouvant servir aussi bien aux novices qu’aux intervenants expérimentés pour l’exécution de divers niveaux d’exercices.

Deux années de réflexion, de recherche et d’extraction d’information se sont avérées fructueuses. Un des aspects les plus valorisés du guide consiste en une liste d’éléments des exercices, qui indique la fonction, ce qui devrait être fait et les résultats attendus.
Lancé à la conférence 2011 sur les préparatifs d’urgence de la Pacific Northwest Preparedness Society, le guide a été perçu par les délégués comme un outil valable qui les aiderait à planifier leurs propres exercices d’urgence.  On peut se procurer une copie du guide sur le site web de la British Columbia Emergency Social Services Association,

Retired CAO Corner

CAMA is pleased to offer retired CAMA members the opportunity to advertise their business/consulting services in the Member’s Section of the CAMA website.  The CAMA website sees approximately 27,000 hits per month with 500 being in the Member’s Section which is password protected, and only available to our membership of Chief Administrative Officers and senior managers across the country.  For information on specifications, costs and the policy on website advertising please contact Jennifer Goodine at

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