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2012 CAMA E-Brief Partner: October 3, 2012            

CAMA Holds Fall Quarterly Board Meeting
The Board of Directors for the Canadian Association of Municipal Administrators (CAMA) held their Fall (quarterly) Board meeting in the Town of Conception Bay South and St. John’s, Newfoundland from September 13-14, 2012, at which time a number of business items were considered.

The first activity of the meeting was a Strategic Planning Session.  Mr. Jean Savard, Chair of the Strategic Planning Committee lead this effort.  Strategic objectives from CAMA’s 2011-2016 Strategic Plan were reviewed and the key feedback included:
  • CAMA Conference.  The Board discussed how to make the CAMA Conference the premiere national professional development opportunity for municipal administrators.
  • Best Practices.  CAMA members benefit from the sharing of best practices.  CAMA will research ways to allow our members more access to best practices.
  • Skills and Knowledge.  In an effort to increase skills and knowledge for members, CAMA has developed a partnership with LGMA BC to deliver webinars to members on a regular basis.   
  • Strategic Alliances & Affiliate Relationships.  CAMA continues to develop strategic alliances.  For example, our partnership with the Aboriginal Finance Officers Association of Canada (AFOA) is maturing and other affiliate relationships are being formed.
  • Advocacy.  CAMA continues to develop its role in federal government advocacy related to federal programs of value to municipalities. 
  • Diversity.  CAMA is considering the establishment of a Diversity Sub-Committee. 
  • Financial Stability. CAMA has created a five-year plan that continues to focus on financial stability for the Association.
  • Responsive, Transparent & Accountable.  CAMA continues to strive to be responsive, transparent and accountable to its membership through member surveys and regular reporting. 
The Board will continue to work on these strategic objectives.  Watch for more details in future additions of e-Brief.

Elections at the AGM:  The Board received a report from the Chair of the CAMA Nominations Committee, Mr. Jim Toye, related to the election process for the Annual General Meeting.  As a result, the Board approved that a new section be added to CAMA’s Policy and Procedures Manual related to elections.

2012 CAMA Conference:  Ms. Jennifer Goodine, CAMA’s Executive Director, presented a final report from the 2012 CAMA Conference held in Saskatoon, SK from May 28-30, 2012.  A total of 208 delegates attended along with 27 companions.  There were 32 paid tradeshow booths.  CAMA will realize a surplus of $57,108 for this event.

2013 CAMA Conference and Beyond:  CAMA’s 2013 National Conference will be held in Victoria, BC from May 27-29, 2013 at the Fairmont Empress Hotel and the attached Victoria Conference Centre.  Logistics for the conference, study tours, social activities and companion programs are well in hand and the theme and program is in development.

Looking ahead, contracts have been signed for the 2014 Conference in Niagara Falls, ON, the 2015 Conference in Jasper, AB, and the 2016 Conference in Winnipeg, MB.  The City of Gatineau, QC has been chosen as the location for the 2017 Conference which will coincide with the 150th Anniversary of Canadian Confederation.

Long-Term Infrastructure Plan:  The Board considered a Position Paper authored by consultant, Mr. Bill Holtby, for CAMA with respect to Canada’s Long-Term Infrastructure Plan.  This is part of Infrastructure Canada’s consultation related to the next long-term infrastructure grant program.  The paper was developed as a result of research, member surveys, and participation in an FCM Workshop.  CAMA President Ron Shaw presented these recommendations to Mr. Taki Sarantakis, Deputy Minister of Infrastructure Canada on September 24, 2012.  A release summarizing the findings was distributed to the membership, media and CAMA affiliates and can be found at the following link:

Membership Services / CAMA National Office:  Ms. Goodine provided the Board with a status report on member services and the activities of the CAMA National Office.    She advised that CAMA currently has 493 members, 50 Facebook “Likes”, 173 Twitter followers, and seven Blog followers.   

Treasurer’s Report:  The Board approved the financial statements for the period of April 1 to July 31, 2012. CAMA continues to be financially stable. 

External Relations:  The Board received a presentation from CAMA President Ron Shaw in regards to the AMCTO Annual General Meeting and Conference which he attended in Ottawa in June. 

Future Board Meetings:  The following is a list of future CAMA Board meetings:
• November 21-23, 2012, Gatineau, QC
• March 20-22, 2013 , Bromont, QC
• May 26, 2013, Victoria, BC
• September 2013 in Yellowknife, NWT

We look forward to seeing you in Victoria for the 2013 Conference!
Ron Shaw
CAMA President

Survey Time!
The 2012 Member Needs and Preferences Survey will be sent to you this week!  This survey is designed to get your feedback on key aspects of CAMA’s five year Strategic Plan.  This will help guide improvements in member services, and determine an action plan to guide the strategic direction of the Board.  Your input is very valuable and important to us, and getting your ideas and suggestions will help make CAMA an organization that provides the best value to its members.  Please take some time to complete this survey.

Quick Reminder: RSVP for the Canadian Dinner at the Phoenix ICMA Conference
If you are attending the upcoming ICMA Conference being held in Phoenix, Arizona from October 6-10, 2012, the Canadian Dinner will be held on Monday, October 8th, 2012 at 7:30 p.m. at My Big Fat Greek Restaurant located at 455 N. 3rd Street, Ste. 108 (directly across the street from the Sheraton Phoenix Hotel).  Please RSVP to Ms. Jennifer Goodine at if you haven't already done so!  We look forward to seeing you there!

FCM’s New Caribbean Program Seeks Municipal Partners
FCM is implementing a six-year, $23.2-million project to stimulate sustainable local economic development in the Caribbean Region. The Caribbean Local Economic Development Program (CARILED) will support nearly 50 local governments and agencies in their local economic development initiatives targeting more than 500 micro, small and medium-sized enterprises.  FCM is recruiting municipal partners to provide volunteer expertise and serve as models in local economic development for the CARILED program. Interested individuals should review the available opportunities and apply online by Wednesday, October 17, 2012.  For more information, please contact Jennifer Donnelly at 613-907-6275 or

LGMA-CAMA E-Learning Series - October 2012
There are six webinars being offered in October for $150.00 each. Register Online Today!

Please note that your staff are also welcome to register for these courses.

October 11 & 12: Planning for Successful Citizen Engagement in 10 Easy Steps
Presenter: Jan Enns, Jan Enns Communications
In order to be successful, planning for citizen engagement needs to inform and involve
your community from the start. When done right, programs can move forward on
time and on schedule. When done wrong, it can mean a drain on resources, damaged
relationships and even damaged reputations. This fast-paced and engaging session will
elevate your understanding of public consultation and provide you with a step-by-step
guide to apply effective consultation planning in your organization.
Register online at:

October 16 & 17: Customer Service in the Public Sector
Presenter: Tracey Lee Lorenson, Paragon Strategic Services Ltd.
The unique challenges of service delivery in the local government sector will be
discussed, including the difficulty of dealing with such a diverse client base. We will
explore whether private sector “customer service” approaches are relevant in the public
sector, and why good service is critical to both staff and Council success.
BONUS: Participants will complete an online assessment of their personal skills
and abilities in delivering customer service.
Register online at:

October 18 & 19: Introduction & Overview to Community Sustainability Planning
Presenter: Cheeying Ho, Whistler Centre for Sustainability
This is an introductory webinar that will provide the basics to integrated community
sustainability planning for communities. It will include an introduction to community
sustainability, integrated systems, an overview of a sustainability planning process, and
describe benefits and outcomes.
Key Learning Outcomes – At the end of the webinar, participants will have learned
• What integrated community sustainability planning means
• The process involved in community sustainability planning
• Why it is important to think about the community as integrated systems
• Key benefits and outcomes of a community sustainability planning process

 October 23 & 24: Negotiation Skills
Presenter: Tracey Lee Lorenson, Paragon Strategic Services Ltd.
While we sometimes think of negotiation as a “big ticket” event, we negotiate every
day with individuals inside our organization and key stakeholders in the community,
including those difficult conversations with individuals with divergent opinions. Even
simple discussions of allocation of resources require individuals that have an awareness
of their negotiation style so that they can maximize the benefits to their organization in
an environment of respect. This course focuses on interest based negotiation techniques,
and is of use to those negotiating, or to those that deal with difficult individuals.
BONUS: Participants will complete an online assessment of their personal
approach to negotiation.
Register online at:

October 25 & 26: Integrating Your Sustainability Plan into Other Plans and Policies
Presenter: Dan Wilson, Whistler Centre for Sustainability
This webinar will discuss the intent of a sustainability plan as the community’s highest
level policy and how all other community plans and policies should be aligned and
integrated with the vision and goals of the sustainability plan.
Key Learning Outcomes – At the end of the webinar, participants will have learned
• The role of a community sustainability plan as the highest level policy
• Strategies for integrating the vision and goals from a sustainability plan into other
plans and policies
• How the directions from a community sustainability plan should be used to guide
• Examples of plans and policies that have been aligned to a community sustainability
Register online at:

October 30 & 31: Essential Supervisory Skills: New & Experienced Supervisors
Presenter: Tracey Lee Lorenson, Paragon Strategic Services Ltd.
Our front line supervisors provide our most critical interaction with employees and yet
often they have not had training on the most effective way to deal with their teams and
workload. In this interactive course we will explore the unique challenges of leading
those that you may have had a peer relationship with, some of the labour issues that
can arise (depending on whether supervisors are in or out of the bargaining unit), and
coaching others in a respectful and supportive manner. In addition, we will discuss the
most effective ways in which supervisors can get the support they might require from
management in the organization, to ensure the organization operates efficiently and staff
feel supported.

BONUS: Individuals will have the opportunity to complete an online assessment
of their supervisory skills including: time management, listening skills,
communication, planning and scheduling work, setting goals, assessing people
and performance and coaching skills. This report provides specific developmental
suggestions unique to the individual.
Register online at:

2012 CAMA Education Award: City of Saskatoon, SK (Population over 100,000)

Don MacLellan, CAMA Awards Chair and Representative for New Brunswick;  Mike Gutek, General Manager, Infrastructure Services; Colin Prang, Manager, Surface Infrastructure Preservation, Infrastructure Services Department);  Murray Totland, City Manager, Saskatoon, SK, and Jim Toye, CAMA Past President

Green Street Program

In partnership with PSI Technologies, the University of Saskatchewan and the Saskatchewan Center of Excellence for Transportation and Infrastructure, the City of Saskatoon’s Green Street Program developed an effective way to produce and use recycled roadway material in roadway construction projects. 

In 2009, the City of Saskatoon began researching innovative ways to enhance current standards and practices when constructing roads with recycled materials.  During the first phase of the project, more than 160,000 tonnes of surplus asphalt and concrete rubble was processed and successfully used as a substitute for conventional aggregate in road construction activities.  The City of Saskatoon saved more than two million dollars by taking advantage of a surplus of stockpiled asphalt and concrete rubble available at the time for free.

The second phase analyzed and improved upon the characteristics of the new aggregate and determined its best use within construction.  Further pre- and post-construction testing determined the recycled aggregate was 30 to 50 per cent more effective than conventional aggregate.  The City’s education research project has demonstrated the value of using recycled asphalt and concrete (when readily available) in road construction projects, including a significant capital savings, enhanced structural integrity, reduced construction energy requirements and reduced emissions. More than 20 research papers and technical presentation have been presented on the results of the City of Saskatoon’s Green Street Program and currently three Civil Engineering masters students are writing their thesis on subjects directly related to the engineered use of recycled material within the roadway.

Congratulations to the City of Saskatoon on receiving the 2012 CAMA Education Award for municipalities with a population over 100,000!

Welcome New Members

Welcome to the following new CAMA members:

Colleen Draper, Assistant Chief Administrative Officer, Regional Municipality of Springfield, MB
Scott Smith, Chief Administrative Officer, Regional Municipality of Springfrield, MB


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