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Posted: May 25, 2023, 2:00 pm

Victoria Rd. Stormwater Replacement

District of Summerland

District of Summerland
Invitation to Tender
ITT-2023-20 – Victoria Rd. Stormwater Replacement

ITT ISSUE DATE:           
May 25, 2023

June 19, 2023

ITT CLOSING TIME:                           
14:00 Local Time
Summary Details:
This Invitation to Tender is for the removal and disposal of roughly 330m of existing 300mm PVC stormwater mains, 35m of 200mm catch basin lead and 5 top inlet catch basins, and the construction of approximately 335m of 375mm PVC stormwater main, roughly 35m of 200mm catch basin leads, 8 top inlet catch basins, and 5 manholes including base, lid, slab, cover, and frame of 1050mm diameter. The stormwater main consists of open trench construction which involves saw-cutting, road, sidewalk and driveway restoration and the addition of an asphalt multi-use path with depressions to allow driveway access.

Please refer to the ITT documents for more information.

ITT Documents:
BC Bid ( is the only authorized website to obtain competitive bid documents for District of Summerland opportunities. The District of Summerland shall not be held responsible for competitive bid documents that are located on any other website. Procurement documents are available for download at BC Bid by searching for opportunities posted by the District of Summerland.

Submission of Tenders:
To be considered, tenders must be submitted via BC Bid’s Supplier “e-Bidding” submission functionality or by email in accordance with the instructions in the ITT.

Tenders must be received no later than the ITT Closing Date and Time. It is solely the responsibility of the tenderer to ensure that the tender is received on time.

Term of Engagement:
The date of Substantial Performance is October 13, 2023.

Conditions for Participation and Requirements to Request to Participate:

Tenders not clearly demonstrating that they meet the following mandatory criteria will be excluded from further consideration in the evaluation process:

  • Prospective tenderers must submit a tender in advance of the Tender Closing Date and Time, as per the instructions in the ITT.
  • Tenders must be complete (including supplemental forms) and accompanied by:
    • Bid bond (verifiable electronic e-bond)
    • Consent of surety stating that the surety company is willing to supply the required Performance and Labour and Materials Payment Bonds
  • The Contractor must be highly knowledgeable and experienced in the type of work described in the contract documents.

The Contractor shall provide the District with proof of the following within ten (10) days of being awarded the agreement, prior to beginning work on this project:

  • A Business License that allows the Contractor to perform work in Summerland (either a Summerland Business License or an Inter-Community/Mobile Business License from another Okanagan-Similkameen municipality).
  • WorkSafe BC Clearance Letter indicating that account is active and in good standing, or proof of exempt status in the form of a status determination letter from WorkSafe BC. As the process to obtain a status determination letter may take some time, Respondents are urged to contact WorkSafe BC (or equivalent) immediately if they do not have WorkSafe BC coverage.
  • Proof of insurance as per GC/SGC 24.1
  • Bonds as per Form of Tender 5.1
  • Construction schedule

Procurement Method:
Invitation to Tender. The District reserves the right to negotiate.
Procuring Entity:
District of Summerland
ITT Contact Person:
Dana Silk, Manager of Procurement & Contract Administration Email: [email protected]

This procurement is subject to the Canadian Free Trade Agreement (Chapter Five), and the New West Partnership Trade Agreement. The District of Summerland is subject to the Canada- EU Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement (Chapter Nineteen) but this procurement will not be within the scope of that agreement.

Location: Summerland
Organization: Summerland (District)
Opportunity Type: Invitation to Tender
Professional Categories: Construction
Expires: June 19, 2023, 2:00 pm
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