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Posted: November 18, 2020, 2:01 pm


City of Penticton



Notice of Intent

File: 2020-NOI-04

Issued: November 17, 2020

Notice is hereby given, the City of Penticton (the City) is a new member of Sourcewell formerly known as the National Joint Powers Alliance (NJPA), and is eligible to procure through the cooperative contracts that is administered by Sourcewell.

Sourcewell is a service cooperative created to provide programs and services to members in the government, education, and nonprofit sectors. Its statutory purpose is to assist members in meeting specific needs which are more efficiently delivered cooperatively than by an entity individually.

Cooperative purchasing is procurement conducted by, or on behalf of, one or more governmental units for use by other governmental units.

Sourcewell’s cooperative contract procurement leverages the national procurement power of more than 50,000 member agencies while also streamlining the required procurement process. As a municipal national contracting agency, Sourcewell establishes and provides nationally leveraged and competitively solicited procurement contracts under the guidance of the Uniform Municipal Contracting Law. Sourcewell laws enable members to legally procure through the awarded contracts. For Canadian compliance a Canadian member’s ability to use Sourcewell contracts depends on the agency’s local guidelines/regulations. For additional information, please reference page 46 of the Canadian Fair Trade Agreement:  CFTA - Consolidated Text

The Sourcewell cooperative contract categories include but not limited to the following:

  1. Athletic Surfaces & Equipment, Ice Arenas & Event Seating
  2. Construction & Agricultural Equipment
  3. Education & Curriculum
  4. Energy Solutions
  5. Facility, Maintenance, Repair & Operations
  6. Fleet Services, Parts & Equipment
  7. Flooring
  8. Food & Food Service Equipment
  9. Healthcare, Fitness & Medical Related Solutions
  10. Janitorial
  11. Landscape & Grounds Maintenance
  12. Logistic Services/Mail Equipment
  13. Office & School Supplies, Furniture & Equipment
  14. Off-Road Vehicles, Watercraft & Related Equipment
  15. Parks & Recreation
  16. Professional Services and Professional Development
  17. Public Safety, Vehicles, Fire Trucks & Equipment
  18. Public Utility & Airport Equipment
  19. Roadway Maintenance, Asphalt, Snow & Ice
  20. Storage
  21. Technology, Security & Communication Solutions
  22. Transportation
  23. Uniforms & Apparel, and
  24. Waste & Recycling

Those who are interested in becoming a vendor must follow the Sourcewell competitive solicitation process. More information can be found at the following link:

Closing date, closing time and all inquiries specific to this NOI shall be made in writing by 2:00 PM PST on December 14, 2020 to

Ramona Franzen
Assistant Procurement Manager
City of Penticton

To view full document and details see:

Location: Penticton
Organization: Penticton (City)
Opportunity Type: Notice of Intent
Professional Categories: Procurement & Supply Services
Expires: December 14, 2020, 2:00 pm
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