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Posted: December 5, 2018, 3:49 pm

Legal Services

Village of Harrison Hot Springs

Village of Harrison Hot Springs

Request for Proposal

Legal Services 

The Village of Harrison Hot Springs “Village” is located in the eastern reaches of the Fraser Valley, approximately 140 km from Vancouver. It is considered a Resort Municipality, drawing hundreds of thousands of visitors annually, yet still maintaining a “Village” and Residential lifestyle. The Village continually pursues enhancement to its quality of life through the proper management of and support to the overall development of the community and its infrastructure.

The Organization:
The Village enjoys progressive leadership from Mayor and Council with strong staff support and commitment to Council objectives in the delivery of services to the community. One of the Village’s many strengths is the team that has developed with Council and Staff, and particularly a unified and consistent approach taken by Council in determining the direction it wishes to pursue.

We pride ourselves in operating as a business within the legislative limitations and definitely strive to reduce, if not eliminate, red tape and bureaucracy in the delivery of services. Given the nature of the organization there is an inherent requirement and expectation that creativity and innovation will be employed in the decision making process and the development of solutions for legal challenges.

To allow this organization to function effectively, it is necessary that the Village receive timely and professional response to our requests.

The Village is an innovative organization that will look beyond traditional responses or conservative positions with respect to a given issue. There is an expectation that those under contract with the Village will adopt the same philosophy and attitude incorporating creative and innovative approaches in addressing issues and offering solutions.

Legal Services:
As a municipal corporation, the Village draws its authorities primarily from the Local Government Act and Community Charter and other provincial and federal legislation. As a result, the majority of work and expertise required by the Village must be consistent with the requirements of the legislation.

The Village is requesting Proposals from Lawyers to bid on becoming the Village’s legal counsel to provide advice, assistance and legal representation on local government matters. This includes the preparation of agreements and bylaws, and the giving of advice on local government procedure, authority and liability. The proponent must have extensive experience in legal issues associated with land development and planning and labour relations issues. The firm should also have experience in construction law and various project delivery methods.

The successful Proponent must have strong working knowledge of local government legislation including the Community Charter, Local Government Act, Land Titles Act, BC Building Code, BC Fire Code, the BC Fire Services Act and local bylaws.

The Village’s policy is to review its legal services once every five years. The awarding of legal services to the successful law firm (s) is expected to be for a term of five years.

There is also an expectation that there will be a need for ongoing advice on specific issues to assist staff in the preparation of reports to council. It is reasonable to expect that there may be regular inquiries from staff on a variety of legal issues. Staff would accept, as appropriate, verbal or email responses to an issue provided that is given in a timely manner. On occasion staff may require written opinions to attach to reports for Council’s consideration.

The Village will expect regular status reports on all issues under the control of the law firm, including updated comments or recommendations with respect to the disposition of those issues. In addition to status reporting there is an expectation that the firm’s invoice will be outlined in sufficient detail for review by staff to determine, in their opinion, the appropriate allocation of the firm’s resources and the subsequent fee for the service rendered.

The Village will also reserve the right to source legal services from other agencies or law firms as the Village may see fit from time to time to meet specific needs as they arise.

Proposal Requirements:
The Village will consider a “legal services” agreement for any term up to and including five (5) years.

When submitting proposals, firms are requested to provide the following information:
  1. Provide a general history of the firm, its partners, associates and staff and outline the firm’s experience in municipal, construction and labour law.
  2. Name, background and experience of individual who would be the prime contact to the Village.
  3. If the firm is unable to provide all legal services, indicate how the firm would propose to address those issues and the accountability for those services provided.
  4. Provide an explanation and philosophy as to the firm’s view towards its clients and client services.
  5. Provide the current fee structure for all partners, associates and staff in the firm who would be assigned to the Harrison Hot Springs’ files and the firm’s anticipated increases in its fee structure for 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023. Also, provide an explanation how legal issues will be managed by the firm through assignment/allocation of principals and staff. If the firm uses a variable fee structure, provide an explanation of the services included with each fee.
  6. Provide an explanation as to how billable hours are determined, indicating at what point clock “starts ticking” and what level of services, if any, are provided without cost.
  7. When involved in a complex issue, please explain the method you would employ in undertaking research and how the cost associated with that research would be managed.
  8. Provide an explanation of the firm’s reporting of services to its clients and provide a recommendation as to how you would propose to keep the Village informed on the status of matters under your firm’s control.
  9. Provide a list of five (5) clients who we may contact as references to confirm the quality of service and innovative solutions that your firm provided to them.

When developing the firm’s submission please provide responses in numerical order as outlined in the Proposal Requirements section. Provide additional information as the firm considers appropriate.

Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIPP Act)
All documents and other records pertaining to this proposal that are in the custody of or under the control of the Village are subject to the FOIPP Act. Subject to the limitations of the FOIPP Act all documents and records submitted in response to this proposal will be considered and treated as confidential.

No Lobbying
All firms are expressly forbidden from lobbying members of the Village, either elected or appointed officials regarding their proposal or the proposal call. Failure to comply with this requirement may result in disqualification without further notice or warning

Process of Selection:
Upon receipt and following staff review of submissions, a meeting may be arranged with selected firms who are considered most aligned to the Village’s expectations to review the firm’s proposal for clarification and enter into a dialogue on a question and answer basis to allow staff to achieve an understanding of an expected relationship between the firm and the Village. The fee structure, value added services and complimentary services, while important, will not be the sole determining factor in the selection process. The Village will also be interested in determining a good understanding of the firm’s reputation and the anticipated working relationship that could be developed between the firm and Village Staff.

The evaluation of the proposals will be based solely on the quality of the contents of the proposal, reference checks and the firm`s presentation at the meeting with staff, should that occur.

The Village reserves the right to reject any and all proposals and the selection of the preferred firm will be at the sole discretion of the Village. If the Village decides in its sole and absolute discretion that it does not, for any reason wish to proceed with the RFP process, then it may reject all of the proposals.

No proponent shall have any claim for any compensation of any kind whatsoever as a result of participating in the RFP.

The proposal from the successful firm, as submitted or amended by mutual agreement will form the basis of the agreement for legal services between the parties.

The authorized contact person for this RFP as the Village representative will be Debra Key, Corporate Officer, and can be reached at (604) 796-2171 or by email at .

Information given orally by the Village Staff will not be binding on the Village and will not be considered in any form or manner in the evaluation of the proposals. Proposals must be delivered to the Village no later than 4:00 p.m. on January 25, 2019.

Firms must ensure that a complete, clearly labeled and securely sealed proposal is received at closing time and the proposal must be clearly marked on the outside as follows:

Proposal: Legal Services
Attention: Debra Key, Corporate Officer Village of Harrison Hot Springs,
PO Box 160, 495 Hot Springs Road
Harrison Hot Springs, BC V0M 1KO

Location: Harrison Hot Springs
Region: Lower Mainland
Business Categories: Legal Services
Expires: January 25, 2019, 4:00 pm