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Posted: August 10, 2018, 4:08 pm

Website Redesign

Islands Trust

Request for Information

for the Supply of Redesigned Corporate Websites


Request for Information for the Supply of Redesigned Corporate Websites

Issue Date: August 10, 2018.

Closing time: Responses must be received before 4:00pm Pacific Time on August 30, 2018.
The Islands Trust is requesting information from interested parties for the supply of redesigned
corporate websites. This Request for Information (RFI) is intended to gather information that could assist the Islands Trust in the development of a future procurement process.

The purpose of issuing this RFI is to:
  1. obtain information on approaches and strategies;
  2. obtain recommendations that would enhance the success of a future procurement opportunity for this project;
  3. obtain a high-level cost estimates for budget purposes; and,
  4. provide industry with an opportunity to comment on the potential procurement opportunity.
Interested parties are invited to respond to this RFI by reviewing the RFI documents and submitting a response to the Islands Trust.
Contact with the contract person will be accepted only in writing, by email.  No phone calls will be accepted.

Please see our website at for documents.

Proponents are required to check the Islands Trust website for any updated information and addenda.

Location: Victoria
Region: South Vancouver Island
Business Categories: Web Sites and Email
Expires: August 30, 2018, 4:00 pm
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