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Posted: May 25, 2018, 9:42 am

Sun Peaks Centre Design Build

Sun Peaks Mountain Resort Municipality

Tourism Consultant

Sun Peaks Mountain Resort Municipality (SPMRM) seeks to retain, through a qualitative Request for Proposals (RFP) process and evaluation, a Design Build Partner consisting of Design Build Construction Contractor, Prime Consultant (Architect) and associated sub consultants and sub- contractors to design and deliver a roof structure that will cover an existing outdoor NHL size (200’ x85’) ice sheet. This roof structure is described in greater detail below. The project may also include ancillary and/ or support amenities that will enhance the functionality of the current outdoor space as described in the Scope Ladder below. It is the intention of SPMRM to enter into a CCDC 14 Standard Contract between Owner and Design Builder for design, permitting and construction delivery of the project.
The scope of the project includes the following:
  1. Preliminary pricing at Class “C” level to confirm general scope of project is achievable in 2018 dollars and to determine scope ladder items noted below that are likely to be achieved within the budget and those that may require future consideration. This phase of the project includes the submission of a separate fee for these “pre-construction services” and shall be submitted in accordance with item 10.0 below.
  2. Design of a Roof Structure that will provide weather and associated snow loading and shedding protection to the existing 200’ x 85’ outdoor ice arena. Design of associated lighting, audio | visual, and ventilation associated with the roof. The roof shall have a minimum clear height to u/s of roof deck of 25’.
  3. Propose a design of systems/ methods that promote an inviting atmosphere within the arena that maintains an outdoor feel of the alpine environment. This may include glazing, retractable doors or walls.
  4. Budgeting and costing of all associated aspects of the work including contractor overhead and profit, professional design fees, permits, testing, earthworks, civil services, and building construction costs.
  5. Development and submission of Contract Documents suitable for building permits; sub-contractor pricing and procurement; issued for construction documents.
  6. Construction Delivery Services.
  7. Construction Close Out Services.
2.2 Scope Ladder
In addition to the roof structure SPMRM wishes to work with the selected Design Build team to develop costing for additional program items that might include:
  1. small fitness centre (up to 2500 sf) as per original concept layout
  2. three (3) multi-purpose rooms (1500sf± each) as per original concept layout
  3. two (2) dressing rooms suitable for up to 18-20 participants (with associated washrooms and showers) to service the arena as per original concept layout
  4. two (2) flex rooms suitable for up to 3-6 participants (with associated washrooms and showers) to service the arena as per original concept layout
  5. covered pre-function space
  6. entry plaza space
The full RFP and additional documentation is available on our website
Request for Proposal

Location: Sun Peaks
Region: Thompson / Shuswap / Columbia
Business Categories: Construction
Expires: June 22, 2018, 3:00 pm
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