2017-2018 Membership Form
Please read the qualifications for membership categories carefully and select the one that best describes your position.

If you are unsure about the category you qualify for, please email your job description to ajeffs@amans.ca

Please refer to the following definitions for clarity around the membership categories:
 - involvement in the decision making processes with respect to physical, budgetary or human resources.
Supervisory responsibilities - the direction or inspection of the work, actions or performance of others.
Administrative service area - a department, division or section, which delivers services that can be classified under one of the following categories: Finance,Clerks, Records Management, Legal, General Administration.

Your membership application will be brought to the next scheduled Board of Directors meeting for approval.

If you have gone through the Municipal Internship Program please contact the AMA office before applying for membership at (902) 423-2215.

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To assist the AMA in developing a data bank of information on each member we ask that you complete the following.
The information is intended to be used internally when striking committees and task forces, looking for panel members and speakers at conferences and in seeking advice on various issues that arise from time to time. Completion is optional.
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