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  1. BC Recreation and Parks Association (Professional Association)
    PO Box 2196 Stn Terminal, Vancouver, BC V6B 3V7
    Vancouver, BC, V6B 4M9.
    Phone: 604-629-0965
     [email protected]
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  2. BC Road Builders & Heavy Construction Association (Trade or Industry Association)
    Suite 307 8678 Greenall Avenue
    Burnaby, BC, V5J 3M6.
    Phone: 604-436-0220
     [email protected]
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  3. BC Safety Authority (Trade or Industry Association)
    505 - 6th Street, Suite 200
    New Westminster, BC, V3L 0E1.
    Phone: 778-396-2000
     [email protected]
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  4. BC School Trustees Association (Local Government Agency)
    4th Floor, 1580 West Broadway
    Vancouver, BC, V6J 5K9.
    Phone: 604-734-2721
     [email protected]
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  5. BC Water & Waste Association (Trade or Industry Association)
    620-1090 W. Pender Street
    Burnaby, BC, V6E 2N7.
    Phone: 604-433-4389
     [email protected]
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  6. British Columbia Achievement Foundation (Foundation)
    602 - 999 Canada Pl
    Vancouver, BC, V6C 3E1.
    Phone: 604-261-9777
     [email protected]
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  7. British Columbia Institute of Technology (Post Secondary Institute)
    3700 Willingdon Avenue
    Burnaby, BC, V5G 3H2.
    Phone: 604-434-5734
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  8. Building Officials' Association of British Columbia (Professional Association)
    Suite 224, 186-8120 No 2 Road
    Richmond, BC, V7C 5J8.
    Phone: 604-270-9516
     [email protected]
  9. Building Owners and Managers Association of BC (Professional Association)
    556 - 409 Granville Street
    Vancouver, BC, V6C 1T2.
    Phone: 604-684-3916
     [email protected]
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  10. Business Council of British Columbia (Economic Development Agency)
    Suite 810, 1050 West Pender Street
    Vancouver, BC, V6E 3S7.
    Phone: 604-684-3384
     [email protected]
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