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First Nations Financial Management Board

First Nations Financial Management Board

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Mail: 100 Park Royal, Suite 300, West Vancouver, BC, V7T 1A2
Street: 100 Park Royal, Suite 300
Phone: 604-925-6665
Fax: 613-421-3523
The First Nations Fiscal Management Act (FMA) is a law that provides First Nations with support and tools to strengthen your community and build your economy. First Nations can choose whether or not to participate in the FMA.

All of our First Nations clients must be scheduled under the First Nations Fiscal Management Act (FMA).

What is the FMA?
All First Nations have the option and the authority to pass by-laws related to financial administration and taxation of land under the Indian Act. The FMA now provides First Nations governments with authority outside of the Indian Act over:
  • Financial Administration Laws
  • Local revenues
  • Financing for infrastructure and economic development
Note: Not all of these areas may apply to the First Nations participating in the FMA, and doing any or all of the above is optional. 

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