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July 30, 2019, 1:52 pm

Sweet! Nanaimo Bar Stamp Officially Presented to the City and Mayor

City of Nanaimo
NANAIMO - Over the past half of a century, the Nanaimo bar has slowly gained international recognition and has become an iconic symbol of the city. This year, the Nanaimo bar became part of the Sweet Canada stamp collection developed by Canada Post, earning its own stamp.

On July 30 at the Nanaimo Museum, Simon Cumming, Director of Government & Community Affairs with Canada Post, officially presented Nanaimo's Mayor Leonard Krog with a framed Nanaimo bar stamp. The Nanaimo Museum has a small exhibit dedicated to the bar, and already showcases the stamp and the Sweet Canada stamp collection. The new framed stamp will come back to City Hall.

The stamp itself features a variation of a Nanaimo bar, rather than a traditional bar, and stirred up some debate since its release. Nonetheless, the stamp has brought attention to this delectable dessert and is helping to spread the sweet news about Nanaimo.

Key Points

  • The Sweet Canada stamp collection was released by Canada Post in April 2019 and features 10 desserts from across Canada including blueberry grunt, sugar pie, Saskatoon berry pie and of course, the Nanaimo bar.

  • A framed Nanaimo bar stamp was presented to Mayor Leonard Krog by Canada Post at the Nanaimo Museum on July 30, 2019.


"The Nanaimo bar is legendary in our city, and as it gains momentum and popularity in the rest of the world, it's fitting and an honour to have our iconic treat featured in Canada Post's Sweet Canada collection."

Leonard Krog,Mayor City of Nanaimo

"As a storyteller of Canada's history, we’re proud to tell this 'sweet' story and many others through our iconic stamp program. With the Sweet Canada stamps issue, we are showcasing some of Canada’s best-known traditional desserts, especially the one we are celebrating today -- the Nanaimo Bar."

Kenny Podritske, Local Area Manager for Nanaimo Canada Post /Postes Canada

Quick Facts

  • In 1986 during a contest to find the ultimate Nanaimo bar recipe, Joyce Hardcastle's recipe for a traditional style bar was declared official by Nanaimo Mayor Graeme Roberts.

  • The Nanaimo bar dates back to at least the 50s, and is a triple-layered no-bake dessert. It features a chocolate, graham crumb and coconut cookie base with a creamy custard middle layer and a layer of melted chocolate on top.

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