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June 24, 2019, 10:11 am

City of White Rock Announces Water Treatment Plant is Now Fully Operational

City of White Rock

WHITE ROCK - The City of White Rock’s Water Treatment Plant has completed construction and is now fully operational and is producing excellent water quality results.

Water services in White Rock had been privately owned and operated until the City acquired the water utility in October 2015. After taking ownership of the water utility, the City confirmed that it had naturally occurring arsenic and manganese in its water, which is the same water provided to White Rock water users by the previous owners. As a result, the City took immediate steps to improve and enhance the City’s water distribution system and quality, which included looking at building water treatment processes that would greatly reduce the naturally occurring arsenic and manganese.

In 2017, the City was awarded $11.79 million dollars in grant money for its $14 million Water Treatment Plant project through the Clean Water and Waste Fund (CWWF). The City’s Water Treatment Plant project would not have been possible without the Government of Canada and Government of British Columbia who created the CWWF as they understand that building and maintaining high-quality water and infrastructure are an essential part of livable communities.

The new technology of the Water Treatment Plant is meeting and exceeding the design objectives of delivering high-quality drinking water.  Water tests are showing the system is well within Health Canada standards for acceptable levels of naturally-occurring arsenic and manganese in the drinking water supply. For an in-depth review of the water quality results produced by the Water Treatment Plant, the City’s website contains monthly reports available at

Thanks to the Government of Canada, Government of British Columbia, City staff, scientific researchers and contractors, the City’s water quality and enhancements will allow the City of White Rock to provide safe and clean water for generations to come.

White Rock Manager of Utilities, Dr. Saad Jasim, P.Eng. will be making a presentation on the water quality results and Water Treatment Plant at the City Council Community Forum on Wednesday, June 26 at 6:30 p.m. at the White Rock Community Centre (15154 Russell Avenue). For more information, visit

Tracey Arthur, CMC
Director of Corporate Administration

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