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May 28, 2019, 9:12 am

City of Burnaby Pursues New Approach to Rental Housing

City of Burnaby

BURNABY - Burnaby City Council has endorsed an approach to rental housing that will make it a leader in Canada, with a series of firsts to protect and enhance rental housing stock city-wide. 

“This is about ensuring Burnaby is a city with vibrant, diverse neighbourhoods, where everyone feels at home,” said Mayor Mike Hurley. “This would mean people can find a place to rent that is affordable, and it would give them options to live in all areas of our city.”

The approach approved by Council on Monday sets in motion bylaw changes for the City of Burnaby that are a series of firsts in Metro Vancouver. When complete, the changes will:

  • Create rental-only zones, right across the city
  • Require a minimum of 20% rental housing in all new developments, city-wide
  • Allow rental housing in commercial zones

The bylaw changes would also require 1:1 replacement of all units lost in the four Town Centres.

These changes capitalize on an opportunity presented when the Province enacted the Residential Rental Tenure Zoning Amendment Act in May 2018. This enables local governments to establish rental housing as a specific land use in multi-family residential areas.

The City of Burnaby’s new measures are designed to ensure both the replacement and increase of rental housing in the city at a variety of rent levels and affordability. They would also protect rental housing into the future.

“We've looked at lessons learned from other cities and see this as the most secure way to protect rental properties in perpetuity,” said Coun. Pietro Calendino, Chair of the City of Burnaby’s Planning and Development Committee. “This policy also promotes the creation of new, high-quality, affordable rental.”

This framework complements the work of the Mayor’s Task Force on Community Housing, which recently presented 10 Quick Starts on May 13. The Task Force will be delivering its final report in July. 

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