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May 1, 2017, 7:00 am

District of Chetwynd Shows MCSCD Appreciation with Wood Carving

District of Chetwynd

VICTORIA - The District of Chetwynd made a presentation to the Minister and Staff of the Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development on Tuesday April 25, 2017 in recognition of the Ministry’s support and cooperation, in various forms, with the District over the last several years.

Minister Fassbender was unable to attend the presentation because this Government is currently suspended due to the upcoming election, but the Deputy Minister - Jacquie Dawes and Assistant Deputy Minister - Tara Faganello along with key staff from the Ministry were able to attend to receive the presentation, which was a unique wood carving from the Chetwynd International Chainsaw Carving event.

The carving, entitled “First Breath” is a lifelike depiction of a mother and baby humpback whale carved from cedar, originally harvested from Vancouver Island. Chetwynd hosts an International Chainsaw Carving event each year, which is held in the second week of June. Twelve world class carvings are created during the competition and gifted to the community. This year Chetwynd wished to share one of its carvings with the Ministry to show its appreciation for the cooperation and support the Ministry provides to Chetwynd and other municipalities and local governments throughout British Columbia.

Mayor Nichols and Councillor Laura Weisgerber made the presentation to the staff at the Ministry and expressed thanks for their continued support of local governments in BC.

Mayor Nichols stated that “this is a wonderful opportunity for our community to show its support to the Ministry, which in turn has been so supportive of Chetwynd in the past. We appreciate sharing our art with Victoria and hope you will receive great pleasure from its presence in your offices”.



Those present in photo (L to R):  Tara Faganello, Assistant Deputy Minister; Jacqueline Dawes, Deputy Minister; Lauren Kerr, former Senior Financial Officer and current MFA Credit and Enforcement Officer; Councillor Laura Weisgerber; Mayor Merlin Nichols; Marijke Edmondson, Director Local Government Structure; Liam Edwards, Executive Director Infrastructure and Finance; Brian Bedford, Director Infrastructure and Engineering; Gary Paget, Senior Advisor; Laird McLachlin, Infrastructure Resource Officer.

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