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April 27, 2017, 6:05 pm

Promotional Success: Salmo Dinner Jackets Are Flying off the Shelf

CivicInfo BC, with files from the Village of Salmo

SALMO –  Paris. Milan. New York. Salmo.  The common thread?  Each place makes headlines in the fashion world.

In Salmo’s case the headlines are courtesy of the CBC, which recently ran a story featuring the “Salmo Dinner Jacket”, a red plaid lumberjack coat that also serves as official work gear for Village employees.  In less than a week, the story has become a small viral sensation, shared via social media over 9,400 times.

The jackets, sold at municipal hall and featuring a small village logo on the front, have been a surprisingly effective way to promote the community.  According to Chief Administrative Office Diane Kalen-Sukra they’re flying off the shelf.

The Salmo Dinner Jacket can even be found listed on, where the definition – a regionally-famous plaid lumberjack shirt / jacket – has earned 275 “thumbs up” since it was listed in 2010.

Interested in adding one to your own wardrobe?  Email The cost is $55 for men's unisex SDJ (plus tax and shipping), or $65 for women's zippered and hooded SDJ (plus tax and shipping).

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