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March 29, 2017, 8:42 am

Columbia Basin Trust's Largest Project in Radium Is All About Community

Columbia Basin Trust
RADIUM HOT SPRINGS - The new multi-purpose community centre in Radium Hot Springs will be the result of foresight, planning, community input and a variety of funding partners coming together to see the building become a reality. It will also be the largest project Columbia Basin Trust has supported in the village, with a contribution of $500,000.

“It’s great to see the people in Radium Hot Springs coming together to support this new centre; they are demonstrating the very definition of ‘community.’ We’re pleased to be able to add our support to it,” said Johnny Strilaeff, President and CEO, Columbia Basin Trust.

The Village of Radium Hot Springs began planning for the replacement of the current community centre in 2013. While attending three public meetings during the planning process, the Trust learned first-hand that the new community centre is an important addition to the community.

Seniors, youth, families, cultural groups, artists and performers, library users and staff, and a variety of community organizations provided feedback on the design and use of the centre. The building will be home to a library, a small meeting room for public use as well as a large community hall space for larger gatherings.

“This funding is a huge boost that will help create a vibrant community gathering place that is an emblem of the Village of Radium Hot Spring’s culture, showcases wood, and is a model of economic, social and environmental sustainability,” said Clara Reinhardt, Mayor of the Village of Radium Hot Springs. “The community consultation was well attended and the new building truly reflects the personality of our community.”

The new building also incorporates energy efficiencies and a Wood First mandate that will maximize the use of locally derived forest products.


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