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March 6, 2017, 12:24 pm

West Vancouver Wins Infrastructure Improvement Award

District of West Vancouver

WEST VANCOUVER - On February 28, the District was awarded the Infrastructure Improvement Award at the fourth annual HUB Bike Awards which celebrates Metro Vancouver's top bike champions. 

West Vancouver was selected for work on the Ambleside Spirit Trail multiuse path on Argyle Avenue between 13th and 18th Street.

The following enhancements have been made on Argyle Avenue:

  • Between 13th–14th Street: This section has been transformed into a separated walking/biking corridor, with planters and upgrades to enhance the natural beauty of the area. Additional parking spaces have been reallocated within the Ambleside Park parking lot. 
  • Between 14th–16th Street: These two blocks continue as a shared space for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers, with parking available for those accessing waterfront amenities.
  • Between 16th–17th Street: A dedicated pedestrian pathway has been constructed adjacent to the existing pathway, which has been converted to a bike path. Street lighting upgrades, crosswalk improvements and vegetation trimming have been completed to enhance safety for users.
  • Between 17th–18th Street: The Spirit Trail transitions to a multi-use path for this section. Vegetation has been trimmed back to improve sightlines and brighten up the path.

The Ambleside Spirit Trail is part of the overall Ambleside Waterfront Plan that will create amenities and attractions on the waterfront that can be easily accessed by sustainable modes of transportation.

The award committee felt that Council and staff have shown great vision in recognizing the need for separation between pedestrians and bikes.

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