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December 12, 2016, 1:00 pm

Kitimat Releases Open Letter Appealing Canada to Add Value to Natural Resources

District of Kitimat
KITIMAT - The District of Kitimat (Kitimat) has released an open letter to Canada stating, “We Canadians must seize opportunities to add value to our natural resources before exporting to foreign markets.” The open letter had full page publication in the Saturday, December 10th editions of The Province, Vancouver Sun, Edmonton Journal, and Ottawa Citizen, and for two weeks following will remain on those publications’ online sites.

Kitimat believes that value-added resource development is critical to the vitality and prosperity of our nation. Value-added resource development boosts local, regional, and national economies, and at the same time reduces risks to our natural environments. This is generally true for all natural resource industries such as oil and gas, forestry, mining, fisheries, and agriculture.

Adding value to natural resources attracts investment, delivers additional tax revenue, captures a greater percentage of the inherent economic value of each product, and preserves and creates both direct and indirect employment.

Adding value to natural resources often reduces environmental risks associated with transporting products, minimizes waste by utilizing a greater percentage of products, and ensures processing occurs under Canada’s world class environmental regulations.

It is with these sentiments that  Kitimat supports the Government of Canada’s recent dismissal of the Enbridge Northern Gateway project, and supports a proposed crude oil tanker moratorium for the Northwest BC coast provided that the moratorium excludes refined products. Kitimat believes the environmental risks associated with tidewater shipping of crude oil outweigh potential economic benefits. Kitimat supports value-added opportunities across the nation that benefit our economy at the same time as reducing environmental risks, including proposed oil refineries and LNG terminals in the Kitimat region.

Kitimat encourages all levels of government—federal, provincial, First Nations, regional, and local—to start a serious conversation about value-added resource opportunities for the benefit of their jurisdictions and constituents. Governments must start collaborating to adopt policies and implement regulations that will facilitate and stimulate value-added resource development.

In the wake of the Government of Canada’s recent oil pipeline decisions, Kitimat believes that Canadian citizens and governments must start discussing and exploring opportunities to add value to oil products prior to export. Refining and adding value to Canada’s oil resources before export is a viable opportunity that Kitimat views as the least controversial and best option to gain tidewater access to international markets from Canada’s west coast.

Presently, four value-added megaprojects are proposed for the Kitimat area: Kitimat Clean Refinery (, Pacific Future Energy Refinery (, LNG Canada (, and Kitimat LNG ( Kitimat is supportive of these projects provided they are able to mitigate potential negative environmental impacts.

Kitimat encourages all of Canada to work together to protect our environment and strengthen our economy. Kitimat encourages citizens, organizations, and First Nations, regional, and local governments to visit to find information and resources to support adding value to Canada’s natural resources. For more information contact Kitimat Mayor, Phil Germuth at Together, we can add value to our nation by adding value to our natural resources.

It only makes sense to add value to Canada’s natural resources before exporting them to foreign markets; it is in the best interests of all Canadians. Value-added industrial development helps bolster our economy at the same time as reducing risks to our environment – it is win-win.
Phil Germuth
Mayor of Kitimat
Kitimat’s slogan is “A Marvel of Nature and Industry”. This motto recognizes our past and present assets of pristine natural environments and world class industrial operations. This motto also reflects our present stance on economic development; Kitimat is in favour of industrial development, as long as the development does not pose a significant threat to our natural environments.
Phil Germuth
Mayor of Kitimat
Operating in the global economy, it is natural that industry will seek profit first and foremost. Therefore, it is essential that all levels of government work together to ensure that citizens’ best interests are protected. Canada, its provinces, First Nations, and regional and local governments must start collaborating to implement appropriate policies and regulations to guarantee our natural resources are being utilized in an economically and environmentally sustainable manner.
Phil Germuth
Mayor of Kitimat
Media contact:
Josh Marsh
Business and Communications Officer District of Kitimat



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