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Posted: February 4, 2020

Labour and Employment Law in BC

Royal Roads University Professional and Continuing Studies
Employment law is about knowing and appreciating all of the legal issues that can arise in the workplace. This course will cover a foundation in the law and a practical application for a number of workplace environments and legal situations. You will be introduced to the legal basics, including employment standards, common law and human rights, workers’ compensation, while working through scenarios in a series of case studies.

Topics Covered:
  • Employment Standards
  • Common law and contracts
  • Human Rights
  • Workers’ Compensation
Learning Outcomes:
Students will gain a general knowledge of:
  • Employment law legislation
  • Strategies for analyzing and managing complex legal issues in the workplace
  • Options for negotiating resolutions to employee claims

Date: March 9, 2020
Event Type: Course
Location: Victoria, BC
Region: South Vancouver Island
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