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Posted: January 27, 2020

Advanced Project Management

Royal Roads University Professional and Continuing Studies
Advanced Project Management is a three-day course that enables project team members to deliver successful projects on time, on budget, and in scope. Participants will maximize their time in this course by having the option of working on components of their own project or on one of their team members’ projects. This course provides a review of project management from initial contemplation to successful implementation, while adding to participants’ understanding of the complexities added through risk, stakeholder management, change, and team development.

The Advanced Project Management course is designed for people who want to maximize their time and increase their return on investment, but also want to learn leading and wise practices and trends. The course will provide participants with an understanding of project management in the broader organizational context, taking into account change and stakeholder needs, as well as skills in using project management tools and templates.

Day 1 Learning Outcomes:
understand the project framework
implement best practices in selecting, supporting and developing a project team
discuss management of routine projects both in project and non-project roles
appreciate the human impact of the project
recognize interdependencies and importance of technical and soft skills in project life cycle

Day 2 Learning Outcomes:
recognize the importance of project risk and mitigation strategies
understand various risk methodologies
appreciate the role of negotiations and communication in stakeholder management
identify and adapt stakeholder management strategies throughout project life cycle

Day 3 Learning Outcomes:
assess the level of change impact
develop a strategy to increase buy-in and reduce resistance
conduct assessments to determine the likelihood of change success
increase the sustainability and permanency of the change (the stickiness factor)
identify strategies to support organizational culture and strategy within project role
appreciate the impact of the project on end users

Date: February 26 - 28, 2020
Event Type: Course
Location: Victoria, BC
Region: South Vancouver Island
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