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Posted: November 13, 2019

Construction Project Delivery Methods and Their Challenging Clauses

Vancouver Regional Construction Association
Whether you are a Project Owner, Consultant, Business Development Manager, Project Manager or Project Coordinator, understanding the many different delivery options for a particular project is critical to the project’s success.

The project’s needs and priorities, the Project Owner’s risk tolerance, the team members’ expertise as well as budget and schedule, are some of the considerations to be taken into account when deciding the appropriate delivery method. When the entire team understands their roles and responsibilities for the delivery method selected, this understanding can work to build trust, honesty and respect between the participants in the process.

Utilizing the CCDC 10, this Workshop will discuss the characteristics of various project delivery methods including:
  • Design-Bid-Build 
  • Design-Build 
  • Construction Management for Services 
  • Construction Management for Services and Construction 
  • Integrated Project Delivery

The characteristics, risks, benefits and disadvantages behind each delivery method will be reviewed in detail. Real understanding will be tested by assisting the “client” in determining an appropriate delivery method. Through an interactive exercise, the participants will present a proposal to the “client” on why their delivery method is the best!

Once a delivery method has been selected for the project, the entire project team (Project Owners, Consultants, General Contractors and Subcontractors) should understand the unique contract clauses and their inherent challenges.

In this Workshop, we will engage in a process to understand those unique contract clauses to improve decision making, reduce risk of cost and schedule overruns, reduce administration costs and minimize disagreements regarding contract interpretations.

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Andrea Ringrose

Date: February 13, 2020
Event Type: Workshop
Location: Vancouver, BC
Region: Lower Mainland
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