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Posted: November 13, 2019

Non-Standard Contract Clauses -

Vancouver Regional Construction Association
Allocation of risk often gets modified in contract clauses based on Project Owners’ or their lawyers’ past experiences. The issue with modifications to contract clauses is the lack of understanding of what the clause means and its associated risk. The result is that if the risk materializes, the bidder can jeopardize their business and disputes can arise.    

This Workshop will help participants to:
  • understand the meaning of non-standard contract clauses
  • explore the risks Contractors are assuming
  • determine the implication of these clauses on the bid price

This Workshop will assist you in reducing your risk in responding to tenders containing non-standard clauses.

By looking at a hypothetical project containing several non-standard contract clauses, you will engage in a competitive bidding process to examine several non-standard contract clauses and determine: 
  • What the clause means
  • How to address the clause – accept, eliminate, transfer (to whom) or mitigate (how)
  • How much to adjust the bid price for each clause

The Workshop will conclude with tips for how to deal with difficult clauses.

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Andrea Ringrose

Date: February 12, 2020
Event Type: Workshop
Location: Vancouver, BC
Region: Lower Mainland
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