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Posted: September 3, 2019

Local Government Accounting and Auditing Workshop

Government Finance Officers Association of British Columbia

GFOABC is partnering with CPABC for the biennial  Local Government Accounting and Auditing Workshop. The objective of this conference is to provide a forum for practitioners and auditors on the accounting, auditing, reporting and financing to discuss the issues facing local governments. Practices within the Local Government sector are ever-evolving. This workshop will provide an opportunity for practitioners and auditors to get up to date on accounting and auditing practices, discuss the issues and exchange ideas. Attendees will have the opportunity to meet, interact, and exchange ideas with some of those involved in standard setting. 

GFOABC offers valuable workshops prior to the Conference to maximize your professional development opportunities while in beautiful Vancouver.  


8:30 AM | Welcome and introductory remarks from GFOABC and CPABC

8:45 AM | Managing Fraud Risk in the Public Sector
Paul Ross, CPA, CA, CA-IFA, Partner, Risk Advisory Practice, KPMG, and a Senior Vice President of KPMG Forensic Inc
This session will include discussion and risk management activities addressing business ethics and fraud in the public sector. Topics of focus include: Fraud in the workplace, Fraud prevention and detection, Building an ethical workplace, and Setting the Tone at the Top 

10:00 AM | PSAB Update
Bill Cox, FCPA, FCA, Partner BDO Canada LLP
This is an update on recently enacted as well as pending new PSAS standards. This will include a brief overview of the pending ARO standard, the P3 standard in progress, and the employee future benefits project. These areas will also be covered in more depth at individual sessions during the Joint LGAAW conference. Other areas to be covered include PS 3400 Revenue, the new Financial Instruments suite of standards, restructuring transactions, annual improvements and conceptual framework.


11:15 AM | The Future is Coming – Where are Employee Future Benefits Going
Mario Piroddi, CPA, CA, CISA Partner through a corporation BDO Canada LLP
This session will focus on key highlights of the existing employee future benefits standards including some of the difficulties in implementation. The session will also look at the progress being made on the 3 main facets of the current employee future benefits project of PSAB and consideration of where this may take us in future standards

12:00PM | LUNCH

1:00 PM | Financial Statement Transformation
Matthew V. Hartney, MBA, CPA, CMA General Manager of Financial Consulting Services, PSD
This presentation will review how a BC local government improved their financial statement reporting and supporting notes and schedules. It will explore some best practice tips to make major improvements to the annual financials . These changes can help have more accurate information for the community, more easily explainable statements for finance, and be more understandable for Council - a win for everyone. 

2:00 PM | Update on PSAB project: Conceptual Framework and Reporting Model
Paulina Prokop, CPA, CA, Senior Manager, Assurance, PwC
This session will bring you up to speed on PSAB's long term project to review the conceptual framework and reporting model for the Canadian public sector.


3:00PM | Array of Accounting & Auditing Issues
Local Government Accountants & Auditors
Bill Cox, FCPA, FCA, Partner BDO Canada LLP
Cory Vanderhorst, CPA, CA, Regional Assurance Partner MNP
This panel will discuss current topics of interest for local government accountants and auditors.
This panel will discuss current topics of interest for local government accountants and auditors.


8:30 AM | Welcome Back

9:00 AM | Security and Privacy in the time of Public Cloud

Santhosh Sankar, CISSP, Senior Manager, Risk Assurance Services Practice, PwC and Saurabh Rana, CISSP, Manager, Risk Assurance Services, PwC
This session will provide an overview of benefits and challenges of using a Public Cloud for firms of different size. We will dive deeper into a few challenges that other organizations have faced and will present PwC's key learnings from our experience.


10:00 AM | Got Risk? Internal Controls for Local Government
Alan Cosgrave, CPA, CRICP, CPSCP, Partner, Enterprise Risk, MNP
Learn more about internal controls and how an effective internal control framework can help protect your organisation against risks such as business interruption, cyber threats, key person risk etc. This session will discuss the three lines of defense, risk identification techniques and risk monitoring best practices

11:15 AM | Private/Public Partnerships
Bill Cox, FCPA, FCA, Partner BDO Canada LLP
This session will look at the Statement of Principles issued by PSAB in regard to accounting for Private/Public Partnerships as well as issues and related concerns that arose from responses. The session will also consider what might be expected in the upcoming Exposure Draft which is expected in fall 2019.

12:00PM | LUNCH

1:00 PM | Panel Discussion on Money-Laundering and Risk Mitigation

Gerhard Benade, CPA, CA, Senior Manager, Forensic, KPMG
KPMG will facilitate this discussion of the current landscape with respect to money laundering – how it takes place, existing laws, regulations and risk mitigation measures to protect your organization against money-laundering.

2:00 PM | Asset Retirement Obligations
Asifa Hirji, CPA, CA (Hons), Audit Senior Manager, KPMG
A new standard for Asset Retirement Obligations has been approved that is effective for fiscal years beginning on or after April 1, 2021. The new standard addresses the recognition, measurement, presentation and disclosure of legal obligations associated with retirement of tangible capital assets in productive use. Public sector entities will be required to evaluate their tangible capital assets to determine the potential effects on the organization and coordinate with resources outside the finance department to identify AROs and obtain information to estimate the value of potential AROs to be recognized as a liability in the financial statements.


3:00 PM | Asset Retirement Obligations Panel
Local Government Finance Practitioners and Auditors
This panel will focus on implementation considerations as municipalities prepare to meet the new Asset Retirement Obligations reporting requirements. This is an opportunity for local government finance staff to discuss the current status of this project within their organizations and the related issues and challenges as well as exchange ideas on how to approach the implementation process.
Daniele Williamson

Date: November 21 - 22, 2019
Event Type: Workshop
Location: Vancouver, BC
Region: Lower Mainland
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